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'Ukba ber Nathan, 15th Exilarch Mar 'Ukba II MP (b. - c.313)

Abu Ishaq Abraham ben Nathan, Nasi MP (c.1036 - c.1115)

Abraham ben Nathan son of Nathan ben Abraham Abraham ben Nathan, born around 1037, was the only the son of Nathan ben Abraham, the rival of Gaon Solomon ben Judah in the famous conflict that took pla...

Anani bar Nathan (ibn David), 8th Exilarch Huna II MP (c.190 - c.260)

Anani in I Chron. 3:24; the first exilarch explicitly mentioned as such in Talmudic literature (where he is named as Huna ); contemporary of Judah I (Judah HaNasi) =================================...

Annie Nathan Meyer MP (1867 - 1951)

American author and promoter of the higher education of women. Founder of Bernard College, today incorporated with Columbia University. Annie Nathan Meyer (February 19, 1867 – September 23, ...

Bernhard Sinauer (Nathan) MP (1854 - 1916)

10, Hereford Mansions, Hereford Road, Bayswater (1911 census)

Betje Bohemen (Nathan) MP (1837 - 1878)

Caroline Hemmerdinger (Cahen dite Nathan) MP (1817 - d.)

Charlotte Nathan MP (1853 - 1884)

David Nathan MP (1816 - 1886)

David Nathan who, at Kororareka in 1841, married Rosetta Aarons in the first Jewish marriage ceremony held in New Zealand. The Nathan family have ever since held a prominent place in public and mercant...

Doris Ramsbotham (Nathan) MP (1890 - 1954)

Edith Barrow Nathan (Montefiore) MP (1845 - 1912)

Frederike Nathan (Ruben) MP (1835 - 1914)

Harry Louis Nathan, 1st Baron Nathan MP (1889 - 1963)

Harry Louis Nathan, 1st Baron Nathan, PC (2 February 1889 – 23 October 1963) was a Liberal politician, who later joined the Labour Party. Early life Nathan was born in London in 1889, son of...

Huna ben Nathan, Mar Huna IV, 24th Exilarch MP (c.395 - 442)

Abba was succeeded first by his son Nathan and then by another son, Mar Kahana. The latter's son Huna is then mentioned as successor, being the fourth exilarch of that name; he died in 441, according t...

Hunya ben Nathan, Exilarch Interregnum MP (c.30 - c.90)

Israel ben Nathan MP (c.1038 - d.)

Johanne Joshua (Nathan) MP (1864 - 1944)

Joseph Edward Nathan MP (1835 - 1912)

Arrived back in Wellington on the Cheetah on 9 December 1857. By his energy and business foresight Joseph Nathan played a major part in developing New Zealand's export dairy industry.

Julie Nathan (Fürth) MP (1841 - d.)

Lyon Nathan MP (1740 - 1835)

Maud Nathan MP (1862 - 1946)

Maud Nathan (October 20, 1862 - December 15, 1946) was an American social worker, labor activist and suffragist for women's right to vote.[1] She came from a prominent New York family, descended fr...

Moritz Nathan MP (1823 - 1865)

Moses Nathan MP (c.1747 - d.)

This is NOT the Moses Nathan whose death was reported in the Jewish Chronicle Feb 22 1850 Died, on the 10th of February, Mr. Moses Nathan, late of the Old Kent-road, aged eighty-five years. That Mo...

Moses F. Nathan MP (deceased)

Moses Nathan MP (c.1764 - 1850)

A death was reported in the Jewish Chronicle Feb 22 1850 Died, on the 10th of February, Mr. Moses Nathan, late of the Old Kent-road, aged eighty-five years. This suggests he was born c. 1764 This...

Rev. Moses Nathan Nathan MP (1807 - 1883)

shows he died in New Orleans. However, two newspaper obituaries show he died in Bath, Somerset, England. ---------------- Jewish Chronicle London May 18 1883 DEATH OF THE REV. M.N . NATHAN. We ...

Nathan the Scribe of Amsterdam MP (1696 - d.)

Nathan Nathan MP (1776 - 1828)

Nechemya ben Nathan, 14th Exilarch Nehemiah I MP (c.250 - c.313)

Exilarque Néhémie ben Nathan beni David était Exilarque (Exilarque [en hébreu: ראש גלות Rosh Galout, l'araméen: ...

Nehorai ben Nathan MP (c.1037 - d.)

Rachel Cohen (Nathan) MP (1813 - 1893)

Cohen, Rachel (1813–1893) by Colin Choat Rachel Nathan, daughter of Nathan Lyon Nathan and Sarah (nee Nathan) married Samuel Cohen at Port Macquarie, New South Wales, in 1837, after which ...

