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Anne Meara MP

Anne Meara (born September 20, 1929) is an American actress and comedian. She and Jerry Stiller were a prominent 1960s comedy team, appearing as Stiller and Meara, and are the parents of actor/comedian...

Commander Edward Spencer Meara MP (1830 - 1886)

Edward Spencer Meara , captain of the vessel HMS Nymphe used in anti-slavery operations in the late 1860s of the coast of Africa. Edward Spencer Meara, step-father of William, Ernest and Edith Rensha...

O'Meara (deceased)

O'Meara (deceased)

O'Meara (deceased)

<Private> Taylor (O'Meara) (deceased)

? O'Meara (1733 - d.)

? O'Meara (1640 - d.)

? O'Meara (1713 - d.)

Abigail O'Meara (1785 - d.)

Adelaide Miller (Meara) (deceased)

Aine O'Meara (deceased)

Alf O'Meara (deceased)

Alfred Léon Jean O'Meara, Dental-Surgeon (1834 - 1899)

Parents: John O'Meara of Tipperary, Ireland, and Elisabeth Sophie Fitzpatrick of Bordeaux, France. Birth 29 April 1834 of Alfred Léon Jean O'MEARA - Isles de France, Paris, France Siblings: ...

Alfred (Bud) Milbourne O'Meara (1915 - 2002)

Alice O'Meara (Hubble) (1885 - 1978)

Alice O'Meara (1905 - d.)

Allan O'Meara (deceased)

Alma Marie O'Meara (Larsen) (1891 - 1942)

Amelia Noelke (O'Meara) (1885 - d.)

Amelia O'Meara (deceased)

Aine Ni meadhra, variously known as Amelia (Her Latin name) or Anna (her English name), Married Maol Mhuire MacGrath (q.v.), who was a Catholic and Protestant priest. Their children were Catholic, bu...

Aminta O'Meara (deceased)

Angela Erin O'Meara (deceased)

Ann (O'Meara) Costello (c.1791 - 1861)

Source: Jean Kremer

Anna McNamara (O'Mara (or O'Meara)) (b. - 1922)

Ten children:

Anna Stacia Lampert (O'Meara) (1879 - 1957)

Anna Elisa O'Meara (1831 - 1914)

Annabelle O'Meara (deceased)

Anne Mae Sansone (O'Meara) (1912 - d.)

Anne O' Meara (deceased)

Anne O'Meara (Morris) (1834 - 1900)

Anne Randall (O'Meara) (1901 - d.)

Annie O'Meara (Purcell) (c.1855 - 1933)

Anthony O'Meara (1854 - 1941)

Ara Maith O'Meara (deceased)

Ara Maith Means "the good prince", and was a nickname given to the head of the Tribe at this time by the bard Giolla na Niamh O' hIerinn.

Arabella Elizabeth Susan Meara (deceased)

Arthur(Bus) O'Meara (deceased)

Arved Meära (1924 - 1924)

Barbara C O'Meara (1913 - 1995)

Barry O'Meara, Dr. (deceased)

"Simla Past and Present. Page 114": "It may be mentioned here, that during Napoleon's captivity at St. Helena, Dr. Barry O'Meara, Mr. O'Meara's uncle (referring to Dental Surgeon Alfred O'Meara of Siml...

Barry Edward O'Meara (1783 - 1836)

Barry was a gifted speaker and poet, and learned to speak Latin, French, and Italian as well as English and Irish. Barry may have written some anti-loyalist poetry at the time of Emmet's rebellion. He ...

Beatrice Veronica O'Meara (Connolly) (1901 - d.)

Beatrice Veronica O'Meara (1901 - d.)

Bridget McQuade (O'Meara) (1866 - 1945)

Bridget O'Meara (Hayes) (1805 - 1885)

Birth: 1805 Limerick, Ireland Death: Aug. 18, 1885 West Bend Washington County Wisconsin, USA Wife of Patrick O'Meara (1799-1890). She may have been the daughter of a Daniel or Patrick Haye...

Bridget M McNamara (O'Meara) (1891 - 1971)

Bridget O'MEARA (HARTEY) (c.1770 - d.)

Bulkeley Ernest Adolphus O'Meara, Captain (1867 - 1916)

1 February 1867 BULKELEY ERNEST ADOLPHUS O’ Meara (4th issue) was born. He was educated at Dulwich College, and at King's College School, Somerset House, London. He served as a trooper in th...

