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Ann Miller (McNeil) MP (b. - 1850)

General John McNeil, USA MP (1784 - 1850)

John McNeil, son of John McNeil and Lucy Andrews, was b. in Hillsborough, New Hampshire on Mar. 25,1784; he m. with ELIZABETH ANDREWS PIERCE, dau. of Gov. Benjamin Pierce and Elizabeth Andrews. She was...

Patty McNeil (Husted) MP (deceased)

McNeil (deceased)

McNeil (deceased)

McNeil (deceased)

McNeil (deceased)

McNeil (deceased)

*Ann McNeil (1816 - c.1880)

Only daughter to Gen Solomon McNiel and Nancy M Pierce, she was born July 16,1816. She married the Hon Tappan Wentworth of Lowell, Mass. Info per History of Hillsboro 1735-1921 by George Waldo Browne, ...

*Annie 1852 McNeil (1852 - 1936)

Info from Cemetery Trustee,Hillsboro NH from cemetery records. Info from History and Genealogy of Manchester NH-Stark Family Tree Info from Mr Stark married Miss Annie McNeil,...

*Benjamin Pierce McNeil (1825 - d.)

Altho it is widely held that Benjamin K Pierce's son was the one referenced in Louis Burbey's "Our Worthy Commander"...I hold the belief that when he writes, 1840, to ask "How is Benjamin getting along...

*Elizabeth Andrews McNeil (deceased)

Daughter of Gen John McNei and Elizabeth Andrews Pierce McNeil, Elizabeth Andrews McNeil married Henry W Benham on October 3,1843 in Hillsboro NH. Elizabeth and Henry had four children, Elizabeth Mari...

*Frances McNeil (deceased)

Info from Hillsboro NH-Cemetery Trustee

*Franklin McNeil (deceased)

Info from Hillsboro NH-Cemetery Trustee

......................... McNEIL (deceased)

1st Wife of Roy McNeil (deceased)

3 infant children McNeil (deceased)

? McNeil (deceased)

? McNeil (c.1810 - d.)

? McNeil (Wilson) (deceased)

? McNeil (deceased)

? McNeil (Vannoy) (deceased)

? McNeil (deceased)

? McNeil (deceased)

? McNeil (deceased)

? McNeil (deceased)

? McNeil (deceased)

? McNeil (deceased)

? McNeil (deceased)

? McNeil (deceased)

? McNeil (Parsons) (1700 - 1784)

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? McNeil, ?? (1851 - d.)

? McNeil (deceased)

? McNeil (deceased)

? McNeil (deceased)

? McNeil (deceased)

? McNeil (Lips) (deceased)

?? McNeil McGehee (deceased)

??? McNeil (deceased)

Notes for Son McNeil: Died at 5 or 6 years of age.

???? McNeil (Moir) (deceased)

A. S. McNeil (deceased)

Abbie Mcneil (1864 - 1882)

Abbie Martha (McNeil-Stewarts) McNeil (1851 - 1917)

Abigail McNeil (deceased)

Abigail Mcneil (Kyes) (1802 - 1901)

Abigail Ann Berry (McNeil) (deceased)

Abigail Louisa McNeil (Wisdom) (1880 - 1971)

Abner C. McNeil (deceased)

Abraham McNeil (c.1720 - c.1752)

Abram Daton Mcneil (1829 - 1894)

Achsa McNeil (1842 - 1922)

Ada McNeil (deceased)

Ada McNeil (Mayes) (b. - 1975)

Ada McNeil (deceased)

Ada McNEIL (deceased)

Adah Blanch McNeil (deceased)

Adam Charles McNeil (deceased)

Adam McNeil (1817 - d.)

Adam McNeil (deceased)

Addie Marie McNeil (deceased)

Adelaide McNeil (deceased)

Adelaide E. Pound (McNeil) (1841 - 1888)

Adelaide Macneil-McNeil (deceased)

ADELBERT MELANDER McNeil (1920 - d.)

Adelbert McNeil (1867 - d.)

Adeliad Lee (McNeil) (deceased)

Adolf McNeil (deceased)

Adolf "Duff" McNeil (deceased)

Adolphus McNEIL (1837 - d.)

Adriana Glasgow Smith (McNeil) (1918 - 1985)

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Agnes Jane Mcneil (Robertson) (1815 - 1855)

Agnes McNeil (1893 - 1942)

Agnes Lloyd (McNeil) (deceased)

Agnes McIntosh (deceased)

Agnes McNeil (Hill) (deceased)

Agnes McNeil (Crea) (1843 - d.)

Agnes McNeil (Creichton) (deceased)

Agnes McNeil (McGrath) (deceased)

Agnes Dale (McNeil) (1846 - 1914)

Illinois, Marriages, 1851-1900 about Agnes McNeal Name: Agnes McNeal Gender: Female Spouse Name: Job S Dale Marriage Date: 5 Sep 1861 Marriage County: White Comments: This record can be found at the...

Agnes McNeil (1836 - d.)

Agnes McNeil (Hyslop) (c.1793 - 1859)

Agnes McNeil (Neil) (1801 - d.)

Agnes Mary McNeil (Lister) (deceased)

Agnes Zimmerman (McNeil) (deceased)

Agnes Gould (McNeil) (1830 - 1885)

Agnes Bongiovanni (McNeil Enser) (deceased)

Agnes McNeil (deceased)

Agnes McNeil (deceased)

Agnes McNeil (Strachan) (c.1821 - c.1843)

Agnes Buchanan (McNeil) (1903 - 1977)

Agnes McNeil (McKinnie) (1690 - d.)

Agnes Teresa McNeil (Farrell) (1913 - d.)

Agnes McNeil (1819 - d.)

Agnes Kelly McNeil (Kelly) (deceased)

Ahmo McNeil (deceased)

Al McNeil (deceased)

Alan McNeil (deceased)

Albert William McNeil (1875 - 1939)

Albert McNeil (deceased)

Albert B McNeil (1851 - d.)