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Anne Moseley (Musgrove) MP (c.1722 - d.)

From the will of John Musgrove probated 1746 Fairfax VA: Item I give to my well beloved daughter Anne Mosley my quarter that is now in being with half that tract of land which I bought of James Bau...

Araminta "Minty" Musgrove (Gordon) MP (c.1696 - c.1790)

Calpernia Musgrove MP (deceased)

Charity Musgrove (Fox) MP (c.1695 - c.1747)

An unproven profile. Not mentioned in John Musgrove will of 1 Oct 1744, so presumably deceased before this date.

Charles Musgrove MP (1682 - c.1751)

Charles Musgraves of Charles County, Planter: Will dated 17 Frb'y 1744 - proved 4 May 1751 (Charles Co.Lib.A.C.,no.4,fol. 336). To my wife Catherine, tract Burlin's Hills for life, and after her death ...

Cuthbert Musgrove, "The Mariner" MP (1644 - 1687)

Cuthbert Musgrove was born on 1 Jun 1644 in Crookdale, Cumberland, England and died in 1687 in Prince George Co., Maryland, at age 43. Parents: William Musgrave was born about 1620 in England. ...

Cuthbert Musgrove MP (1772 - c.1861)

Married: ABT 1792 in Fauquier County, Virginia to Elizabeth Moore b: ABT 1772 in Fauquier County, Virgina Links

Cuthbert Musgrove MP (c.1720 - d.)

Abstracts of Wills in Fairfax County, Virginia , Page 4 MUSGROVE, John. 1 Oct. 1744. 17 Sept. 1746. Sons: Edward, John, William, Cuthbert. Daughters: Mary Musgrove, Anne Moxley, Margaret Musgrove...

Cuthbert Musgrove MP (deceased)

Dorothy Musgrove MP (1614 - 1664)

Dorothy Musgrove (Harrison?) MP (c.1645 - c.1698)

Children Edward Musgrove b: ABT 1673 in Charles County, Maryland Charles Musgrove b: 1682 in William & Mary Parish, Charles County, Maryland John Musgrove b: 1683 in William & Mary Parish, Char...

Edward Gordon Musgrove MP (c.1795 - c.1850)

Edward Gordon Musgrove MP (c.1716 - 1792)

DAR Ancestor # A083494 Edward Gordon Musgrove was born about 1716 in Charles County, Maryland and died 1796 in Musgrove Mill, Laurens County, South Carolina. N.B. DAR has his place of birth as Nort...

Elizabeth Musgrove (Cain) MP (1835 - 1917)

Francis Asbury Musgrove MP (1827 - 1865)

Gilbert Musgrove MP (1769 - 1850)

Hannah Musgrove (Fincher) MP (c.1737 - c.1760)

Hannah Fincher was born Bet. 1737 - 1740, and died Bef. 1776. Parents: 8th child and daughter of Francis Fincher (born 1710 in Newton, Chester Co., PA, and died June 1784 in Philadelphia, Chester Co....

Harrison Musgrove, Sr. MP (1729 - 1760)


Maj. Harrison Musgrove MP (c.1750 - 1796)

They bought, came and were fleeced YAZOO LAND SCANDAL (1795) In 1795 the state of Georgia sold 35 million acres of western land in an area known as Yazoo to four companies for half a million do...

John Musgrove MP (deceased)

John Musgrove, Sr. MP (1683 - c.1746)

John Musgrove was born in 1683 in Prince George Co., Maryland and died in 1746 in Fairfax County, Virginia, at age 63. His will was probated on 17 SEP 1746 in Fairfax County, Virginia.  He was a...

John William Musgrove MP (c.1738 - 1778)

A Patriot of the American Revolution for VIRGINIA. DAR Ancestor # .A083502 Musgrove William Musgrove died in Loudoun County, Virginia in 1777, leaving a wife Linney, a daughter Margaret Tyler (wife...

Capt. John Musgrove, Sr. MP (deceased)

from Captain John Musgrove Sr. was a South Carolina trader and planter. He was employed by the Carolina Assembly to arrange peace between the Creeks and the English. Musgrove’s party was wel...

John Musgrove MP (1732 - 1785)

According to , he was born in Westmoreland, England and died in Frederick, Maryland.

John Musgrove, Jr., Indian Trader MP (1695 - 1735)

John Musgrove Jr. was born in South Carolina around 1695 and died at "Cowpen Plantation," north of Savannah, Georgia on 12 June 1735, of a fever (probably malaria). " ... a well-educated member of the ...

John 'the Tory' Musgrove, Jr. MP (c.1718 - c.1781)

Col. John Musgrove , Jr. was born about 1718 in Charles County, Maryland and died in Sept 1781 in Newberry, South Carolina, USA. Family Parents: 2nd son of John Musgrove (1683-1746) and perhaps Mis...

Lycurgus Musgrove MP (deceased)

Margaret Tyler (Musgrove) MP (deceased)

Mary Musgrove MP (1752 - c.1793)

Mary Musgrove was born in 1752 in North Carolina. (Some records show 1760, 1758 and c.1748) She died about 1790 in North Carolina (Other Records show, more specifically, 1793 in Rockingham County, NC)....

Mary Cunningham (Musgrove) MP (1738 - 1809)

Mary Musgrove was born 1738 in Fairfax County, Virginia (2) and died 1809 in Washington County, Tennessee. She has been also known as Mary Musgrave, Mary Mesgroves, and seems to be erroneously listed o...

Coosaponakesee (Mary Musgrove) MP (c.1700 - c.1767)

Mary Musgrove Bosomworth (ca. 1700- ca. 1767), sometimes called the Empress of the Creek Nation , [fn1] played a vital role in the founding of Georgia in colonial America. The daughter of a Creek India...

