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Amedeo Clemente Modigliani MP (1884 - 1920)

Amedeo Clemente Modigliani (July 12, 1884 – January 24, 1920) was an Italian artist who worked mainly in France. Primarily a figurative artist, he became known for paintings and sculpture...

Franco Modigliani, Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences 1985 MP (1918 - 2003)

I was born in Rome, Italy, the son of Enrico Modigliani and Olga Flaschel. My father was a leading pediatrician in the city and my mother was a volunteer social worker. My school performance in the...

Abramo Modigliani (deceased)

Abramo (?) Modigliani (deceased)

Abramo Vita Modigliani (deceased)

Abramo Vita Modigliani (deceased)

Abramo's wife Modigliani (deceased)

Alberto Solas Modigliani (deceased)

Alberto Modigliani (deceased)

Alfred Modigliani (deceased)

Amadeo Modigliani (deceased)

Amelia Modigliani (Pirani) (deceased)

Angelo Samuele Modigliani (b. - 1851)

Angiolina Modigliani (deceased)

Arturo Modigliani (deceased)

Avraham Haim Modigliani (deceased)

Bianca Pontecorvo Modigliani (deceased)

Bice Modigliani (Tagliacozzo) (deceased)

Bice Ascoli (Modigliani) (deceased)

Cesare Modigliani (1835 - d.)

Cesare Modigliani (1835 - d.)

Consola Modigliani (1810 - 1887)

Crescenzo Modigliani (deceased)

Crescenzo Modigliani (deceased)

Donato Modigliani (1827 - d.)

Elena Modigliani Passigli (1872 - d.)

Elena Passigli (Modigliani) (1872 - d.)

Elena Modigliani Passigli (1872 - d.)

Elia Modigliani (b. - 1871)

Elisa Modigliani (deceased)

Emanuela Modigliani (deceased)

Emanuele Modigliani (deceased)

Emanuele Modigliani (deceased)

Emanuele Modigliani (deceased)

Emma Misul Modigliani (1888 - d.)

Notizie inserite da Andrea Cassigoli: Misul Modigliani Emma. Nata a Livorno (LI) il 13/9/1888. Arrestata a Milano (MI) il 23/12/1944. Deportata da Milano (MI) il 12/2/1945. Matricola 0 Blocco F. Libe...

Emma Di Veroli (Modigliani) (1880 - 1932)

Emma di Settimio Modigliani (1850 - d.)

Enrico Modigliani (1890 - d.)

Ester Modigliani Castiglioni (deceased)

Ester di Settimio Vitta (Modigliani) (1848 - d.)

Ester Modigliani (1840 - d.)

Ester in Modigliani (1790 - d.)

Ettore Modigliani (deceased)

Eugene Modigliani (Garsin) (deceased)

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Eugenia Spinosa Modigliani (Ganim) (deceased)

Flaminio Modigliani (deceased)

Modigliani Biography ‪ Modigliani: A Life‬ By Meryle Secrest

Fortunato Modigliani (deceased)

Franca Modigliani Rabà (deceased)

Gemma Modigliani Orvieto (1865 - 1948)

Gentile Modigliani Lampronti (1784 - 1863)

Gentile Modigliani (1783 - d.)

Germana Modigliani Piccardo (deceased)

Germano Modigliani (deceased)

Gershom Arturo Modigliani (deceased)

Giacomo di Angiolo Modigliani (1814 - 1881)

Giacomo Modigliani (deceased)

Giacomo Modigliani (deceased)

Gina Misul Modigliani (deceased)

Giovanna Modigliani (1915 - 1994)

Girolano Modigliani (deceased)

Giuseppe Emanuele (Mene) Modigliani (b. - 1947)

The “other Modigliani,” Giuseppe Emanuele Modigliani was one of Italy's earliest socialist and union leaders to be elected to Parliament. He was the younger brother of the legendary moder...

Grazia Modigliani Ambron (1795 - 1881)

Guido Modigliani (deceased)

Ida (?) Modigliani ((?)) (1872 - 1958)

Jeanne Leduc (Modigliani) (1918 - 1984)

Laura Della Seta (Modigliani) (deceased)

Lazarro Modigliani (1836 - d.)

Leone Modigliani (1852 - 1922)

Letizia Alatri Modigliani (deceased)

Lina Modigliani (deceased)

Livia Piperno Beer (Modigliani) (1913 - 1973)

Lodovico Laudadio MODIGLIANI (1833 - d.)

Margherita Modigliani (1875 - d.)

Maria Sandi (Modigliani) (deceased)

Menachem Modigliani (1862 - d.)

Mose Modigliani (1796 - d.)

Mose Modigliani (deceased)

Mose' Modigliani (1813 - d.)

N.N. Baronessa Franchetti (Modigliani) (1865 - d.)

Neda Modigliani (deceased)

Norah Modigliani (deceased)

Olga Modigliani (Flaschel) (1897 - d.)

Olimpia Lumbroso (Modigliani) (deceased)

‪ Modigliani: A Life‬ By Meryle Secrest

Oscar Modigliani (deceased)

Paolo Modigliani (deceased)

Piero Modigliani (deceased)

Quintilina Modigliani (Corcos) (deceased)

Ricca ENRICHETTA Modigliani (1803 - 1873)

Ricca Tagliacozzo (Modigliani) (1803 - 1873)

Romolo Modigliani (deceased)

Rosa Modigliani (deceased)

Rosa bat Menachem Modigliani (Cassuto) (1774 - d.)

Sabato Modigliani (deceased)

Samuele Modigliani (deceased)

Sandra Soliani (Modigliani) (1875 - d.)

Serena Modigliani (Calabi) (1917 - 2008)

Settimio Modigliani (1816 - 1887)

Stella Modigliani (Ascarelli) (deceased)

Stella Rignano (Modigliani) (deceased)

Tesaura Modigliani (deceased)