Caleb Salmons O'Meara (deceased)

Camille Gertrude Jane (O'Meara) (1877 - d.)

Camille (Cammie) O'Meara (1884 - 1906)

Camille Alfred O'Meara (1858 - d.)

Carl O'Meara (1911 - d.)

Carolina Anna O'Meara (Thoma) (1883 - 1956)

Catharine O'MEARA(AS O'MARA) (1830 - d.)

Catherine O'Mara (O'Meara) (1822 - 1899)

Catherine O'Meara (Duffy) (1881 - 1937)

Catherine O'Meara (Morres) (deceased)

Wife Of Dermod O'Meara

Catherine Mara/Meara (Minehan) (deceased)

Catherine T O,meara (b. - 1960)

Catherine Meara (Costelloe) (deceased)

Cathleen O'Meara (deceased)

Celia (Sarah) O'Meara (deceased)

Charles Albert Edmond O'Meara (1868 - d.)

Charlie O'Meara (1890 - 1973)

Charles James O'Meara (1900 - 1972)

Charles Louis Thomas O'Meara (1862 - d.)

Christina O'meara (deceased)

Colleen MEARA (1950 - 1950)

Connie Sue O'Meara (Ratliff) (deceased)

Dan O'Meara (1941 - 2013)

Daniel O'Meara (1908 - 1991)

Daniel O'Meara (b. - 1650)

Daniel O'Meara, known as Domhnaill O'meadhra in his native language, was murdered by Cromwellian soldiers in 1650. He was the last Ri, that is, king, of the O'Meara tribe.

David O Meara (deceased)

David O'Meara (b. - 1938)

Deirdre Smith (O'Meara) (1946 - 2008)

Deloris Ward O'Meara (Salmons) (deceased)

Dennis Joseph O'Meara (1880 - 1948)

Dermod O'Meara (c.1585 - d.)

Dermod O'Meara was born in his father's old age, after his other sons had grown. He studied his family's traditional trades, including poetry and healing. He attended Worcester Hall, Oxford, where he s...

Dermod O'Meara (c.1460 - d.)

Diarmuid O Meadhra, Known in Latin as Dermodius Meara or Dermod O'Meara, was a Brehon (Judge) from county tipperary. After Learning Brehon Law, the native Gaelic law system, through his family, he trav...

Dolores O'Meara (b. - 2007)

Donal O'Meara (deceased)

Domhnaill O' Meadhra was born near the present day village of Tuaim Ui Mheadhra (Toomeyvara) in County tipperary, Ireland, During the first half of the 1500's. He became Ri, that is chieftain, someti...

Donna Beth O'Meara (August) (1921 - 2002)

Dorothy O'Meara (1915 - 2006)

Eamon O'Meara (deceased)

Eddie O'Meara (deceased)

Edith Anna Beatrice De Brath (O'Meara), Lady (c.1865 - 1936)

Born in Simla, India - located in the north-west Himalayas at an altitude of 6,982 ft. British soldiers, merchants, and civil servants moved here each year to escape from the heat during summer in the ...

Edmund O'Meara (deceased)

Father Edmund O'meara, S.J., was born in Ireland, spent part of his youth in exile in Bristol, England during the Cromwell years, and went to school in Amsterdam (i think). Before him, most of the fami...

Edmund O'Meara (c.1614 - 1682)

Edmund was born about 1614 in Lios An Uisce, county Tipperary, Ireland. He studied under his father, then followed in his footsteps by going to Rheims to further his study of medicine. He graduated in ...

Edmund O'Meara (b. - 1680)

Edward Meara (deceased)

Edward Joseph Meara (c.1893 - d.)

Edward Meara (deceased)

Edward O'Meara (1879 - 1894)

1880 United States Federal Census about Edward Omeara Name: Edward Omeara Home in 1880: West Bend, Washington, Wisconsin Age: 9M Estimated Birth Year: abt 1879 Birthplace: Wisconsin Relat...

Edward "Eddie" O'Meara (c.1884 - 1912)

Edward Warren O'Meara (deceased)

eileen o'meara (byrne) (deceased)

Elisabeth Henry (O'Meara) (1882 - 1956)

Eliza O'MEARA (1836 - 1836)

Elizabeth S. O'Meara (Fitzpatrick) (1809 - 1889)

Conflict of date of birth? England and Wales Census, 1871 Elizabeth O'Meara Gender Female Age 58 Mother-in-law * birth: 1813 Bordeaux, France residence: 1871 St Martin In The Fields...