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Johann Gottfried Mocke, SV/PROG MP (1769 - 1808)

He arrived at the Cape, South Africa in 1763 as a soldier. He practiced as a mason. In 1770 he become a citizen of the Cape of Good Hope and a master mason. He started a wool mill called "Die Nuwwe Mol...

Johan Gottfried Mocke MP (c.1714 - d.)

Die "Mocke" van was moontlik afgelei van "Möckern". Alreeds in die tiende eeu was daar 'n Slaafse nedersetting in Duitsland in 'n gebied waar moerasse teenwoordig was. "Möckern" beteken ook "inwoner va...

Abraham Mocke (deceased)

Agnes Mocke (deceased)

Aletta Catherina Mocke (1824 - d.)

Aletta Catharina Wilhelmina Mocke (c.1838 - d.)

Aletta Catharina Mocke (Roux) (c.1789 - d.)

Alfred Benjamin Mocke (1886 - 1931)

Alfreida Christiana Mocke (1923 - d.)

Alida Johanna Mocke (1930 - d.)

Almazo Aldonse Mocke (1889 - d.)

Andrew MAUCK, MOCKE (1709 - d.)

Ann Mocke (deceased)

Anna Magrieta (deceased)

Anna Magdalena Mocke (1914 - d.)

Anna Magdalena (deceased)

Anna Margaretha Mocke (b. - 1882)

Anna Magdalena Barnard (Mocke) (1914 - d.)

Nicknamed "Annette".

Apollonia Carolina Hancke (Mocke) (1783 - 1826)

Apollonia Cornelia van Griedswald (deceased)

Baptised on 27 Jul 1783. Married Carel Hancke van Griefswald on 25 Jan 1807 in Cape Town, South Africa.

Carl (1790 - d.)

Catherina Mocke (deceased)

Catherina Johanna Mocke (deceased)

Catherina had the nickname of "Trynie".

Christiaan Carel Mocke (1790 - 1852)

Sometimes known as Christiaan Karel. Baptised on 13 Jun 1790.

Christiaan Pieter David Mocke (1813 - d.)

Christiaan's grave is on the farm Langfontein, district Merweville (Beaufort West), South Africa.

Christiaan carl Mocke (c.1814 - d.)

Christiaan David Mocke (deceased)

Christian Carel Mocke (1790 - d.)

Christian D Mocke (deceased)

Christiana Jacoba Mocke (1806 - d.)

Christina Maria (c.1828 - 1851)

Christina Gezina Mocke (1878 - d.)

Christina Johanna Mocke (1826 - 1913)

Coenraad Mocke (deceased)

Coenraad Petrus Mocke (1829 - 1868)

After Catherina it is possible that they had the following children. Twins (names unknown). Daughter Bessie (Elisabeth?).

David Daniel Mocke (1880 - 1964)

Fought in the Boer War against the British. Captured by the British. His details are noted as follows in the POW Register. No: 20062 Name: David Daniel Mocke Age: 20 Address: Zwavelkrans He...

David Gideon Mocke (1816 - d.)

Elizabeth Mocke (deceased)

Erna Amelia Gray (1924 - d.)

Ernst Jacobus Mocke (1881 - 1956)

Served under General de Wet during the Boer War. Stories of his experiences were written in ficton form by his son, Ignatius, in the book titled "In Die Vuurlinie" which was written around 1940. Work...

Ernst Jacobus Mocke (1916 - 1985)

Ester Helena Lombard (1920 - d.)

Ferdinand Christiaan Mocke (1814 - d.)

Francis Mocke (deceased)

Frederik Simon Mocke (1876 - d.)

Frederik Simon Mocke (c.1781 - 1842)

Frederik and Aletta lived on the farm "Lombardskraal" which is in the area of Beaufort West. A fig tree still stands there today that was planted by "the mother of the Trekker". -------------------- ...

Frederik Simon Mocke (1811 - 1878)

Frederik was a farmer in Boshoff, South Africa.

Frederik Simon Mocke (1910 - 1956)

Frederik Simon Mocke (deceased)

Gestina Christina Mocke (1850 - d.)

Helena Christina Wilhemina Mocke, b2 (c.1776 - d.)

Baptised on 08 Sep 1776 in Cape Town, South Africa. Married Jacques Gideon Tredoux on 24 Jan 1816 in Natal, South Africa.

Henry Mocke (deceased)

Henry Mocke (deceased)

Herbert Alfred Mocke (1874 - 1936)

Hester Susanna Mocke (1913 - d.)

Jacoba Petronella Mocke (1845 - d.)

Jacobus Johannes Mocke (1788 - 1839)

Baptised on 30 Mar 1788 in Cape of Good Hope, South Africa.

Jacobus Johannes Mocke (1821 - 1898)

Jakobus Christiaan Mocke (deceased)

Jan Adriaan Gideon Mocke (1871 - 1921)

Nickname "John".

Jan Hendrik Mocke (1847 - d.)

Jan Gideon Mocke (1913 - d.)

Jan Adriaan Gideon Mocke (1854 - 1890)

Worked as a farmer.

Japie Mocke (b. - c.1965)

Joan Mocke (deceased)

Joan Mocke (deceased)

Johan Godfried Mocke (1806 - d.)

Christened 04 Jan 1807 in Cape Town, South Africa. He was a member of the Beaufort West community of the Dutch reformed Church and was ordained as a Dominee (Reverand) on 30 Sep 1825. In 1838 he le...

Johan (deceased)

Johan Gottfried Mocke (b. - 1899)

Johan Godfried Mocke (1780 - d.)

Sometimes went by the name John. Baptised on 12 Mar 1780.

Johan Godfried Mocke (1820 - 1872)

Johanna Petronella Mocke (1852 - d.)

Johanna (deceased)

Johanna Dorothea Pentz (1783 - 1855)

Baptised on 29 Aug 1784. Married Michiel Frederik Pentz on 21 Apr 1805. It was recorded that Michiel was 19 and Johanna was 20 when they married. Filed a will in the Cape in 1854.

Johanna Helena Mocke (b. - 1824)

Johanna Dorothea Mocke (deceased)

Johannes (1788 - d.)

Johannes Petrus Mocke (1884 - 1968)

Fought in the Boer War against the British. Captured by the British. His details are noted as follows in the POW Register. No: 28207 Name: Johannes Petrus Mocke Age: 17 Address: Zwavelkrans...

John Mocke (deceased)

John Mocke (deceased)

John Mocke (deceased)

John Mocke (deceased)

Lodewikus Mocke (deceased)

Luce Mocke (deceased)

Magdalena Johanna Vorster (Mocke) (1934 - d.)

Magrietha Johanna Steyn (Mocke) (deceased)

Margaretha Aplona Mocke (1827 - d.)

Margaretha Magdalena Aplona Mocke (deceased)

Maria Elisabeth Mocke (c.1774 - c.1865)

Married Johan Frederik Schickerling on 25 Oct 1802. Johan was sometimes called Johann Friedrich and came from Burg, which is near to Magdeburg, South Africa. He was the son of Johann Conrad Schickerlin...

Maria (1791 - d.)