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Abigail Moulton (Goode) MP (1619 - 1666)

Robert 2 son of Robert 1 Moulton was born in England and came to America with his father in 1629. He was a minister of the Church of England and attempted to establish that church in Salem but was oppo...

Abigail Moulton (Williams) MP (1710 - 1735)

Widow of John Bound

Abigail Moulton (Webster) MP (1662 - 1723)

Sources New England Families, Genealogical and Memorial: A Record of the ..., Volume 2. edited by William Richard Cutter page 919.

Abigail Chaffee (Moulton) MP (1773 - 1838)

Links Abigail Moulton Chaffee 1773-1838 Find A Grave Memorial# 59099371

Ada Darell (de Moulton) MP (deceased)

Aline de Multon (de Moulton) MP (c.1255 - 1326)

Sir WILLIAM de Breuse (-Findon 1290, bur Sele, Sussex). "William de Breous son and heir of John de Breus" was granted "a yearly fair at his manor of Horsham", dated 3 Aug 1233[1287]. "Domino Willilem...

Anne Moulton (Green) MP (1601 - 1688)

Anne GREEN Born about 1600 in England; daughter of Edward GREEN. She was christened on 6 September 1601 in Ormesby, St Margaret, Norfolkshire, England. Age was listed as 38 on the exam for passage to...

Benjamin Moulton MP (c.1649 - 1728)

Dorothy Towsley (Moulton) MP (c.1618 - c.1680)

John and Dorothy had the following children: M i John EDWARDS was born on 16 Dec 1638 in Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut. He died in 1675. F ii Hester EDWARDS b: JUN 1641 F iii Ruth EDWARDS w...

Edward Barrett Moulton-Barrett MP (1785 - c.1857)

The Barrett Family in Jamaica By F.J. duQuesnay The first member of this famous family who came to Jamaica was Hersey Barrett. This pioneer was one of the number in the army of occupation under P...

Capt. Freeborn Moulton MP (1717 - 1792)

Freeborn Moulton was born 3 Apr 1717 in Windom, Coventry, Connecticut. He died 9 Jun 1792 in So, Brimfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts. He came to this Town [Wales] before his marriage, first located ...

Grissell Cecily Moulton MP (1459 - 1559)

Hannah Flint (Moulton) MP (c.1646 - 1673)

Thomas Flint was twice married, --- first May 22, 1666, to Hannah Moulton, who died March 30, 1673, leaving a daughter and a son Links ----------------- A genealogical register of the des...

Hannah Moulton (Wall) MP (1658 - d.)

Hannah Moulton (Grove) MP (1676 - 1767)

Sources Legislators of the Massachusetts General Court, 1691-1780: A Biographical ...By John A. Schutz . Page 293.

Hannah Tilton (Moulton) MP (1645 - 1720)

Hawise de Moulton MP (deceased)

James Moulton, of Wenham MP (c.1603 - 1680)

James Moulton Birth: 1603 - Ormsby, Co Norfork, England Death: Mar 30 1680 - Wenham, Essex, Massachusetts Parents: Robert Moulton, Mary Moulton (born Smith) Siblings: John C Moulton, Miriam M...

Joan Dacre (de Moulton, de Lucy) MP (c.1236 - d.)

Joane Fitzwalter (Moulton) MP (deceased)

John Moulton MP (c.1415 - 1494)

John Moulton Birth: 1415 Moulton, Norfolkshire , England Death: 1494 Ormesby, Norfolkshire , England Spouse & Children Unknown Spouse * Robert Multon 1465 – 1516

John "The Giant" Moulton MP (c.1638 - 1705)

John Moulton Born: 16 Mar 1638 Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts, USA Died: 1706 Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire, USA Spouse Lydia Taylor Born: 1646 in Hampton, Rockingham, New Hamps...

John Moulton, of Hampton MP (c.1599 - 1650)

John MOULTON. Born (in 1599-S1)(about 1599-S2) at Scratby, England; son of Robert MOULTON and Mary SMYTHE. He married Anne GREEN on 24 September 1623 at Ormsby, St. Margaret, Norfolkshire, England. O...

John Moulton MP (c.1490 - c.1549)

John MULTON Birth: 1490 Ormsby, Norfolk, , England Death: 1549 Ormsby, Norfolk, , England Parents Robert Multon 1465 – 1516 mrs robert multon 1467 – Show Siblings Spou...

