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Anna Reyna Mendes Nassi MP (c.1528 - d.)

Daughter of Donna Gracia Nassi, wife of Don Yossef Nassi

Brianda Mendes Nassi (Migues) MP (deceased)

Niece of Donna Gracia Nassi

Diogo Mendes Nassi (Mendes) MP (b. - 1543)

Born Marano in Lisbon Portugal. His Jewish Hebrew name was Meir Benveniste. Was brother-in -law of Dnona Gracia Mendes-Nassi

Don Yosef Mendes-Nassi (Benveniste), the Younger MP (deceased)

Gracia Mendes Nassi (Beatrice de Luna Miques) MP (1510 - 1569)

Donna Gracia Mendes Nassi YouTube Donna Gracia Mendes Nassi (Gracia is archaic Portuguese and Spanish for the Hebrew Hannah, also known by her Christianized name Beatriz de Luna Miques, 1510–156...

Don Moshe Benveniste de Segovia (Mendes-Nassi) (c.1520 - d.)

The Algazis were a noted Turkish rabbinical family from the sixteenth through the nineteenth century. Their origins lay in the city of Bursa, near Istanbul. The family was founded by Abraham ben Moses ...