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Zubin Mehta MP

Zubin Mehta (born 29 April 1936) is an Indian conductor of western classical music. Biography Zubin Mehta was born into a Parsi family in Mumbai, India, the son of Mehli and Tehmina Mehta. His fath...

(Mehta) (c.1930 - 2004)

0 Mehta (deceased)

? Mehta (deceased)

? Mehta (deceased)

? Mehta (deceased)

?? Mehta (deceased)

aanadji mehta (deceased)

Aasharam Mehta (deceased)

AASU JI mehta (deceased)

Abdeali Mehta (deceased)

Abhechand Mehta (deceased)

Abheraj Mehta (deceased)

ACHAL JI mehta (deceased)

ACHALJI (NAKO) MEHTA (Vaidya) (deceased)

Acharat Mehta (deceased)

Acharatben Mehta (deceased)

Acharatlal Mehta (deceased)

Achratlal Mehta (deceased)

Aditiya Mehta (deceased)

Aditram Mehta (deceased)

Agar Kanwar Mehta (deceased)

Ajab singh Mehta (deceased)

AJABAJI MEHTA (deceased)

ajaramar(than) mehta (deceased)

Ajaramore B. Mehta (deceased)

Ajay Mehta (1936 - d.)

Ajay Mehta (deceased)


Akhai Singh ji Mehta (deceased)

Akhe Chand Adopted by Vijay Chand Mehta (deceased)

Akshy Chand Mehta (deceased)

Alamai (Mehta) (deceased)

Aloo Noras (nee Mehta) (deceased)

Amaba Mehta (deceased)

Amar Kaur Mehta (Duggal) (deceased)

Amar Nath Mehta (deceased)

he is maternal grandfather of sureshkalhan and others

Amar Singh Mehta (b. - 2008)

Amarchand Mehta (deceased)

Amarchandbhai Mehta (deceased)

AMARJI MEHTA (Vaidya) (deceased)

amarshi mehta (deceased)

amarshi(than) mehta (deceased)

Amba Mehta (deceased)

Amba Shankar Mehta (deceased)

Ambaji Mehta (deceased)

Ambalal Mehta (deceased)

Ambalal Mehta (deceased)

Ambalal Mehta (deceased)

Ambarish (1934 - 2009)

Ambavidas Mehta (deceased)

ambawidas mehta (deceased)

Ambidas Mehta (deceased)

Amershi Mehta (deceased)

Amichand Mehta (deceased)

Amir Chand Mehta (deceased)

Amolak Ram Mehta (deceased)

Amolik Mehta (deceased)

Amratlal Mehta (deceased)


amratlal bhaiji Mehta (deceased)

Amratlal Mohanlal Mehta (deceased)

Amrit Mehta (deceased)

Amritlal Manilal Mehta (1920 - 2013)

Amritlal Mehta (deceased)

Amritlal Mehta (deceased)

Amroji Mehta (deceased)

Amrut Mehta (b. - 2011)

amrutlal mehta (deceased)

Amrutlal Mehta (deceased)

amrutlal mehta (deceased)

Amrutlal Mehta (deceased)

Amrutlal Mehta (deceased)

Amu Mehta (deceased)

Amulakh Mehta (deceased)

ana ji mehta (deceased)

Anand Mehta (deceased)

Anandgauri (Anandiben) Mehta (deceased)


Anant Ram Mehta (deceased)

Anant ram Mehta Dutt (deceased)

Anant Ram Mehta (deceased)

Anantrai Mehta (deceased)

Anil Mehta (deceased)

Anil Mehta (deceased)

Anjawaliben Mehta (deceased)

Annapoorna Bai Mehta (deceased)

Annu Mehta (deceased)

Anopdas Mehta (deceased)

Ansuya Damani (Mehta) (1917 - 2010)

We were so fortunate to have met Ba on Dec 21st... our wonderful visit and the glee on her face when she saw the boys were our last amazing memories of her... We will miss her...

Ansuyaben Mehta (deceased)

Ansuyaben Gunwantrai MEHTA (Ansuyaben Gunwantrai Mehta) (b. - 2008)

Anupama Mehta (deceased)

Anuprasad Mehta (deceased)

Aravind Mehta (1917 - 1919)

Arjan Singh Mehta (deceased)

Arjun Das Mehta (deceased)

Arjun Singh ji Mehta (deceased)

Arun Mehta (deceased)

Arun Mehta (deceased)