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Ada Caroline Napier (Bryant) MP (1891 - 1972)

Agnes Napier MP (deceased)

Sir Alexander Napier, 2nd Laird of Merchiston MP (1410 - 1474)

Sir Alexander Napier, 2nd Laird of Merchiston, was Comptroller of the Royal Household, Vice-Admiral of Scotland, and a special ambassador for King James III Sir Alexander, second Laird of Merchiston, e...

Anne Napier (Chisholm) MP (deceased)

Biographical Summary " Agnes , who, as his second wife, married the celebrated John Napier of Merchistoun, the inventor of Logarithms, with issue five sons, all of whom founded respectable families, ...

Sir Archibald Napier, 7th Laird of Merchiston MP (c.1534 - 1608)

Archibald, seventh Laird of Merchiston, eldest son of the sixth Laird. Archibald was only 14 when his father died. He obtained permission to feudalise his rights to his paternal barony, although still ...

Archibald Scott Napier MP (1865 - 1934)

ARCHIBALD SCOTT NAPIER, Gentleman, M.I.C.E. Born June 9, 1865, being the fourth son of the late Hon. William Napier, Clerk of the Works, Hong-Kong (second son of the Rt. Hon. William John Napier, 9th B...

Arthur Francis Scott Napier MP (1890 - 1971)

Beatrice Napier MP (1858 - 1929)

Booth Napier MP (1692 - 1780)

Booth (Bouth) NAPIER [008] Birth: 1 February 1692, New Kent County, Virginia, British North America Christening: 1 October 1692, New Kent County, Virginia, British North America Death: BEF 21 February ...

Admiral Sir Charles Napier KCB GOTE RN MP (1786 - 1860)

Admiral Sir Charles John Napier KCB GOTE RN (6 March 1786[1] – 6 November 1860) was a Scottish naval officer whose sixty years in the Royal Navy included service in the Napoleonic Wars, Syrian...

Charles Napier of Mildnovan MP (c.1538 - d.)

Charles NAPIER (ABT 1538, Blackyards, Scotland - ?) Married: Margaret Noble, relict of William Semple of Cathcart Elizabeth Watson Without issue by either. Links Sources The B...

Charles Frederick Napier MP (1862 - 1932)

Christina Napier (Norvell) MP (deceased)


Duncan Napier, 5th Laird of Kilmahew MP (c.1450 - c.1481)

Duncan Napier, Laird of Kilmahew, flourished 1462. He married Elizabeth Musset (originally Montfichet) and in 1467 restored the Chapel of St. Mahew.  His crypt may be seen there today.  H...

Duncan Napier MP (1315 - 1370)

Elisabeth Boyd (Napier) MP (deceased)

Elizabeth Napier MP (deceased)

Elizabeth Napier (Champion, 1741-1814) MP (1741 - c.1814)

LDS Baptism: 20 Oct 1999 Temple: OGDEN Endowment: 3 Apr 1998 Temple: PORTL

Elizabeth Napier (Booth) MP (c.1641 - 1672)

Information from: The Families of LOU DRAPER & CHARLIE MARTIN of Johnson and Henry Counties, Missouri" by James M McMillen Arlington, Texas Published in .pdf format 13 January 2010 9 May 1649 in Ed...

Frances Woodson (Napier) MP (1695 - 1777)

Francis Napier, 6th Lord Napier of Merchistoun MP (1705 - 1773)

Born Scott, he succeeded his grandmother Margaret Brisbane, 5th Lady Napier, to the title of 6th Lord Napier and had his last name changed to Napier. In 1725 ‎(age 19)‎ he succeeded his...

Francis Horatio Napier MP (1861 - 1949)


Lt.-Gen. Sir George Thomas Napier MP (1784 - 1855)

See Wikipedia... Not sure where he was born due to different info from sources :-)

Colonel Hon. George Napier MP (1751 - 1804)

Colonel The Hon. George Napier (11 March 1751 – 13 October 1804) was a British Army officer, most notable for his marriage to Lady Sarah Lennox, and for his sons Charles James Napier, William ...

Gladys Isoline Napier (Baritt) MP (1890 - d.)

James Napier, 6th Laird of Kilmahew MP (b. - 1512)

James NAPIER, 6th Laird of Kilmahew (died 1512). Retoured heir of his father in 1478 but resigned in favor of his brother Robert. Father: Duncan NAPIER, Laird of Kilmahew (floruit 1462, Scotland) ...

Janet Napier (Bothwell) MP (b. - 1563)

Janet Napier MP (1440 - 1512)


John Napier of Kilmahew III MP (c.1550 - d.)

John Napier of Kilmahew married Lady Susannah Cuninghame, daughter of William Cuninghame, 6th Earl of Glencairn and Janet Gordon Child of John Napier of Kilmahew and Lady Susannah Cuninghame John...

John Napier, Laird of Kilmahew MP (c.1500 - 1548)

John Napier, Laird of Kilmahew, who married in 1516 Margaret Sempill, daughter of Sempill of Fulwood.  His grandfather was probably Patrick Maxwell, Baron of Newark, across the River Clyde.�...

