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Amalie Malka Freud (Nathansohn) MP (1835 - 1930)

Amalia Freud Amalie Nathansohn and her father was from Brody and from there they moved to Odessa were two of her brothers remained. Amalie had active participation in The 1848 revolution, the so-ca...

Abraham Nathansohn (c.1796 - d.)

Abraham Isral (Mozart) Nathansohn (deceased)

Adele Nathansohn (Figatner) (deceased)

Ahron Nathansohn (c.1826 - d.)

Anna Perker (Nathansohn) (deceased)

Aron (Adolf) Selig Nathansohn (1824 - 1862)

Avraham Nathansohn (deceased)

Baruch Nathansohn (c.1795 - d.)

Benno Nathansohn (Natansohn?) (b. - 1940)

Bertha Nathansohn (1855 - 1859)

Betty Heimann (Nathansohn) (1911 - d.)

Chaim Nathansohn (deceased)

Chaim Nathansohn (deceased)

Dobrisch Nathansohn (Schwamm) (deceased)

Dr. Bruno Nathansohn (1886 - 1973)

Dr. Moriz Nathansohn (c.1860 - 1938)

Ernst Nathansohn (1890 - c.1943)

Eugen Carl Borr. Norbert (Nathansohn) (1871 - d.)

Ewelina (Eva) Nathansohn (Halporn) (c.1868 - c.1955)

She was a tender, delicate lady who survived the Second World War by working as a cleaning lady in German barracks.

Faivel Idelsohn (Nathansohn) (deceased)

Fanny Dubsky (Nathansohn) (1867 - 1942)

Feigel Nathansohn (Friedland) (deceased)

Friedrich Nathansohn (1891 - d.)

Heinrich Nathansohn (1857 - d.)

Because of corruption and intrigues in Lemberg, the family moved to Husiatyn (Poland) around 1897. (He is listed in "The Galicia 1891 Business Directory" as Dr. Heinr. Nathansohn - Lawyer). He moved to...

Heinrich Johann Natanson (Nathansohn) (1858 - 1920)

Henrietta Cohen (Nathansohn) (c.1876 - d.)

Henriette Landau (Nathansohn) (deceased)

Hermann (Herz) Nathansohn (deceased)

Heyman Moses Nathansohn (1805 - 1892)

Holger Nathansohn (deceased)

Ida Nathansohn (pincus) (b. - 1944)

Ida Sussmann (Nathansohn) (1925 - d.)

Irene Ottilie Schütz (Nathansohn) (1891 - 1945)

Isaac Nathansohn (1831 - d.)

Israel Nathansohn (c.1831 - d.)

Jacob Nathansohn (deceased)

Jacob (Jekel) CharMaz Nathansohn (b. - 1781)

Jacob was a merchant in Brody

Jagnes Nathansohn (deceased)

Janina Sare (Nathansohn) (1897 - 1987)

Jankel Nathansohn (c.1823 - d.)

Jankel Nathansohn (c.1821 - d.)

Jankel Nathansohn (c.1820 - d.)

Jente Nathansohn (1827 - d.)

Joel Nathansohn (Nathan) (deceased)

Johann Jacob Nathansohn (c.1805 - 1865)

Jacob Nathansohn (and his family) moved from Brody to Odessa were two of his sons remained. He had active participation in The 1848 revolution, the so-called Jewish revolution for freedom and residence.

Johanna Nathansohn (Herzel) (1834 - 1877)

johanna nathansohn (deceased)

Jossel Nathansohn (c.1789 - d.)

Jossel Nathansohn (c.1831 - d.)

Jossel Lieb Nathansohn (c.1822 - d.)

Judel Nathansohn (deceased)

Judl Nathansohn (deceased)

Julius (Judek) Nathansohn (c.1836 - 1858)

ou Judek Nathansohn?

Katharina Nathansohn (Leisorowitz) (1835 - 1858)

Lewin Nathansohn (c.1758 - c.1823)

Lewin Nathansohn (c.1827 - d.)

Lewin Nathansohn (c.1833 - d.)

Lewin Nathansohn (c.1828 - d.)

Louis Nathansohn (deceased)

Malcze Nathansohn (?) (deceased)

Malvine Maria Friederike Josefa Mekovic (Norbert (Nathansohn)) (deceased)

Marcus Nathansohn (c.1827 - d.)

Marcus Nathansohn (c.1778 - d.)

Marcus Hersch Nathansohn (1828 - d.)

Marie Alice Stadler (Norbert (Nathansohn)) (1860 - 1939)

Marie Steiner (Nathansohn) (deceased)

Meyer Nathansohn (deceased)

Melech Nathansohn (deceased)

Michael Nathansohn (deceased)

Moses Nathansohn (c.1820 - d.)

Moshe Shimon Grinblat (Nathansohn) (deceased)

Nathan Nathansohn (c.1824 - d.)

Nathan Nathansohn (1820 - d.)

Nathan Nathansohn (deceased)

Nathan Nathansohn (1829 - d.)

Nathan Nathansohn (1823 - 1918)

Nathan Nathansohn (c.1812 - d.)

Nathan Halevy CharMaz Nathansohn (deceased)

Nathan was a rich merchant in Brody

Otto Nathansohn (c.1860 - d.)

Paula Nathansohn (Kochmann) (1894 - 1967)

Paula Agnes Stefanie von Zedtwitz (Norbert (Nathansohn)) (1864 - d.)

Pauline Nathansohn (Kornhauser) (1866 - d.)

Regina Regine Merz (Nathansohn) (1869 - d.)

Wedding record 107: 10.4.1894, Vienna

Rubin Nathansohn (c.1836 - 1916)

Sara Nathansohn (Löbel) (deceased)

Sara Nathansohn (Wilenz) (deceased)

Sara died of old age

Sarah Bernitz (Nathansohn) (1868 - 1902)

Sarah Nathansohn (deceased)

Schlaume Nathansohn (c.1828 - d.)

Schlaume Benze Nathansohn (c.1833 - d.)

Siegfried Nathansohn (1847 - 1929)

Simon Nathansohn (1856 - d.)

Simon Nathansohn was a captain in Odessa, and an Austrian officer in Vienna

Simon Nathansohn (c.1811 - d.)

Sosia Nathansohn (c.1828 - 1898)

Victor Nathansohn (deceased)

Walter Nathanson / Napier (1921 - d.)

Yosef Nathansohn (deceased)