Mary Elizabeth Hammer (Musgrove) MP (c.1835 - 1870)

Place of Burial: Center Cem. Jasper Co., Ia - Birth: circa 1835 - OH, USA - Death: 1870 (35) - Jasper, IA, USA - Wife of Seth Hammer and Allen Musgrove - Mother of Allen Elisha Hammer; Adam Mark Hamm...

Mary Musgrove MP (c.1755 - c.1790)

"Patriot in Petticoats" "This monument, erected in the early 20th century, stands as a reminder of the legendary Mary Musgrove. She is remembered as a character in the 19th-century novel 'Horseshoe R...

Missouri Katherine Musgrove MP (1856 - d.)

Nancy Musgrove (Tate) MP (1770 - 1830)

Rachel Musgrove (Hicklin) MP (c.1800 - d.)

Rebecca Julia (Musgrove) Veazey MP (deceased)

Sarah Hobson (Musgrove) MP (1760 - 1820)

Mourning Hobson 1755-1822/ Sarah Musgrove 1760-1850 m) abt 1775 Edgefield, South Carolina. Children, Edith Lavinia, John Jackson, Sarah Ruthie, Nathaniel Abraham, Margaret Peggy, Edmond Briggs, Ezilla,...

Sarah M. "Sallie" Musgrove (Fowler) MP (1802 - 1877)

Thomas Musgrove MP (1597 - d.)

parents: William Cuthbert MUSGRAVE b: ABT 1581 in Crookdake, Bromfield, Cumberland, England Married Spouse Unknown Children William MUSGRAVE b: ABT 1620 in , , England Mary MUSGRAVE b...

Violinda Linney Musgrove MP (deceased)

William Trapnell Musgrove MP (c.1765 - 1850)

Tory John Jr. was commissioned a Major by the British during the Revolutionary War. His sons John III and William T . fought as teenagers in the 96th Brigade, a Tory regiment. Col. John Musgrove Jr. ...

William Henry Musgrove MP (1796 - 1862)

Birth: Jan. 15, 1796 Georgia, USA Death: Mar. 6, 1862 Pensacola Escambia County Florida, USA Captain, Company C, "Avalanche Company," 29th Regiment, Alabama Infantry, CSA William Henry Musgrove w...

Musgrove (1706 - 1746)

Amelia Finlayson (Musgrove) (1829 - 1912)

"Minnie" Musgrove (Hughes) (deceased)

"Slim" Musgrove (deceased)

. Musgrove (deceased)

? Musgrove (deceased)

? Musgrove (deceased)

? Musgrove (Chambry) (deceased)

? Musgrove (Musgrave?) (deceased)

Aaron Musgrove (deceased)

Abigail Musgrove (deceased)

Abraham Good Musgrove Musgrove (deceased)

Aglionby Musgrove (1532 - 1565)

Agnes Eliza Musgrove (1828 - 1912)

Albert Musgrove (deceased)

Albert Warren Musgrove (1916 - 1969)

Albert Robert Musgrove (1884 - d.)

alberta musgrove (deceased)

Alexander Musgrove (deceased)

Alford Musgrove (c.1846 - d.)

The 1861 Census shows Eliza, a widow, 46 years old and head of the household at No3 South Bradon, next entry to the family of her son, Jacob at No.4 South Bradon. Eliza is living with her children Alfo...

Alford A. Musgrove (deceased)

Alice Veronica Musgrove (Crook) (1889 - 1985)

Alice OSteen (Musgrove) (1881 - 1968)

Alice E Musgrove (Martin) (1861 - 1931)

Alice Loreen Musgrove (Schlater) (deceased)

Allen Musgrove (deceased)

Husband of Mary Elizabeth Hammer (Musgrove)

alonzo musgrove (1896 - d.)

Amelia Musgrove Sr. (deceased)

Andrew Musgrove (c.1899 - 1995)

Andrew Musgrove (deceased)

Andrew Smith Musgrove (deceased)

Andrew Ross Musgrove (1882 - 1969)

Andrew McNaughton Musgrove (1886 - 1950)

Angelica Musgrove (deceased)

Angiemire Musgrove (deceased)

Ann Musgrove (deceased)

Ann Musgrove (Parvin) (1670 - d.)

Ann Moxley (Musgrove) (deceased)

Ann Bobo (Musgrove) (1773 - 1857)

Ann Musgrove , born 25 May 1773 in South Carolina Parents: She was the daughter of Edward Gordon Musgrove and Ann Adair mother needs confirmation 21 May 2011 eh see footnotes Children of Absolom ...

Ann Musgrove (McNaughton) (c.1847 - d.)

Anna Virtue Carr (Musgrove) (deceased)

Anna Todd (Musgrove) (deceased)

Anne Minitree (Musgrove) (1750 - c.1785)


Anne Musgrove (Pennington) (1506 - d.)

Anne Musgrove (Pennington) (1506 - c.1544)

Name: Anne de Pennington de MONKASTRE (MUNCASTER) parents: Father: Sir William PENNINGTON b: ABT 1475 in Hunsdon, Hertfordshire, England, United Kingdom c: in Pennington, Lancashire, England, Unite...

Anne MUSGROVE (c.1765 - d.)

Annie Musgrove (deceased)

Annie Musgrove (Aspinall) (deceased)

Annie Musgrove (1895 - d.)

Annie Musgrove (deceased)

Annie Carey (Musgrove) (deceased)

Annie Childers (Musgrove (Musgrave?)) (1817 - 1904)

Annie Pearl Musgrove (Pitts) (deceased)

Anthony (Tony) Musgrove (deceased)

Ara Adna Musgrove (Dresslar) (1868 - 1945)

Ardella Wilkerson (Musgrove) (1854 - 1941)

Arphaxad Musgrove (1809 - 1886)