John Napier, I MP (1370 - 1461)

John Napier of Kilmahew flourished 1407 Links

John Napier of Kilmahew, younger MP (c.1620 - d.)

Parents: John Napier of Kilmahew and Lady Susannah Cuninghame. married Lilias Colquhoun, daughter of Alexander Colquhoun and Annabella Stewart, in 1649.       C...

John Napier, Laird of Kilmahew MP (1400 - 1460)

John NAPIER, Laird of Kilmahew. Birth: ABT 1400, Scotland. Floruit: 1441, Scotland Death: 1462, Scotland Father: John NAPIER, Laird of Kilmahew (ABT 1370, Scotland - AFT 1407, Scotland) Child 1: ...

Capt. John F. Napier MP (1742 - 1806)

vent: Comment 2 1777 Justice of the County Court (Min. book, pp.3, 4) Event: Comment 1 1777 Vestryman of St. Anne's Church in Albemarle Census: 1782 Heads of Families, 1790 (1908) p. 19) lists John...

Sir John Napier MP (c.1550 - 1617)

The Scots peerage : founded on Wood's ed. of Sir Robert Douglas's Peerage of Scotland; containing an historical and genealogical account of the nobility of that kingdom; Page 417 ( ) John Napier of...

Sir John Napier, MP, 4th Baronet MP (1636 - 1711)

Family and Education bap. 5 July 1636, 2nd s. of Sir Robert Napier, 2nd Bt.†, of Luton Hoo, being 1st s. by 2nd w. Lady Penelope Egerton, da. of John Egerton, 1st Earl of Bridgwater. m. 29 Aug. ...

Sir Joseph Napier, 1st Baronet MP (1804 - 1882)

"Sir Joseph Napier, 1st Baronet (26 December 1804 – 9 December 1882) was an Irish Conservative Party Member of Parliament (MP) in the United Kingdom Parliament and subsequently Lord Chancellor o...

Sir Joseph Napier, 2nd Baronet MP (1841 - 1884)

Links: ===================================================================== Citations: [S37] Charles Mosley, editor, Burke's Peerage, Baronetage & Knightage, 107th edition, 3 volumes (Wilmin...

Judith Mary Napier (Burke) MP (1743 - c.1800)

Katherine Adams (Napier) MP (1660 - 1725)

Child 4: Katherine NAPIER (12 October 1700, St. Peter’s Parish, New Kent County, Virginia, British North America - ?) [F]: m. John ADAMS (ABT 1705, Church Hill, Fairfax County, Virginia, B...

Katherine Edith Napier (Liveing) MP (1867 - 1942)

Katherine Adams (Napier) MP (1651 - c.1702)

Lilias Bonar (Napier) MP (1859 - 1938)

Louisa Mary Napier (Lloyd) MP (1834 - 1908)

Margaret Napier MP (1610 - d.)

Margaret Elizabeth Horatia Napier (Hope) MP (1873 - 1947)

Maria Margaret Hubbard (Napier) MP (1817 - 1896)

Martha Napier (Claiborne) MP (1717 - 1784)

Mary Napier (Perrin) MP (1665 - 1718)

Note 3: Mary PERRIN (sometimes spelled "PARIN") was the daughter of Richard PERRIN and his wife, Katherine ROYALL Katherine ROYALL’s father, Joseph ROYALL, was among the earliest settlers of Vir...

Mary Tarleton Napier (Hughes) MP (c.1700 - 1755)

Mary "Polly" Napier (b. 1804) MP (c.1804 - d.)

Mary Napier (Champion) MP (c.1740 - c.1806)

Mary Eliza Napier MP (1855 - 1915)

Maud Deni G. Napier (Holbrook) MP (1867 - 1941)

Mungo Napier, Burgess of Dumbarton MP (c.1579 - c.1633)

Mungo Napier, Burgess of Dumbarton before 1600 (St. Mungo, aka Kentigern, was the first Bishop of Glasgow and its patron saint).  I don’t now know whom he married.  He sold propert...

Lt Cdr Hon. Neville Napier MP (1904 - 1970)

Dr. Patrick Napier MP (c.1634 - 1668)

Patrick NAPIER, Chirurgeon [010] Birth: ABT 1634, , England Death: AFT 26 February 1668 and BEF 12 April 1669, Queen’s Creek, York County, Virginia, British North America Probate: Will proved, Y...

Patrick Napier, Sr. MP (1608 - 1659)

Burgess of Dumbarton, Gent., Barber to Charles I, King of England Marriage: 4 July 1628, St. Gregory’s Parish, London, England Spouse: Joane WALLIS Child 1: Valentine NAPIER (1626/7; chris...

Patrick Napier, Sr. MP (1725 - 1799)

Patrick and Judith had 8 other children: --- Information not associated with this profile: My Name is Mary Frances Henderson (Jeffrey). I was born January 28, 1944 in Mexia, Texas. I was raised...

