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Aaron E. Mills MP (1749 - 1794)

AARON MILLS was born 12-22-1749. He died 15-12-1794 in Jefferson County Tenn. He married Charity MENDENHALL, granddaughter of John & Susan PEARSON Mendenhall, gg dt of John & Elizabeth MARIS Menden...

Abigail Rundle (Mills) MP (c.1651 - c.1689)

Abigail Mendenhall (Mills) MP (1767 - 1843)

Abigail Pauline Phillips (Mills) MP (c.1857 - d.)

Abigail Mills (Holmes) MP (1730 - d.)

Achsah Radcliffe (Mills) MP (1804 - 1883)

Amanda Ellen Veasey (Mills) MP (1838 - d.)

Ann Mills (Gibson) MP (1788 - d.)

Anna Tullos (Mills) MP (1770 - c.1840)

Anna Lee Aldred (Mills) MP (1921 - 2006)

Anna Lee Aldred (April 19, 1921 – June 12, 2006) was the first woman in the United States to receive a jockey's license. She was born Anna Lee Mills in Montrose, Colorado in 1921. She is the d...

Anne Wilson (Mills) MP (1770 - d.)

Pioneer wife. Died early.

Apsley Gambrell (Mills) MP (1813 - 1900)

Araminta Jones Mills (Crump) MP (1836 - d.)

Arthur Robert Mills, 3rd Baron Hillingdon of Hillingdon MP (1891 - 1952)

Benoit Mills MP (deceased)

Bernard Mills MP (1760 - d.)

Bethana Mills (Gustin) MP (1811 - 1890)

Bethany Mills (Gustin) MP (1795 - 1835)

Catherine Mills (Chatham) MP (deceased)

Catherine Cutherey (Mills) MP (c.1407 - 1448)

**notice source below that identifies her as Catherine MILLS.*** Richard RICH (Sheriff of London) Born: ABT 1400, London, Middlesex, England Died: 1464, Will Proved Buried: St. Lawrence Jewry...

Chaney Mills (Scalf) MP (1842 - 1895)

Charity Dowis (Mills) MP (deceased)

Charity E. Mills (Mendenhall) MP (1754 - 1836)

Christina R. Mills (Wolff) MP (1874 - 1908)

Christopher Mills MP (1860 - 1930)

Name: Mr Christopher Mills Born: Friday 7th September 1860 Age: 51 years Marital Status: Married. Last Residence: in Southampton Hampshire England Occupation: Butcher Victualling crew F...

Clement Knapp (Mills) MP (1700 - 1763)

Cynthia Mead (Mills) MP (1771 - 1853)

Deliverance Mills MP (1757 - 1848)

Deliverance Mills was born 1757 in Natick, Middlesex Co.,Mass; married with JOSEPH CRANE JR.,son of Joseph Crane and Mary Copeland. He was born 1757 in Milton, Suffolk Co., Mass. They rem. to Washingto...

Della Evans (Mills) MP (c.1857 - d.)

Ref: 1900 US Census (MH) Ref: 1910 US Census (MH) Ref: 1920 US Census (MH) -- possibly died before 1920, as husband Charles may be widowed by 1920.

Diana Mary Christian Hicks-Beach (Mills), Countess of St. Aldwyn MP (1915 - 1992)

Dorothy Mills MP (c.1663 - d.)

Source - Ancestral File GW9L-23. -------------------- Ben M. Angel notes: This apparently refers to the birth family of her husband: Ancestral File Record « Back to sear...

Eads Mills MP (1894 - 1977)

Edith Mary Winifred Mills (Cadogan), Baroness Hillingdon MP (1895 - 1969)

Edward Mills MP (1550 - 1582)

Eleanor Mills (Bowes) MP (c.1765 - 1824)

Elizabeth Mills (Harrold) MP (1711 - 1771)

Elizabeth was born on March 1, 1711, to Richard and Mary (Beals) Harrold. She died on September9, 1771. She married Thomas Mills on April 18, 1730, in Virginia.--------------------Elizabeth was bor...

Elizabeth Luther (Mills) MP (1642 - 1665)

Elizabeth Mills (Hill), SM MP (c.1808 - 1885)

1820 British Settler Elizabeth Hill 12, together with her parents and 5 siblings, were members of Mill's Party of 30 Settlers on the Sir George Osborne . Party originated from London. Departure...

Elizabeth Ellen Dean (Mills) MP (1810 - 1838)

Esther Mills (Haddock) MP (1780 - d.)

Frances Obedience White MP (1738 - d.)

Frances Mills (Pimbrook) MP (1615 - 1660)

George Mills MP (1778 - 1854)

"...Mills, George – (12th Ten) Born about 1878 in England. After arriving in the Salt Lake Valley, he suffered from cancer. In 1854, he asked for an operation by Dr. Samuel L. Sprague in hopes o...

Hannah Drake (Mills) MP (1665 - 1721)

Hannah was apparently a widow when she married Daniel Loomis. Her first husbnd was Simon Drake, they apparently had six children. In Daniel Loomis will Hannah is mentioned as his wife.

Hannah Mills (Hayward) MP (1663 - d.)

Hannah Lanier (Mills) MP (1776 - c.1865)

Harriet Batson Roberts (Mills), SM/PROG MP (c.1785 - 1845)

Tombstone at "Settler's" cemetery, Grahamstown: "In memory to DANIEL ROBERTS Sen of Bristol, England, who died on the 14th November 1844 ages 64 years. Also HARRIET his beloved wife who died on 22nd Fe...

Hazel Lorene Mills (Grizzle) MP (1925 - 2011)

Birth: May 29, 1925 Sulphur Springs Hopkins County Texas, USA Death: Nov. 28, 2011 Wichita Falls Wichita County Texas, USA Wichita Falls Times Record News Tuesday, November 29, 2011 Lorene Mills,...