Captain Roger Carol Michael Nathan, 2nd Baron Nathan MP (1922 - 2007)

Roger Carol Michael Nathan, 2nd Baron Nathan (5 December 1922 – 19 July 2007) was an English solicitor and hereditary peer. Family Nathan was the son of Harry Nathan and his wife Eleanor. Hi...

Rosetta Nathan (Jacobs) MP (1814 - 1864)

According to family information David Nathan was born in London, England, in 1816, the third son of Nathan Lion Nathan and his wife, Sarah Nathan. It is not known if the two Nathan families were rela...

Rupert Harry Bernard Nathan, 3rd Baron Nathan of Chut MP

Salomon Nathan MP (1831 - d.)

Simon Nathan MP (1746 - 1822)

Simon was the first of the family in America. He sided with the Revolutionists and was one of a number of Jews who left New York during the British occupation. In Philadelphia he helped raise funds for...

Sitt al-Muna bat Nathan MP (c.1037 - c.1120)

Yehuda Azriel ben Nathan (RIBAN), - MP (c.1065 - 1105)

--------------------Judah ben Nathan (RIBaN)Son-in-law and pupil of Rashi, and to a great extent his continuator. It was Judah who completed Rashi's commentary on Makkot (from 19b to the end) and who w...

Zipora Moses Levin Goldschmidt (Nathan) MP (c.1750 - 1833)

Zipora Levin selon Peter Biro?

Nathan (deceased)

Nathan (1846 - 1930)

Nathan (deceased)

Nathan (1795 - 1845)

S.R.Nathan (1924 - d.)

Nathan (deceased)

Nathan (deceased)

Nathan who lived in Stepney and had a garage Daimlers for Hire

Nathan (deceased)

" Doddy " Cohen (Nathan) (deceased)

(child died 7yrs old) NATHAN (c.1836 - c.1843)

(Katherine) Emily Nathan (Clayton) (1860 - d.)

(unnamed son) Nathan (1888 - 1888)

(Wolfgang) Werner Nathan (1886 - 1953)

Holocaust survivor of Theresienstadt concentration camp. Gravestone inscription reads: In memory of my beloved husband and father Werner Nathan born 21 Narch 1886, Berlin died 21 November 1953,...

. Nathan (Mauerberger) (deceased)

. Nathan (deceased)

1) & 4) Noah Nathan (deceased)

Noah Nathan was a full-blood Munsee. Sabilla Caleb married him, probably in Canada or Wisconsin, before the tribal move to Kansas (then Indian Territory.) They had a child, KatyAnn Nathan. It was with ...

1d Nathan (deceased)

1s Nathan (deceased)

2d Nathan (deceased)

2s Nathan (deceased)

6 others Nathan (deceased)

<private> Auerbach (Nathan) (deceased)

<private> Nathan (Neher) (deceased)

<private> Nathan (Dreifuss) (deceased)

? Nathan (Sinauer) (deceased)

? Nathan (deceased)

? Nathan (Bune) (deceased)

? Nathan (Porush) (deceased)

? Nathan (deceased)

? Nathan (deceased)

? Nathan (deceased)

? Nathan (deceased)

? Nathan (deceased)

? NATHAN-TATIWA (deceased)

? Nathan (deceased)

? Wurtzburg (Wurzburg) (Nathan) (b. - 1759)

? Nathan (deceased)

? Nathan (Goldstein) (deceased)

? Nathan (deceased)

? Nathan (deceased)

? Nathan (?) (deceased)

? Nathan (deceased)

? Nathan (deceased)

? NATHAN (deceased)

? Nathan (Sinauer) (deceased)

? Nathan (deceased)

?? Nathan (Moses) (deceased)

??? Nathan (deceased)

??? Monteaux (Nathan) (deceased)

??? first hubby Nathan (Notes) (deceased)

????? Nathan - Nelson (deceased)

????? Nathan ( Herman ) (deceased)

_____ Nathan (deceased)

A S (Mani) Nathan (deceased)

A. Nathan (deceased)

Aage Henri Nathan (1883 - d.)

Aaltje Marcus Salomon (Nathan Cohen) (1807 - 1852)

Aaltje Nathan Cohen (Goudberg) (1861 - 1915)

Kind: Aaltje Goudberg Geslacht: Vrouw Geboorteplaats: Utrecht Geboortedatum: zondag 24 maart 1861 Vader: Marcus Leon Nathan ook genaamd Cohen Moeder: Marianne Joseph Goudberg Gebeurtenis: Geboorte Datu...

Aaltje Edil Nathan (1765 - 1827)

Aaltjen Nathan (deceased)

Aaron Nathan (deceased)