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Ann Neale (Cave) MP (deceased)

Ann Heaven (Neale) MP (1765 - d.)

Anna Maria Neale (Gill) MP (c.1625 - 1682)

Birth: 1630, England Death: Jun. 3, 1698 Wicomico Charles County Maryland, USA Anna Marie Gill is the daughter of Benjamin Gill and Mary Mainwaring(dau of Oliver Mainwaring and Margaqret Torbock)...

Anne Neale (Dayrell) MP (c.1562 - d.)

Anne Vansittart Neale (Spooner) MP (1780 - 1873)

Charlotte Vansittart Frere (Vansittart Neale) MP (1817 - 1881)

Charlotte Emily Neale (Chaney) MP (1841 - 1908)

Daniel Neale MP (1642 - 1727)

Dorothy Brooke (Neale) MP (1646 - 1680)

Edmund Neale MP (c.1575 - c.1611)

Edmund Neale1 M, b. circa 1575, d. before 11 February 1610/11 Father John Neale2 b. c 1550 Mother Grace Butler2 b. c 1552 Edmund Neale was born circa 1575 at England.1 He married Elizabeth (-----) ci...

Eleanor Wytham (Neale) MP (deceased)

Elizabeth Neale (Calvert) MP (1664 - 1684)

From Melissa Thompson Alexander's webpage on Elizabeth Calvert Neale: "Is this Elizabeth Miles who later married Thomas Mattingly, and died bef 12 APR 1773. Elizabeth Miles Mattingly's heirs includ...

Elizabeth Neale (Holland) MP (c.1653 - d.)

Elizabeth Adams (Neale) MP (1601 - 1664)

Elizabeth Neale (NN) MP (c.1575 - 1620)

Elizabeth (-----)1 F, b. circa 1580 Elizabeth (-----) was born circa 1580 at Northamptonshire, England.1 She married Edmund Neale, son of John Neale and Grace Butler, circa 1594.1 As of circa 1594,he...

Emalynn Neale (Cheshire) MP (c.1485 - d.)

EMLYN CHESHIRE ABT 1485 - ____ ID Number: I103942 * RESIDENCE: England * BIRTH: ABT 1485, Willington, Shropshire, England * RESOURCES: See: LDS

Ennis Neale (Wade) MP (deceased)

Goditha Neale (Throckmorton) MP (1520 - 1569)

ID: I33747 Name: Goditha THROCKMORTON Sex: F Birth: 1539 in Warwick, England Father: Richard THROCKMORTON b: 9 Nov 1520 in Coughton Court, Warwickshire, England Mother: Jane BEAUFO b: ABT 1...

Grace Mallory (Neale) MP (1582 - d.)

Grace Neale (Butler) MP (1560 - 1585)

Grace Waters Robins (Neale) MP (c.1603 - c.1683)

Legend claims she was an Irish lady of noble birth, who fled to America to escape a repugnant forced marriage. This, apparently, is who she really was. It's a much less romantic and really quite ordina...

Hannah Collyer (Neale) MP (c.1772 - 1847)

Hannah Hayden (Neale) MP (c.1651 - 1720)

see: HANNAH3 NEALE (HANNAH2 PRAY, QUINTON1) was born Abt. 1658 in Braintree, MA, and died Jul 25, 1741 in Braintree, MA. She married NEHEMIAH HAYDEN Mar 1677/78 in Braintree, MA, son of JOHN HAYDEN...

Hannah Carter (Neale) MP (1688 - 1722)

Hannah Jane Haynie (Neale) MP (1684 - d.)

Hannah Calvert (Neale) MP (c.1670 - c.1739)

Henrietta Maria Lloyd (Neale) MP (1647 - 1697)

Capt. James Neale MP (c.1615 - 1684)

Captain James Neale, who, according to Semmes, was the grandson of "Shane the Proud," O'Neill and great-grandson of Conn O'Neill, surnamed Bacach (the Lame), the first Earl of Tyrone. When Shane was us...

James Neale, Jr. MP (1663 - 1727)

Jane Neale (Ryve) MP (deceased)

Jane Neale (Baker) MP (1593 - c.1647)

Anne Baker was the only daughter of John Baker (c.1560-c1590) and Dorothy Munnings or Monnings (c.1560-1600) of Kent. Anne (also called Jane and Joan) married Simon Forman (1552-September 8, 1611), phy...

Jean St. John (Neale) MP (1549 - 1618)

'Jane Neale1 'F, b. circa 1545 Father Thomas Neale b. c 1515 Mother Goditha Throckmorton b. c 1524 ' Jane Neale was born circa 1545 at of Yelden, Bedfordshire, England. She married Henry St. ...

