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Angel S. Nakpil MP (1914 - 1980)

Angel S. Nakpil was a Harvard-trained architect. He served as the City Planning Commissioner of Manila during the post-war reconstruction years, from 1947 - 1949. He was a charter member of the United ...

Agapita Nakpil (Noriega) (deceased)

Agapita Noriega Nakpil (deceased)

Angel Nakpil (deceased)

Anita Noble Nakpil (deceased)

Antonia Nakpil-Escaler (deceased)

Ariston Noble Nakpil (deceased)

Catalina D. Nakpil (deceased)

Concepcion Garcia Nakpil (deceased)

Domingo Nakpil (deceased)

Donata "Atang" Malig Nakpil (deceased)

Florencia Noriega Bautista (Nakpil) (deceased)

Florencia Bautista (Nakpil) (deceased)

Francisca Nakpil (1859 - d.)

Francisco G. Nakpil (1865 - 1906)

Member of La Liga Filipina, Cuerpo de Compromisarios

Gervasia Nakpil (Rivera) (deceased)

Gervasia Rivera Nakpil (deceased)

Gervasia Rivera Nakpil (deceased)

Gregoria de Jesus Nakpil (deceased)

Imelda de Leoz de Asis-Nakpil (1923 - 2006)

Jose Garcia Nakpil (deceased)

Jose Marcial Sancho Nakpil (1920 - 1973)

Juan Luna Nakpil (deceased)

Juan Luna Nakpil (deceased)

Juan Luna Nakpil (deceased)

Juan Luna Nakpil (deceased)

Juan F Nakpil (deceased)

Juan F. de Jesus Nakpil (1899 - 1986)

Juan F. de Jesus Nakpil was named the National Artist for Architecture in 1973. More here: .

Juana de Jesus Nakpil (deceased)

Julio Nakpil (deceased)

Julio García Nakpil (1867 - 1960)

Julio Garcia Nakpil was a talented music composer and a revolutionary who served under Andres Bonifacio. More here: . Sources: Julio Nakpil's Death Certificate: Julio Nakpil's Death Register (P...

Lucia de Jesus Nakpil (deceased)

Luis Garcia Nakpil (deceased)

Luisa Garcia Nakpil (deceased)

Ma. Merced Edith Nakpil (b. - 2009)

Manuel Garcia Nakpil (deceased)

Maria Nakpil (deceased)

Maria Caridad de Jesus Nakpil (deceased)

Maria Encarnacion Garcia Nakpil-Orense (Nakpil) (deceased)

Maria Francisca de Jesus Nakpil-Delange (Nakpil) (deceased)

Maria Josefina de Jesus Nakpil (deceased)

Maria Julia de Jesus Nakpil (deceased)

Mariano Rivera Nakpil (deceased)

Mariano Nakpil (1856 - d.)

Mariano Rivera Nakpil (deceased)

Maxima Garcia Nakpil (deceased)

Mercedes de Jesus Nakpil (deceased)

Ofelia Tuazon Nakpil (1953 - 2001)

Ofelia Tucayon Nakpil (deceased)

Olivia Nakpil (Noriega) (deceased)

Olympia Noriega Ravasco (Nakpil) (deceased)

Olympia Ravasco (Nakpil) (1889 - d.)

Perla Nakpil (deceased)

Petrona Garcia Nakpil (deceased)

Pompeyo Nakpil (deceased)

Ramon Melecio Garcia Nakpil (deceased)

Sergio Garcia Nakpil (deceased)