Margaret Moulton (?) MP (1467 - d.)

mrs robert multon Birth: 1467 of Ormsby, Norfolk, , England Spouse & Children Robert Multon 1465 – 1516 * John MULTON 1490 – 1549 * Robert MULTON 1495 – 1535

Margaret Moulton MP (1701 - d.)

Margaret Moulton (Wattes) MP (c.1491 - c.1549)

Margaret Wattes Birth: 1491 OF, Norfolk, , England Death: 1549 Ormesby, Norfolk, , England Spouse & Children Robert Moulton 1510 – 1535 * Thomas Moulton 1535 – 1587 ...

Margaret Moulton MP (1698 - 1701)

Martha Moulton (Page) MP (c.1610 - 1711)

Gave testimony in the trial of Eunice Cole as a witch

Mary Sanborn (Moulton) MP (1626 - 1686)

•Name: Mary Moulton •Sex: F •Birth: BEF 24 NOV 1626 in Hemsby, Norfolk, England •Death: AFT 18 NOV 1692 in Hampton, Rockingham County, New Hampshire •Note: ...

Mary Lord (Moulton) MP (1661 - c.1693)


Mary Moulton (Cook) MP (1649 - 1732)

Mary Moulton (Dow) MP (deceased)

Mary Moulton (Noyes) MP (1693 - 1755)

10 children Links

Mary Batchelder (Moulton) MP (1691 - 1716)

Mary Haines (Moulton) MP (1654 - 1674)

Miriam Balch (Moulton) MP (1655 - 1688)

Missouri Annice Hill (Moulton) MP (1846 - 1900)

Missouri Annice Moulton was the daughter of James Green Moulton and wife Annice. She was born March 21, 1846 and died in Taylor County, Georgia, on April 29, 1900. She married Slaughter H. Hill. Two kn...

Noah Moulton MP (1726 - d.)

History of the town of Hampton, New Hampshire, from its settlement in 1638 to the autumn of 1892 (1893) Vol.2 Pg.865 XIII. Daniel Moulton, son of Lieut. John (5), married Mary __. Children: ...

Noah Moulton MP (1705 - d.)

A history and genealogy of Captain John Locke (1627-1696) of Portsmouth and Rye, N.H., and his descendants; also of Nathaniel Locke of Portsmouth, and a short account of the history of the Lockes in En...

Patience Moulton (Locke) MP (c.1711 - d.)

A history and genealogy of Captain John Locke (1627-1696) of Portsmouth and Rye, N.H., and his descendants; also of Nathaniel Locke of Portsmouth, and a short account of the history of the Lockes in En...

Robert Moulton, Il MP (c.1616 - 1665)

Robert Moulton ll Birth: Abt 1616 Immigration: 1629 Salem, Essex, Massachusetts Married: Aft 20 Jan 1640/1641 to Abigail Goade Death? abt Sep 1665. Will written 5 Sep 1665 Salem, Essex, Mas...

Robert Moulton MP (1587 - 1655)

Robert Moulton arrived in America in 1629 with Rev. Francis Higginson, settled at Charlestown in 1630, later removing to Salem in 1636 where he died, between the writing of his will February 20, 1654/5...

Robert Moulton MP (c.1577 - 1633)

Robert Moulton Born: abt 1565 Scratby, [parish], Norfolk, England Died: 11 Oct 1633 Hemsby, [parish], Norfolk, England Spouse 1 Joanna Green Born: 1532 in Hemsby, [parish], Norfolk,...

Robert Moulton, III MP (1644 - c.1730)

Robert Moulton MP (c.1510 - 1535)

Robert Moulton Born: 1510 Scratby, [parish], Norfolk, England Died: 5 Jul 1535 Ormesby, [parish], Norfolk, England Spouse Margaret Wattes Born: 1491 in Scratby, [parish], Norfolk, E...

Robert Moulton, IV MP (1675 - 1756)

Robert was a farmer/husbandman. He was rather radical in his religious beliefs, converting from Puritanism to the newly emerging Baptist movement in 1734. Sources Legislators of the Massachuset...

Robert Moulton MP (c.1400 - d.)

Robert Moulton (Multon) MP (c.1465 - 1516)

Robert Multon Birth: 1465 Ormsby, Norfolk, , England Death: 1516 Ormsby, Norfolk, , England Parents John Moulton 1415 – 1494 Show Siblings Spouse & Children mrs robert multon...

Sarah Moulton (Conant) MP (1668 - 1744)

(f/g) Sarah Conant Moulton Birth: unknown Beverly Essex County Massachusetts Death: Jan., 1745 Wenham Essex County Massachusetts Sarah was the daughter of Exercise Conant and his wife, Sara...

