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Abigail Burr (N.N.) MP (deceased)

Adèle N MP (985 - d.)

Adélaïde de Chalon (N.N.), wife of Lambert d'Autun and Geoffroy I d'Anjou MP (928 - c.984)

LAMBERT (-22 Feb 979). "Lanbertus consanguineus meus" was named by Letald Comte de Mâcon in a charter dated 944[368], although any relationship between the early comtes de Chalon and the comtes ...

Adélaïs N. MP (c.1010 - 1070) records Adelais as marrying Geoffrey de Sable about 1030.

D. Alfonso Téllez de Meneses MP (1204 - 1252)

Don Alfonso Téllez de Meneses Señor de Meneses Sources FMG MedLands Vizcaya 1. Historia de la Muy Ilustre Casa de Sousa (Imprenta de Francissco Xavier García, Año 17...

Amy Michau (N.N.) MP (deceased)

Anna Sattler (N.N.) MP (c.1643 - 1708)

Anna Christina Sommer (N.N.) MP (c.1690 - 1726)

Anna Maria Narung (N.N.) MP (c.1670 - 1705)

Anna Maria Narung (N.N.) MP (c.1670 - d.)

Anne-Charlotte N.N. MP (1625 - 1665)

Barbara Krautmayer (N.N.) MP (c.1686 - 1754)

Belle N.N. MP (c.1560 - d.)

Notes Location info: a possiblement vécu dans le Poitou, France

Bertha Durbury (N.N.) MP (1001 - 1078)

Catharina Eva Gros (N.N.) MP (1635 - d.)

Cécilia N. MP (c.1080 - 1111)

Dorothea Leiser (N.N.) MP (deceased)

Edmond N/A►Odescalchi de Szerém (Odescalchi) MP (1928 - d.)

3f) Béla Mano Gyula Géza Imre Balthazar (Budapest 6 Oct 1890-Poughkeepsie, New York 7 Apr 1953); m.1stBudapest 17 Dec 1924 Marie Franziska Romana Mathilde Paula Helene Josepha Gfn Ester...

Elisabeth Schultheiß (N.N.) MP (b. - 1680)

Elisabetha Breunlin (N.N.) MP (c.1549 - d.)

Elisabetha Boller (N.N.) MP (c.1621 - 1686)

Elisabetha Catharina Gros (N.N.) MP (c.1573 - 1654)

Elisabetha Katharina Schoenborn (N.N.) MP (b. - 1738)

Elizabeth Winston / Winstead (N.N.) MP (c.1649 - d.)

Elizabeth Nunnally (N.N.) MP (1622 - d.)

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Elyakim (Eljakim)-Gotschalk Gets Hakohen-Katz Windecke(n), zum Spiegel MP (b. - c.1579)

Gertina Maria Petronella Albasini (Janse(n) van Rensburg), SM MP (c.1832 - 1907)

BCCD Personal Details Name: Mrs Gertina Maria Albasini Born in camp? No Died in camp? No Gender: female Race: white Marital status: married Nationality: Transvaal Registration as he...

Gertrude N.N. MP (1563 - d.)

Gisèle MP (c.915 - d.)

Jan Goosens' father MP (deceased)

Gutlin (Gutrut) zum schwarzen Schild (Hakohen-Katz Windecke(n)) MP (b. - 1598)

Hanna N.N. MP (1720 - d.)

Hawise de Normandy N.N. MP (1035 - 1101)

Hermelt Hermelt N MP (c.950 - 998)

hersende MP (c.1025 - d.)

Hitsle Hakohen-Katz Windecke(n) MP (b. - c.1537)

Jacquemina Janse(n) van Rensburg, b1c1d2 SM MP (1756 - 1826)

Jan N.N. MP (1640 - d.)

The confusion surrounding surnames seems to stem from the marriage record of Jan's daughter in New Amsterdam: "1652 15 May; Jan Pieterszen, van Husum, wid; Grietje Jans, van Groeningen" This entry ...

Jannetje N.N. MP (c.1615 - d.)

Joan Scott (N.N.) MP (c.1553 - 1615)

This Joan is not Lady Joan Howard, daughter of Charles Howard, 1st Earl of Nottingham and Admiral of the Navy who defeated the Armada because Charles did not have any daughter by the name of Joan. Sc...

