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Anne Merlet MP (1666 - 1681)

From the Mellott-Eastman family tree: Birth 1666 Staten Island, Richmond, New York, USA Gender Female Died 25 Aug 1681 Hellsgate, , New York, USA Person ID P3281741191 Mellott - Eastman F...

Esechias Merlet MP (1648 - c.1662)

Ben notes: There are two entries for this person on the Mellott-Eastman family tree. Given that the information came from an LDS source, it is likely that this was a data entry mistake, as the two chil...

Gedeon "La Plante" Merlet MP (1624 - 1683)

From the Reid-Mellott family tree: Birth Feb 1624 Champagne, Dordogne, Aquitaine, France [2, 3, 5, 8] (Ben notes: Roucy, more or less his accepted birth city, is located in Picardy at: 49°22'14.6...

Josias Merlet MP (1645 - 1710)

From the Mellott-Eastman family tree: Birth 17 Sep 1645 Leiden, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands Gender Male Died 1715 Woodbridge, Middlesex, New Jersey, United States Person ID P3281741155 Me...

Lysbeth Merlet (Bunwyck) MP (deceased)

Marie Merlet MP (1646 - c.1662)

Ben M. Angel notes: It appears that her having died before departure is based on the fact that she didn't depart with the family for the New World. However, she is also listed as having married a Herma...

Paulus Merlet MP (1653 - 1699)

From the Eastman-Mellott family tree: Birth 14 Sep 1653 Mannheim, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany Gender Male Died 1699 Quebec, Canada Person ID P3281741177 Mellott - Eastman Family Tree ...

Rebecca Merlet (du Foert) MP (deceased)

(Felix ?) Laurent MERLET (deceased)

Adrienne Merlet (deceased)

Albert Merlet (deceased)

Ann (deceased)

Ann Marlet (Merlet) (deceased)

Anne MERLET (PEDRONO) (c.1765 - 1821)

Anne Lacheny (Merlet) (deceased)

Catherine MERLET (ARHUR) (deceased)

Catherine Merlet (Crespin) (1721 - 1753)

Catherine MERLET (deceased)

Catherine Merlet (1814 - 1879)

Charlotte MERLET (b. - 1685)

Clémence MERLET (BAUCHE) (deceased)

Eugenie Auguste Alkier (Merlet) (1869 - d.)

Françoise MERLET (deceased)

Françoise MERLET MERLET (deceased)

Françoise Bizet (Merlet) (1599 - 1649)

George Merlet (1720 - d.)

George Merlet (1685 - d.)

George (deceased)

Gideon Merlet (c.1625 - d.)

Gilles MERLET (deceased)

Gustave Merlet (deceased)

Isabelle Georgeteau (Merlet) (c.1662 - d.)

Jacques MERLET (c.1657 - 1717)

Jean MERLET (c.1767 - d.)

Jean Merlet (deceased)

Jeanne Beauvais (Merlet) (deceased)

Jn Baptiste Jr Merlet (deceased)

Joseph (deceased)

Joseph Marie Eugène Merlet (1886 - d.)

Joseph MERLET (1778 - 1846)

Josias Merlet (c.1600 - d.)

Judith Merlet (deceased)

Julienne Merlet (1636 - d.)

Louis Merlet (deceased)

Marguerite Merlet (Boutet) (1748 - d.)

Marguerite Renoir (Merlet) (1807 - 1896)

Marguerite Loubat (Merlet) (deceased)

Marie DAVAUD (MERLET) (1801 - 1843)

Marie Merlet (Beauvallet) (deceased)

Marie Merlet (Boutet) (deceased)

MARIE Demay (Merlet) (1780 - d.)

Marie MERLET (ETIENNE) (1784 - 1854)

Marie Baudrand (Merlet) (deceased)

Paul (c.1630 - d.)

Ben notes: Information about Paul's existence is better documented elsewhere. The information that I have here is from another family tree, where the compiler was apparently a big fan of the Broderbund...

Paul Merlet (1716 - 1745)

Pierre Merlet (deceased)

Pierre Merlet (b. - 1663)

Renée CHEVRIER (MERLET) (deceased)

Renée Mathurine Retoret (Merlet) (deceased)

Vincent MERLET (b. - 1797)