Sarah Moulton (Denton) MP (1818 - 1888)

From FindAGrave : Sarah and her husband, Thomas Moulton, joined the LDS Church in England. For years, wanting to come to Utah to be near the Saints, Sarah saved every penny she could in a fruit jar...

Sarah Page (Moulton) MP (deceased)

Sarah Goodin Moulton MP (1783 - 1795)

Immortalized by the famous portrait, Pinkie, by Sir Thomas Lawrence, painted when she was 12 years old. She died shortly afterwards in 1795.

Stephen Moulton MP (1697 - 1786)

Sources New England Families, Genealogical and Memorial: A Record of the Achievements of Her People in the Making of Commonwealths and the Founding of a Nation edited by William Richard Cutter Publ...

Lt. Col. Stephen Moulton MP (1735 - 1819)

He was the son of Ebenezer and became a wealthy shipbuilder according to ht efamily history that I have.  He graduated form Harvard and was a Lt. Col in the 22d regiment of the revolutionary Arm...

Thomas Moulton, Twin MP (1608 - 1703)

First Moulton of our family line to come to America..Came with brother John on the ship Rose in June 1637 Arrived in Boston

Thomas Moulton MP (1535 - 1587)

Thomas Moulton Born: 1535 Scratby, [parish], Norfolk, England Died: Sep 1587 Hemsby, [parish], Norfolk, England View person's info Spouse Joanna Green Born: 1532 in Hemsby, [paris...

William Moulton of Wenham MP (c.1672 - 1763)

Note: death date conflict. 8/29/1748 in Wenham vs. 1763 in Ipswich. Sources A history of the Moulton family: a record of the descendents of James ...By Eben Hobson Moulton (comp.) page 25 Lin...

William de Moulton MP (deceased)

William Moulton MP (c.1572 - 1607)

William Moulton, II MP (1664 - 1723)

the second William Moulton Birth: 25 MAY 1664 Married: 1) Abigail Webster 2) Sarah Death: 1723 in Newburyport, Essex, Massachusetts founder of the Moulton family of silversmiths; example Colo...

William Moulton MP (1617 - 1664)

William Moulton, Sr., son of Robert Moulton and Mary Smith, was b. 1617 in Ormsby, Norfolk, England. He married with MARGARET PAGE on Apr. 18,1663 in Massachusetts Bay Colony. She was b. 1620 in Ormsby...

William Moulton MP (1720 - c.1793)

William Moulton Born: 12 Jul 1720, Newbury MA Marriage: Lydia Greenleaf on 16 Sep 1742 in Newburyport MA Died: 1793, Marietta OH Placespoon, c 1760, Private Collection Sword, c 1770 Private...

Moulton (1645 - d.)

Moulton (Stahl) (deceased)

(Unknown) Tarr (Moulton) (deceased)

? Moulton (deceased)

? Moulton (deceased)

? Moulton (deceased)

? Moulton (deceased)

? Moulton (deceased)

? Miller (Moulton) (deceased)

? Moulton (deceased)

? Moulton (Bateman) (deceased)

Lila R, Moulton mother was sick and Lila looked after her for qute a few years. She never quite recovered from her husband being killed during the San Francisco Earth quake of 1906. She suffacated on h...

? Moulton (deceased)

? Moulton (c.1790 - d.)

? Moulton (b. - 1906)

? Moulton (?) (deceased)

? Moulton (c.1793 - d.)

? Moulton (deceased)

? Moulton (deceased)

?? Moulton (deceased)

?? Moulton (deceased)

?? Moulton (deceased)

??? (Moulton) (1883 - d.)

Aaron W. Moulton (1859 - 1928)

Gold Rush 1897. Staked a claim on Hunker Creek outside Dawson City, Yukon, Canada.

Aaron Moulton (1745 - 1828)

Abbie Thompson (Moulton) (deceased)

Abbie Frances Folsom (Moulton) (1864 - 1953)

Abbie J Libby (Moulton) (1847 - 1865)

abby moulton (deceased)

Abel Moulton (1825 - 1892)

Abel MOULTON (deceased)

Abel Moulton (1701 - 1784)

Abel Moulton (1701 - 1784)

Abel Moulton (c.1792 - 1869)

Abel Moulton (1678 - d.)

Abiah Moulton (deceased)

Abigail Moulton (deceased)

Abigail Moulton (1682 - d.)