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Wife of Nathaniel Kellogg (Moody) MP (deceased)

Cutting Moody MP (c.1674 - 1747)

Deborah Moody (Dunch) MP (1586 - c.1659)

First woman land owner in the New World. Considered to be a "dangerous woman." Deborah Moody (Dunch) April 3, 1586 in Avebury, Wiltshire, England- c. 1659 Parents: Walter Dunch and Deborah Pilkingt...

Dorothy Stevens (Moody) MP (1920 - 1997)

Edmund Moody, Gent. MP (c.1495 - 1562)

Edmund was just a lowly knave in Henry 8th court. While out running along the sides of the horses of the titled men, Henry in full armour was crossing a creek and the horse slipped, thus dumping the Ki...

Edward Moody MP (c.1450 - 1504)

"From Edward Moody, 1504, whose son twenty years after saved the great despoiler’s life when he fell head first into the Hiz, they received two quarters of malt." Issue 2I. EDMUND- b.c.149...

Elijah Moody MP (deceased)

Elizabeth Day (Moody) MP (c.1765 - 1810)

Elizabeth Moody Birth: 1765 - Franklin, Virginia Death: (betw 1810-1820) in Buffalo Cove, Caldwell County, North Carolina Parents: Thomas Moody, Sarah Ann Elizabeth DeFoe Thomas Day of Buff...

Fanny Fuller (Moody) MP (1742 - d.)

George A. Moody, Gent. MP (1560 - 1607)

GEORGE 3 MOODY, GENT. (Richard2, Edmund1), baptized at Moulton, co. Suffolk, 28 Sept. 1560, entered Trinity College, Cambridge, in 1578 and as eldest son and heir succeeded, on becoming of age in 1581,...

Hannah Tenney (Moody) MP (c.1669 - d.)

Hannah Moody (Sewall) MP (1677 - 1728)

Sir Henry Moody, Kt. MP (b. - 1629)

Sir Henry Moody, Kt. MP (1607 - d.)

Sir Henry Moody, II Son of Lady Deborah Moody. Emigrated from Wiltshire, England in 1638 to Lynn, Massachusetts. Helped settle Gravesend. Relocated in Virginia after the death of his mother.

Hezekiah Moody MP (c.1807 - c.1870)

Rick Moody MP

Hiram Frederick "Rick" Moody III (born October 18, 1961) is an American novelist and short story writer best known for the 1994 novel The Ice Storm, a chronicle of the dissolution of two suburban Con...

James Paul Moody MP (1887 - 1912)

Births Dec 1887 Moody James Paul Scarbro' 9d 358 Titanica Name: Mr James Paul Moody Born: Sunday 21st August 1887 Age: 24 years Marital Status: Single. Last Residence: at St. James...

Jane Erith (Moody), SM/PROG MP (1790 - 1852)

Transcribed from CO53/10 at the National Archives at Kew, London Death at Simon's Town - 1852 Oct 5: Mrs. Jane Moody ERITH, aged 64 years.

John Moody MP (1553 - 1553)

ii. John, born and buried 15 Feb. 1553/4. Links

John Moody MP (1566 - 1587)

viii. John, born in 1566; was left by his father leases of lands in Cavenham, co. Suffolk; later history untraced Links

Judith Elizabeth Kirby (Moody) MP (c.1690 - c.1761)

Judith Morse (Moody) MP (1682 - 1736)

Lucretia Minear (Moody) MP (1832 - d.)

Lady Margaret Moody MP (c.1479 - 1542)

Lady Margaret Moody MP (c.1507 - 1542)

Maria Leany Paris (Moody) MP (1821 - 1911)

Martha Mary Ann Moody (Veazey) MP (1885 - 1970)

Mary Moody (Hall) MP (1730 - d.)

Mary Marsh (Moody) MP (c.1703 - 1794)

Mary Emerson (Moody) MP (1702 - 1799)

Mary Moody (Cutting) MP (deceased)

Mary Ann Frances Moody (Young) MP (1758 - 1834)

Richard Moody, Gent. MP (1524 - 1574)

3IV. RICHARD- b. 28 Apr. 1524 Bury St. Edmund, m. 4 Feb. 1548 Moulton, ANNE PANELL (b.c.1532, m.2. 6 Sept. 1574 Moulton, Edward Coulte, gent., bur. 14 Mar. 1576/7 Moulton), bur. 28 Apr. 1574 St. Peter'...