Joel von N?rnberg MP

Johannes Daniel Weilbach Janse(n) van Rensburg, b1...d7e7 MP (1814 - 1858)

b1c5d7e7 SAG v9 p 329 Marriage - photo-copy of register at Uitenhage Paternal Ancestry Report Haplogroup I1 Y-STR DYS456 14 DYS389 I 12 DYS390 24 DYS389 II 28 DYS458 15 DYS19 13 ...

Johannes Frederik Janse(n) van Rensburg, c5d1e9 MP (1809 - 1876)

Josyna N.N. MP (c.1624 - 1669)


Judith N.N., Mistress of Rainulfe II MP (854 - c.910)

Looking for documentation before I can support naming this person. -Ben. Alternative Data from merges: Alice von Babenberg (de vermandois) b 864 Germany d 915 France or Adelaide Alsace; d Acquitaine;...

Katharine Zilch (N.N.) MP (deceased)

N►Atzél (adopted) Konstancia MP (1860 - 1939)

Krejnle Hakohen-Katz Windecke(n) MP (b. - c.1555)

Lavon K Crosby (N.N.) MP (deceased)

Margaret Strode (N.N.) MP (1472 - d.)

Margaretha Schmidt (N.N.) MP (c.1636 - 1703)

Marguerite N.N. MP (deceased)

Maria Lämbgen (N.N.) MP (b. - 1642)

Maria Catharina Janse(n) van Rensburg, b1c2d3e3 MP (1789 - d.)

Maria Eva Beike (N.N.) MP (b. - 1730)

1. Katholische Pfarrei Seligenstadt, Sterberegister - Seligenstadt am Main (St.), Band 3. 297, 27 Dez 1730, Pfarrei St. Marzellinus und St. Petrus - Seligenstadt (Pfarrarchiv).

Maria Katharina Kraus (N.N.) MP (b. - 1747)

Marie Anne Rimbault (N.N.) MP (1625 - 1685)

Probablement une métisse . She was probably a Métisse woman of Mi'kmaq descent.

Marigje N.N. MP (b. - 1670)

Mary "Molly" Woodrum MP (c.1704 - 1775)

Mary Elizabeth Holley (N.N.) MP (1745 - 1814)

Mary Clevenger (N.N.) MP (c.1681 - c.1750)

Mary _____ BIRTH: abt 1681 DEATH: abt 1750 Parents not known. Unsupported maiden names of Crawford. Unsupported parents of Capt Isaac Platt & Elizabeth Wood MARRIAGE: abt 1704 to John C...

Mary Rose Stegall (N.N.) MP (deceased)

Mary Little (N.N.) MP (deceased)

Matilda Islesworth MP (c.1120 - 1151)

Matilda wife of Bernard IV de Saint Valery born about 1128 England married about 1146 Isleworth, Middlesex, England Bernard IV de St. VALERY was born 1127 in Saint-Valery-en-Caux, Normandie, France. ...

Meir (Majer) Hakohen-Katz Windecke(n), zum Spiegel MP (b. - c.1537)

N. N. N. N. MP (deceased)

N.N N.N. MP (deceased)

N.N. N.N. MP (deceased)

N.N. N.N. MP (c.950 - d.)

N.N. N.N. MP (deceased)

N.N. N.N. MP (deceased)

N.N. N.N. MP (deceased)

N.N. N.N. MP (deceased)

N.N. N.N. MP (deceased)

N.N. N.N. MP (deceased)

N.N. N.N. MP (deceased)

N.N. N.N. MP (deceased)

Josephine Tinner or Winifred Gadden MP (deceased)

N.N. N.N. MP (deceased)

N.N. N.N. MP (deceased)

N.N. N.N. MP (c.1470 - 1547)

N.N. N.N. MP (deceased)

N.N. N.N. MP (deceased)

N.N. N.N. MP (deceased)

N.N. N.N. MP (deceased)

N.N. N.N. MP (c.1790 - c.1843)

N.N. N.N. MP (deceased)

N.N. N.N. MP (deceased)

N.N. N.N. MP (deceased)

N.N. N.N. MP (deceased)

N.N. N.N. MP (deceased)

N.N. N.N. MP (deceased)

N.N. N.N. MP (deceased)

N.N. N.N. MP (deceased)

N.N. N.N. MP (deceased)

N.N. N.N. MP (deceased)

N.N. N.N. MP (deceased)

N.N. Trembley (N.N.) MP (deceased)

N.N. N.N. MP (840 - 894)

N.N. N.N. MP (deceased)