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Anne Stiller (Meara) MP

Anne Meara (born September 20, 1929) is an American actress and comedian. She and Jerry Stiller were a prominent 1960s comedy team, appearing as Stiller and Meara, and are the parents of actor/comedian...

Commander Edward Spencer Meara MP (1830 - 1886)

Edward Spencer Meara , captain of the vessel HMS Nymphe used in anti-slavery operations in the late 1860s of the coast of Africa. Edward Spencer Meara, step-father of William, Ernest and Edith Rensha...

O'Meara (deceased)

O'Meara (deceased)

O'Meara (deceased)

<Private> Taylor (O'Meara) (deceased)

? O'Meara (1713 - d.)

? O'Meara (1640 - d.)

? O'Meara (1733 - d.)

? O'Meara (deceased)

Abigail O'Meara (1785 - d.)

Adelaide Miller (Meara) (deceased)

Adelina O'Meara (O'Meara (O'Mensa)) (1882 - d.)

Agnes H. O'meara (1903 - d.)

AGNES O'Meara (deceased)

agnes meara (pendergast) (deceased)

Agnes O'Meara (deceased)

Agnes Adina Meara (Pendergast) (1910 - 1995)

Agnes T O'Meara (Raiss) (1917 - 2004)

agnes louisa o meara (1861 - 1953)

Aine O'Meara (deceased)

Alf O'Meara (deceased)

Alfred Léon Jean O'Meara, Dental-Surgeon (1834 - 1899)

Parents: John O'Meara of Tipperary, Ireland, and Elisabeth Sophie Fitzpatrick of Bordeaux, France. Birth 29 April 1834 of Alfred Léon Jean O'MEARA - Isles de France, Paris, France Siblings: ...

Alfred (Bud) Milbourne O'Meara (1915 - 2002)

Alfred Leon Jean O'Meara (deceased)

Alfrieda O'Meara (Sliwicki) (1912 - d.)

Alice Costello (O'Meara) (1849 - d.)

Alice O'Meara (deceased)

Alice Fogarty (deceased)

Alice O'Meara (?) (deceased)

Alice O'Meara (Fitzgibbon) (1892 - 1980)

Alice O'Meara (Hubble) (1885 - 1978)

Alice O'Meara (1905 - d.)

Allan O'Meara (deceased)

Alma Marie O'Meara (Larsen) (1891 - 1942)

Amelia O'Meara (deceased)

Aine Ni meadhra, variously known as Amelia (Her Latin name) or Anna (her English name), Married Maol Mhuire MacGrath (q.v.), who was a Catholic and Protestant priest. Their children were Catholic, bu...

Amelia Noelke (O'Meara) (1885 - d.)

Aminta O'Meara (deceased)

Angela Erin O'Meara (deceased)

Ann (O'Meara) Costello (c.1791 - 1861)

Source: Jean Kremer

Ann O'meara (1854 - d.)

Ann Marie O'MEARA (1949 - d.)

ann o meara (deceased)

Anna T.O'Meara (1872 - 1942)

Anna Stacia Lampert (O'Meara) (1879 - 1957)

Anna M. O'meara (1903 - 1980)

Anna McNamara (O'Mara (or O'Meara)) (b. - 1922)

Ten children:

Anna O' Meara (Meagher) (1922 - 1987)

Anna Elisa O'Meara (1831 - 1914)

Anna O'Meara (McGrath) (deceased)

Anna Marie O'MEARA (1922 - 2006)

Anna O'Meara (1832 - d.)

Annabelle O'Meara (deceased)

Anne O'Meara (deceased)

Anne O'Meara (Morris) (1834 - 1900)

Anne O'Meara (deceased)

Anne O'Meara (deceased)

Anne O'Meara (deceased)

Anne Randall (O'Meara) (1901 - d.)

Anne O' Meara (deceased)

Nancy O'Meara (1918 - 2000)

Anne Mae Sansone (O'Meara) (1912 - d.)

Anne O'Meara (deceased)

Anne O'Meara (c.1850 - 1910)

Anne Meara (c.1829 - 1905)

Record number: 310323 Surname: BOYLAN Firstname: ANNE Last address: 5 DOLPHINS BARN, DUBLIN. - - Buried Glasnevin Grave: Letter: BG Figures: 765 Section: GARDEN Date of death 04 Jun 1905 Ceremon...

Anne O'Meara (deceased)

anne elizabeth o'meara (deceased)

Annie O'Meara (c.1849 - 1918)

Annie O'Meara (1886 - 1966)

Annie O'Meara (deceased)

Annie Hearne (O' Meara) (deceased)

Annie O'Meara (deceased)

Annie O'Meara (Purcell) (c.1855 - 1933)

annie o meara (unknown) (deceased)

O'Meara, Annie (Nanna) (1878 - 1974)

Annie O'Meara (1875 - d.)

Annie Brennan O'Meara (deceased)

Another Mr O'Meara (deceased)

Anthony O'Meara (deceased)

Anthony O'Meara (1854 - 1941)

Ara Maith O'Meara (deceased)

Ara Maith Means "the good prince", and was a nickname given to the head of the Tribe at this time by the bard Giolla na Niamh O' hIerinn.

Arabella Elizabeth Susan Meara (deceased)

Arlene O'Meara (Crosby) (b. - 1993)

Arthur(Bus) O'Meara (deceased)

Arved Meära (1924 - 1924)

Barbara C O'Meara (1913 - 1995)

Barry O'Meara, Dr. (deceased)

"Simla Past and Present. Page 114": "It may be mentioned here, that during Napoleon's captivity at St. Helena, Dr. Barry O'Meara, Mr. O'Meara's uncle (referring to Dental Surgeon Alfred O'Meara of Siml...

Barry Edward O'Meara (1783 - 1836)

Barry was a gifted speaker and poet, and learned to speak Latin, French, and Italian as well as English and Irish. Barry may have written some anti-loyalist poetry at the time of Emmet's rebellion. He ...

Beatrice Veronica O'Meara (1901 - d.)

Beatrice Veronica O'Meara (Connolly) (1901 - d.)

Benedict Patrick O'Meara (deceased)

Bernard Michael O'meara (1894 - d.)

Bertha Ballard (O'Meara) (deceased)

Biddy (Meara) (1856 - d.)

Billy O'Meara (deceased)

Bridget O'Meara (Bridget Moroney) (deceased)

Bridget Daly (O'Meara) (deceased)

Bridget McGrath (O'Meara) (deceased)

Bridget O'Meara (deceased)

bridget o meara (deceased)