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Adelaide Maude Moorsom (Slater) (c.1869 - 1938)

Betsy Moorsom (English) (deceased)

Constantine Warren Maude Moorsom (1873 - 1955)

Vice Admiral Constantine Richard Moorsom (1792 - 1861)

Constantine Richard Moorsom (1792–1861) was a Vice-Admiral in the Royal Navy. He commanded HMS Fury a Hecla-class bomb vessel which saw wartime service in the Bombardment of Algiers, an attack...

Dorothy Moorsom (Storm) (deceased)

Edward Moorsom (deceased)

Eleanor Sara Benson (Moorsom) (deceased)

Eleanor Sarah Benson (Moorsom) (b. - 1883)

Eliza Alice Moorsom (Hull) (1847 - 1925)

Elizabeth Storm (Moorsom) (c.1840 - d.)

Elizabeth Mennell (Moorsom) (1802 - d.)

Elizabeth Moorsom (Tindale) (1767 - 1842)

Esther Chester (Moorsom) (c.1740 - 1823)

Greenup Moorsom (1779 - d.)

Helen Maud Beatrice Gaunt (Moorsom) (deceased)

Isabella Sarah Laurence (Moorsom) (deceased)

Isabella Moorsom (Richardson) (1780 - d.)

Isabella Sarah Moorsom (deceased)

Jane Moorsom (deceased)

Jane Storm (Harrison (Moorsom)) (deceased)

Jane Moorsom (deceased)

Joanna Storm (Moorsom) (deceased)

Joanna Storm (Moorsom) (deceased)

John Moorsom (deceased)

John Moorsom (deceased)

Margaret Moorsom (Lowson) (deceased)

Mary Clay (Moorsom) (deceased)

Oriana Florence Moorsom (Rowcroft) (b. - c.1948)

Oriana Florence Moorsom (Rowcroft) (deceased)

Pamela Mary Marnie Caine (Moorsom) (b. - c.2013)

Private Moorsom (deceased)

Private Moorsom (c.1871 - d.)

Richard Moorsom (deceased)

Admiral Sir Robert Moorsom KCB (1760 - 1835)

Admiral Sir Robert Moorsom KCB (8 June 1760 – 14 April 1835) was an officer of the Royal Navy who served during the American War of Independence, the French Revolutionary War and the Napoleoni...

Robert Moorsom (deceased)

Ruth Maude Scott (Moorsom) (1905 - 1994)

Warren Maude Moorsom (1840 - 1920)

William Moorsom (deceased)

William Moorsom (deceased)

William Moorsom (deceased)

Capt. William Scarth Moorsom (1804 - 1863)