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Anna Maria Magdalena Doubell (Meiring) MP (1834 - 1859)

She and her 3 children all seem to have died within a year of each other. (The daughters and herself, within days of each other?) Illness? DEPOT KAB SOURCE MOOC TYPE LEER VOLUME_NO 6/9/88

Ds Arnoldus Mauritius Meiring, SV/PROG MP (c.1695 - 1757)

The following is an entry in Freren Church records which give different dates ( and I would suggest more accurate dates ) for AAMs father Albertus "1717 9th May. This morning at 6hours the Rev Albertus...

Florence Meiring (Allsop) MP (1894 - 1947)

Boedel / Estate No. VAB MHG 40026

Pieter Meiring, b5 MP (1745 - c.1813)

Judi Marais-Meyer register Eie boedel en inventaris MOOC8/59.48 gedateer Testator(s): Johanna Elizabeth Fisscher Pieter Meyering 18 Augustus 1813 Inventaris en tauxatie van alle zodanige go...

Meiring (du Preez) (deceased)

<Private> Meiring (Loppert) (deceased)

<Private> van Rooyen (Meiring) (deceased)

<Private> Vorster (Meiring) (deceased)

<Private> Meyer (Meiring) (deceased)

<Private> Fourie (Meiring) (deceased)

<Private> Meiring (Jacobsz) (deceased)

<Private> Meiring (du Preez) (deceased)

<Private> Meiring (Basson) (deceased)

<Private> Meiring (deceased)

<Private> Meiring (deceased)

<Private> De Lange (Meiring) (deceased)

<Private> Meiring (Strydom) (deceased)

<Private> Meiring (deceased)

<Private> Bornman (Meiring) (deceased)

<Private> Claasen (Meiring) (deceased)

<Private> Schoombee (Meiring) (deceased)

<Private> Meiring (Rothman) (deceased)

<Private> Odendal (Meiring) (deceased)

<Private> Meiring (Coombs) (deceased)

<Private> Klaassen (Meiring) (deceased)

<Private> Boshoff (Meiring) (deceased)

<Private> Meiring (du Preez) (deceased)

<Private> Meiring (du Toit) (deceased)

<Private> Meiring (deceased)

<Private> Muir (Meiring) (deceased)

<Private> Meiring (Janse Van Rensburg) (deceased)

<Private> Meiring (deceased)

<Private> Meiring (van Rensburg) (deceased)

<Private> Nortier (Meiring) (deceased)

<Private> Meiring (Els) (deceased)

<Private> Janse van Rensburg (Meiring) (deceased)

<Private> van der Westhuizen (Meiring) (deceased)

<Private> Meiring (Fourie) (deceased)

<Private> Meiring (deceased)

<Private> Lourens (Meiring) (deceased)

<Private> Meiring (deceased)

<Private> Meiring (Van Eyssen) (deceased)

<Private> Schoeman (Meiring) (deceased)

<Private> Olivier (Meiring) (deceased)

<Private> Meiring (deceased)

<Private> Lourens (Meiring) (deceased)

<Private> Meiring (Nel) (deceased)

<Private> van Rooyen (Meiring) (deceased)

<Private> Meiring (deceased)

<Private> Strydom (Meiring) (deceased)

<Private> Weilbach (Meiring) (deceased)

<Private> Meiring (deceased)

<Private> 1 van Deventer (Meiring) (deceased)

<Private> 2 Meiring (deceased)

? Meiring (deceased)

A E Meiring (Cronjé) (deceased)

Aaltjen Meiring (1830 - d.)

Abarbara Aletta Wilhelmina Meiring (1868 - d.)

Abigael Cornelia Meiring (deceased)

Adam Cornelis Meiring (deceased)

adriaan marthinus franscoic meiring (deceased)

Agnes Meiring (Schneider) (deceased)

Albert Meiring (1832 - d.)

Albert Shawe MEIRING (1881 - 1954)

Albert Thomas Meiring (1870 - d.)

Albert Thomas Meiring (deceased)

Alberta Meiring (deceased)

Alberthoma Meiring (1919 - 1989)

Alberthoma Meiring (1853 - 1940)

Alberthoma Meiring, b3 (c.1737 - 1737)

Alberthoma Meiring, b3c2d2 (1817 - d.)

Alberthoma Meiring (c.1793 - d.)

Alberthoma Meiring (1886 - 1940)

Alberthoma Meiring, b3c3d1 (1825 - 1913)

alberthoma f1 meiring (deceased)

Albertina Jacomina Mozerits (Meiring) (deceased)

Albertoma Meiring (1906 - c.1974)

Albertus Petrus Meiring (1909 - 1962)

Albertus Petrus Meiring (deceased)

Albertus Pieter Meiring (deceased)

Uil Meiring (deceased)

Albertus Mauritius Meiring (1846 - d.)

Albertus Mauritius Meiring (1870 - d.)

Albertus Petrus Meiring (deceased)

Albertus Pieter Meiring (1791 - 1868)

Aletta Maria Elizabeth Meiring (van Heerden), b1c1d3e6f1g2 (deceased)

Aletta Meiring (deceased)

Aletta Anna Meyring (1897 - d.)

Aletta Carolina Meiring (deceased)

Aletta Carolina Gerber (Meiring) (1843 - d.)

Aletta Carolina Meiring (1884 - d.)

Aletta Elizabeth Meiring (1913 - 1997)

Aletta Elizabeth le Roux (Meiring) (1896 - 1964)

Aletta Elizabeth Claassen (Meiring) (1897 - d.)

Aletta Elizabeth Meiring (Fouche) (1868 - 1932)

Aletta Elizabeth (Dolly) Meiring (deceased)

Aletta Elizabeth Petronella Fouche (Meiring), a1b1 (1804 - d.)

Aletta Frederika Johanna Meiring (1852 - 1895)

Aletta Johanna Meiring (deceased)

Aletta Johanna Meiring (deceased)