Richard Clement Moody (Moodie) MP (1813 - 1887)

Major-General Richard Clement Moody From Dictionary of Canadian Biography online MOODY, RICHARD CLEMENT, soldier, colonial administrator, and public servant; b. 13 Feb. 1813 at St Ann’s Ga...

Robert Moody MP (1563 - d.)

vii. Robert, bapt. 20 Mar. 1563/4; was left by his father lands in Alconbury, Weston and Ellington, co. Hunts; later history untraced. He was alive as of 14 Jan 1572/3 as he was left by his father la...

Rev. Samuel Moody MP (1675 - 1747)

Samuel Moody MP (deceased)

Samuel Moody MP (c.1630 - 1675)

He sailed to New England with his parents and brother Joshua on 10 April 1634 on the Ship Mary and John? "William Moody was a saddler and came from Ispwich, England to Ipswich, MA in 1634 sailing o...

Samuel Moody MP (deceased)

Sarah Pike (Moody) MP (b. - 1796)

Sarah Moody (Knight) MP (1679 - 1778)

Sarah March (Moody) MP (1664 - 1741)

Sarah Moody was born on July 23, 1664 in Newbury, Essex County, Massachusett. Her parents were Caleb Moody and Sarah Pierce. She married Hugh March Jr. (son of Hugh March Sr. and Judith Knight) on Marc...

Sarah Moody (Deming) MP (1636 - 1717)

Sarah Ensign (Moody) MP (c.1702 - 1776)

Sarah Moody MP (c.1613 - 1673)

"William Moody was a saddler and came from Ispwich, England to Ipswich, MA in 1634 sailing on the "Mary & John", Robert Sayres, Master, from Southhampton 10 Apr. with his wife Mrs. Sarah Moody and thei...

Thomas Moody MP (1718 - 1819)

William Moody, of Sudbury MP (c.1580 - 1611)

5II. WILLIAM MOODY (EDWARD 1, EDMUND 2, RICHARD 3, ROBERT 4) b.c.1580 Sudbury, Suffolk death: after 1611 Father: Robert MOODY (Modye) (1563->1580) m. 2 July 1603 Sudbury, AGNES COLLYN issue...

William Moody, of Newbury MP (1611 - 1673)

"William Moody was a saddler and came from Ispwich, England to Ipswich, MA in 1634 sailing on the "Mary & John", Robert Sayres, Master, from Southhampton 10 Apr. with his wife Mrs. Sarah Moody and thei...

MOODY (1883 - d.)

Moody (deceased)

"Nippy" Moody (deceased)

(Dau) Moody (deceased)

(Dau.) Moody (deceased)

(Dau.) Moody (deceased)

(Male) Moody (deceased)

(Miss) Moody (Allen) (deceased)

(unknown) Moody (deceased)

(Widow) Moody (deceased)

--- Moody (Hutchens) (deceased)

--- MOODY (1872 - d.)

1 Moody (deceased)

2 Moody (deceased)

3 Moody (deceased)

<unk> York (Moody) (deceased)

<unk> Moody (Robbins) (deceased)

<unk> Spellman (Moody) (deceased)

<unk> Callan (Moody) (deceased)

<unk> Hopkins (Moody) (deceased)

<unk> Pendleton (Moody) (deceased)

<unk> Giusto (Moody) (deceased)

<unk> Norwald (Moody) (deceased)

<unk> Moody (Inkpen) (deceased)

? Moody (c.1850 - d.)

? Moody (deceased)

? Moody (deceased)

? Moody (Jackson) (c.1723 - c.1779)

? MOODY (deceased)

? Moody (deceased)

? Moody (deceased)

? Moody (deceased)

? Moody (deceased)

? Butler (Moody) (deceased)

? Moody (deceased)

? Ballard (Moody) (deceased)

? Moody (deceased)

? Moody (deceased)

?? Moody (deceased)

?? MOODY (deceased)

?? Moody (deceased)

?? Moody (deceased)

?? ANSLEY (Moody) (deceased)

??? Moody (c.1828 - c.1828)

??? Moody (c.1828 - c.1828)

A E Moody (deceased)

A. P. Moody (deceased)

A. D. Moody (deceased)

A.J. Moody (deceased)

Aaron MOODY, Sr., (1739 - 1819)

Aaron D. Moody (1865 - d.)

Aaron MOODY, Jr., (1772 - 1848)