Patrick Napier MP (1716 - 1774)

Patrick Napier of Blackyards, Tutor of Kilmahew MP (c.1536 - 1585)

Patrick Napier of Blackthird, Tutor of Kilmahew.  He was born about 1522 and married Katherine Noble, daughter of the Sheriff Depute of Dunbartonshire.  His namesake nephew Patrick succee...

Phyllis Grace Napier (Fleming) MP (1891 - 1978)

Rene Napier, Sr. MP (1702 - 1750)

Rene Napier MP (c.1718 - 1750)

Rev. Richard Napier MP (1559 - 1634)

Napier, Richard (1559–1634), astrological physician and Church of England clergyman, was born in Exeter on 4 May 1559, the third son of Alexander Napier and his wife, Ann (Agnes) Burchley. Napie...

Richard Napier MP (1607 - 1676)

Sir Richard Napier (1607–1676), physician, the second son of Sir Robert Napier, was born in London. He was enrolled at Gray's Inn in 1622 before entering Wadham College, Oxford, as a fellow-comm...

Sir Robert Napier, MP, 2nd Baronet MP (1602 - 1661)

Family and Education b. 10 Aug. 1602,2 1st s. of Sir Robert Napier alias Sandy, 1st bt., of Luton Hoo, and his 3rd w. Mary, da. of John Robinson, merchant, of London.3 educ. Exeter Coll. Oxf. 1619; G. ...

Robert R. Napier, II MP (1697 - c.1763)

Death: BEF 12 May 1763 in Albemarle County, Virginia Event: Comment 2 Jul 1732 Found guilty of calling Anthony Hoggatt a fool and fined 5 shillings Will: 9 Dec 1755 Probate: 12 May 1763 Virginia ...

Capt. Robert Napier, Sr. MP (1660 - 1731)

Robert NAPIER (Sr.), Captain [009] Birth: BEF 2 May 1660, Hampton Parish, New Kent County, Virginia, British North America Christening: 2 May 1660, Hampton Parish, York County, Virginia, British North ...

Robert Napier of Blackyards MP (c.1558 - d.)

Robert NAPIER (ABT 1558, , Scotland - ?) [M] son and successor in Blackyards of Patrick NAPIER of Blackyards, Tutor of Kilmahew. married Margaret Hamilton. father of "Black John," who was retou...

Robert Napier (1737-1806) MP (1737 - 1806)

LDS Baptism: 15 Jun 1994 Temple: Endowment: 7 Jan 1995 Temple: Sealing Child: 25 Jan 1995 Temple: Note: Robert Napier was one of several of his relatives who signed a petition not to dissolve Flu...

Robert Napier of Kilmahew MP (c.1472 - 1513)

Robert Napier, flourished 1497, who married Agnes Maxwell in 1497.  He may have been slain at Flodden Field in 1513, as his feudal lord, Matthew Earl of Lennox, was.  Father: Laird Du...

Sarah Napier (Lennox) MP (1745 - 1826)

Lady Sarah Lennox, an irrepressible Stuart, 1745-1826. Edith Roelker Curtis, W H Allen, London, no date but after 1939. Lady Sarah Lennox was the fourth daughter of the second Duke of Lennox, and t...

Susannah Napier (Smith, 1785-1835) MP (c.1785 - c.1835)

Death: AFT 1835

Lady Susannah Cunningame MP (c.1550 - d.)

Parents: daughter of William Cuninghame, 6th Earl of Glencairn and Janet Gordon Lady Susannah Cuninghame married John Napier of Kilmahew. Child of Lady Susannah Cuninghame and John Napier of Kilm...

Tarlton Napier (b. 1780) MP (1780 - d.)

Wife of Patrick Napier (Franklen) MP (deceased)

William John Napier MP (1863 - 1925)


General Sir William Francis Patrick Napier KCB MP (1785 - 1860)

Author of "History of the Peninsular War" Details taken from ? op=DESC&db=geolarson2&id=I010831 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ General Si...

Hon. William Napier MP (1821 - 1876)

Died of fever at Pilgrim's Rest, South Africa "The Natal Witness" Friday, June 16th, 1876. DEATHS:- At Mac-Mac District of Leydenburg, South Africa, of fever, aged 54 years, The HON. William NAPIER...

Winifred Napier (Champion) MP (1715 - 1777)

Napier (deceased)

Napier (deceased)

(Daughter) Napier (Lewis) (deceased)

(FNU) Napier (deceased)

(unknown) Napier (deceased)

? Napier (deceased)

? Napier (deceased)

? Napier (Dwyer) (deceased)

?? Napier (Skidmore) (deceased)

A.C. Napier (deceased)

Aadron Napier (deceased)

Abbey Reed (Napier) (deceased)

Abellina Wardlaw (Napier) (deceased)

Abigail Napier (Slusher) (1836 - d.)

Able Napier (1944 - 1944)

Absolom Napier (1825 - 1868)

Absolum B Napier (deceased)

Action Napier (Hacker) (deceased)

Action Napier (Hacker) (c.1822 - 1866)