Heather Anne Mills MP

Heather Anne Mills is an English charity campaigner and former model, and the former wife of musician Sir Paul McCartney; during the marriage she was called Heather Mills McCartney. Mills started her...

Henry Mills MP (1720 - 1810)

Henry Mills 1720 Pennsylvania Hannah Thornburg Pennsylvania 1810 "Deep River, Guilford County, North Carolina" "Hannah Thornburg was the daughter of Walter Thornburg and Margaret Beeson. They may ha...

Hester Mills (White) MP (c.1661 - d.)

Hester White Mills is the daughter of Richard White and Sarah Woodbridge (who later married William Hanks). Hester White Mills married John Mills and had a daughter Hester C. Mills, who married Willi...

Hester C. Hanks (Mills) MP (c.1680 - c.1732)

Hur Mills MP (c.1717 - 1761)

Jabez Mills MP (1843 - 1875)

James Mills MP (1730 - 1781)

Jane Mills (Collins) MP (1706 - d.)

Joan Phelps (Mills) MP (c.1522 - c.1630)

Joan Mills MP (c.1618 - 1657)

John Mills, Jr. MP (1712 - 1794)

Source - Ancestral File 3MRL-1F. ============================================================ John Mills Birth: Oct. 27, 1712 - Shadoxhurst, Kent, England Death: Apr. 18, 1...

John Mills MP (1740 - 1815)

John Mills, Sr. MP (1578 - 1628)

John Mills MP (1668 - 1697)

From "Early New England People": "Capt. John, the eldest son of John and Mary Mills, lived in that part of Old Braintree which still bears the name. He is mentioned in old records as "Capt. John Mills,...

John Mills MP (1615 - 1637)

John Mills MP (1816 - 1857)

John Mills was the son of Thomas Mills and Alice McDonald. He was born about 1788 in Belfast, Ireland. John and his brother William were left home alone one day to get their own lunch. John decided to ...

John Mills, IV MP (1686 - 1760)

Source - Ancestral File 5CV7-CG One of the chief problems with research on this profile seems to be based on unsupported FamilySearch genealogies. From those with support: --------...

John Mills MP (c.1780 - d.)

John Mills, Jr. MP (c.1635 - 1704)

John Mills MP (deceased)

From Roberts of Washington by Carol Carter: John Mills (d. date unknown) John Mills [230] died date unknown. Notes for John Mills: Per Dan Roberts data 5/8/1995: A publication of Mika Publish...

John Mills MP (deceased)

John Mills MP (1692 - 1693)

John Mills, III MP (1663 - 1704)

Source - Ancestral File 5CV7-FS. -------------------- John was born in 1660 in England. He died on January 17, 1704, in Pennsylvania. He married Sarah Harrold.

John Baptisto Alexander Tivo Mills, M.D. MP (deceased)

John Mills MP (1702 - d.)

Jonathon Mills MP (deceased)

Joseph MILLS MP (c.1635 - d.)

Peter Cole can find no record of this person's existence. I believe he is the same person as Joseph Miles (1635-?)

Joseph Mills MP (1762 - 1853)

Joseph Mills MP (1694 - 1783)

Justinian Mills, Jr. MP (1764 - d.)

Lucinda Mills (Cope) MP (1817 - 1862)

Margaret Mills (Wolsencroft) MP (deceased)

Margaret Mills MP (1760 - 1818)

Daughter of Justinian and Mary Ann Dant Mills It is said that hearing of Roberts Unexpected unexpected death in Maryland her grief was sincerer she never lifted up her head and afterwords, she took off...

Martha Arey (Mills) MP (1786 - 1867)

Martha Gillett (Mills) MP (c.1675 - d.)

Martha Smith (Mills) MP (1653 - 1681)

Mary Humphrey (Mills) MP (1662 - 1730)

Mary Mills (Buell) MP (1642 - 1718)

For some reason she signed her will as Mary Bissel. She was not born a Bissel and she died before her husband so she was still a Humphrey. Unless she had an unknown divorce.

Mary Magdaline Mills (Koon) MP (1784 - d.)

Mary Mills (Kenion) MP (1642 - 1716)

Source - Ancestral File GW9L-0Q.

Mary Mills (Hollingsworth) MP (deceased)

Mary Mills (Thompson) MP (deceased)

Mary Norton (Mills) MP (c.1640 - 1685)

Mary Cory (Mills) MP (1731 - d.)

Mary Cook (Mills) MP (1749 - 1820)


Mary Peden (Mills) MP (1688 - 1770)

Mary Mills was the wife of John Peden. She was born in County Antrim, Ireland, and died there in 1770. She was the mother of five sons, three of whom - James, John and William - emigrated to America. R...

Mary Gifford (Mills) MP (1660 - 1734)

'Gifford genealogy, 1626-1896; (1896) William Gifford owned land in Massachusettss, Rhode Island and Connecticut. His Massachusetts possessions consisted of lands in Sandwich, Falmouth and Dartmo...

Mary Pennington (Mills) MP (1828 - 1897)

Mary Beeson (Mills) MP (1724 - 1810)

had the following children: M i William Beeson was born 04 May 1741 in Hopewell, Frederick, VA. F ii Welemet Beeson was born 11 Dec 1742 in Hopewell, Frederick, VA. She died 06 Feb 1775 in New Gard...

Nasby Mills, IV MP (1780 - 1865)

Nicholas Mills, Jr. MP (1670 - 1749)

Information from: The Families of LOU DRAPER & CHARLIE MARTIN of Johnson and Henry Counties, Missouri" by James M McMillen, Arlington, Texas Published in .pdf format 13 January 2010 NICHOLAS MILLS ...

NN Bredenkamp (Mills) MP