Joanna Wilbur (Neale) MP (1680 - 1700)

Johanna Neale MP (deceased)

John Neale MP (c.1450 - 1535)

John Neale MP (1551 - 1610)

John Neale1 M, b. circa 1550 Father Thomas Neale1 b. c 1725 Mother Goditha Throckmorton1 b. c 1530 John Neale was born circa 1550 at England.1 He married Grace Butler, daughter of John Butler and Ann...

Joseph Neale MP (deceased)

Julia Beckwith Jackson (Neale) MP (1798 - 1831)

Find A Grave Memorial# 6681279: (Note: there were 4 links to FindaGrave, but only this one works. The other 3 are deadends- merged into this memorial) Julia Beckwith (née Neale) Jackson (1798-...

Lachie Neale MP

Peggy O'Neale MP (c.1799 - 1879)

Margaret O'Neill (or O'Neale) Eaton (December 3, 1799 – November 8, 1879), better known as Peggy Eaton, was the daughter of Rhoda Howell and William O'Neale, the owner of Franklin House, a pop...

Mary Deacon (Neale) MP (1682 - 1731)

Mary Riddle (Neale) MP (1700 - 1760)

Mary R. Sykes (Neale) MP (1920 - 2007)

Mary Neale (Brooke) MP (1678 - d.)

Brooke, Mary ( ? - ? ) Husband: Raphael Neale. Parents: Baker Brooke (SM#546) and Anne Brooke Brent Marsham, daughter of Leonard Calvert. Siblings: Baker, Charles, Leonard.

Noah Neale MP (deceased)

Noah Neale MP (deceased)

Patience Neale (Downing) MP (deceased)

Peter Neale MP (c.1588 - d.)

Raphael Neale MP (1580 - 1643)

Raphael Neale MP (1683 - 1743)

Neal, Raphael, Charles County, 20th July, 1743; 10th Dec., 1743. To John Lancaster, land where he now dwells for life, at his death to pass to hrs. of dau. Elizabeth Lancaster. To dau. Mary Taney, prop...

Richard Neale, of Deane MP (c.1510 - d.)

Sarah Haynie (Neale) MP (deceased)

Thomas Neale, Sr. MP (c.1480 - d.)

Thomas Neale, Jr. MP (c.1515 - 1551)

THOMAS NEALE 1515 - ____ ID Number: I103939 * RESIDENCE: England * BIRTH: 1515, Ellesborough, Buckingham, England * RESOURCES: See: LDS AFN: MG75-M9 Father: THOMAS NEALE Mother: EMLYN CHE...

Thomas Neale MP (deceased)

Neale (deceased)

(unknown) Neale (Pim) (deceased)

--- Neale (deceased)

? Neale (deceased)

? O'Neale (deceased)

? Neale (deceased)

? O'Neale (deceased)

Abigail Scott (Neale) (1656 - 1746)

Abner Neale (deceased)

Ada Neale (1876 - 1914)

Ada Bell Neale Kemp Williams (Jones) (deceased)

Adelaide Dowie (Neale) (deceased)

Adelaide O'Neale (deceased)

Agnes Neale (Bower) (1544 - d.)

Agnes Neale (Weatherred) (1818 - 1870)

Agnes Neale (deceased)

Agnes Margaretha O'Neale (Klaar (Clore)) (c.1712 - d.)

Agnes Neale (Willock) (1874 - d.)

Ailsa Neale (deceased)

Airabella Neale (deceased)

Alan Neale (b. - 1943)

Alartha Vigors (Neale) (deceased)

Albert Sweetzer Neale, Jr. (1926 - d.)

albert neale (deceased)

albert neale (deceased)

Albert Edward Neale (1873 - d.)

Albert Neale (deceased)

Albert J. Neale (1906 - 1998)

Albert Neale (deceased)

albert edward neale (deceased)

Albert Louis NEALE (c.1888 - d.)

Albert Edward Neale (1917 - 2009)

Albert Edward Neale (deceased)

Albert Lawrence Neale (deceased)

Alberte Neale, Sr (b. - 1971)

Albina Pitt Neale (1790 - 1845)

Alexander NEALE (1878 - d.)

Alexandrina Neale (Reichert) (deceased)

Alfred Terrance Neale (deceased)

Alfred Herbert Neale (1888 - 1960)

Alfred Oilver Neale (c.1873 - d.)

Alfred Neale (1839 - d.)

Alfred O'neale (deceased)

Alfred Yorke Neale (1842 - d.)

Alfred O'Neale (1919 - 2006)