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Abraham Merlette, Sr. MP (1655 - 1714)

From the Mellott-Eastman family tree: Abraham Merlette Birth 26 Jan 1656 Long Island, Kings, New York, USA (This is in error, as the Merlet family would not be in the New World for another 6 ye...

Christina Merlette (Billiou) MP (1658 - 1699)

Married 1677 in Church of Mannheim (French Church), Staten Island, NY One child: Abraham (1680)

Paulus Merle (Merlette) MP (c.1624 - 1667)

Ben notes: Information about Paul's existence is better documented elsewhere. The information that I have here is from another family tree, where the compiler was apparently a big fan of the Broderbund...

Philippe Merlette MP (c.1600 - d.)

Ben notes: The information about Philippe in the Mellott-Eastman family tree has some errors in it, either from typographical errors committed by the person who put together the tree online, or by the ...

Ann Merlette (deceased)

Joseph Merlette (1682 - 1715)