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Peter Minuit MP (1580 - 1638)

Peter Minuit was the Third Director-General of New Netherland. He is credited with purchasing the Island of Manhattan from the Lenape indians on May 24, 1626 In 1631 Governor Minuit was recalled to H...

Elizabeth Pieterse Minuit (c.1617 - 1657)

Esaijes Minuit (deceased)

Gertrud Minuit(Raetz) (deceased)

Lyzabeth Pieterse Huyuck(Minuit) (deceased)

Lyzbeth Huyck (Minuit) (1610 - 1677)

Manuel Pietersen Minuit (deceased)

• Notable in that he and his wife Dorothy adopted a young orphan who retained the property rights of his natural father. IMPORTANT NOTICE: The brothers of this profile are not necessarily fami...

Maria Minuit (1655 - d.)

Pieter Minuit (deceased)

Pieter Minuit (deceased)