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Jose Zialcita Nepomuceno MP (1893 - 1958)

Don Jose Zialcita Nepomuceno is one of the pioneering filmmakers of Philippine cinema. He is considered to be the Father of the Philippine Motion Picture Industry. He established the first full Filipin...

? Nepomuceno (deceased)

Afonsina Guimarães Nepomuceno (Guimarães) (1922 - 2010)

Afonsina Guimarães Nepomuceno (Guimarães) (deceased)

Agustina Miranda Nepomuceno (Henson) (deceased)

Alberto Santos Nepomuceno (1944 - 2000)

Alejo Nepomuceno (deceased)

Alfonso Rey Nepomuceno (deceased)

Amelia Caudilla Nepomuceno (Sto. Tomas) (deceased)

Anacleto Nepomuceno (c.1879 - d.)

Angel Nepomuceno "Ning" (1955 - 1998)

Angel Nepomuceno (deceased)

Anicia "Lola Aning" Marcelino (deceased)

Antonio Acuña Nepomuceno (deceased)

Antônio Rodrigues Nepomuceno (deceased)

Arcadio Nepomuceno (deceased)

Armando Lorenzo Henson Nepomuceno (1924 - 1994)

Armando Lorenzo Nepomuceno (deceased)


Aurea Paras Nepomuceno (deceased)

Balbina Manuel (deceased)

Benggeng Nepomuceno (deceased)

Bibiana Nepomuceno (deceased)

carlos nepomuceno (deceased)

Carlos Acuña Nepomuceno (deceased)

Carmela Nepomuceno (deceased)

Carmela Nepomuceno Lim (1935 - 1994)

Carmencita Nepomuceno (Escueta) (deceased)

Catalina Nepomuceno (deceased)

Cesar "NonoY" Nepomuceno (deceased)

Clara Nepomuceno Prates (1813 - d.)

Clara Nepomuceno Prates (deceased)

Clara Nepomuceno (deceased)

Claudina Nepomuceno Prates (1814 - d.)

Clemente Nepomuceno (deceased)

Cleotilde Hunt Leonardo Nepomuceno (deceased)

clotilde nepomuceno (deceased)


Cornelia Nepomuceno (deceased)

Crescencia Nepomuceno (deceased)

Cândida Nepomuceno de Carvalho Prates (1816 - d.)

Cândido da Cunha Nepomuceno (deceased)

Diosporo Nepomuceno (deceased)

Domingo Nepomuceno (deceased)

Domingo Nepomuceno (deceased)

Eberardo Nepomuceno (deceased)

Eddie Nepomuceno (deceased)

Edmundo Nepomuceno, Sr. (deceased)

Edovijes Nepomuceno (deceased)

Eduardo Nepomuceno (deceased)

Eduardo Nepomuceno (deceased)

Eduardo Nepomuceno (deceased)

Elena Nepomuceno (deceased)


elisea T. Nepomuceno (deceased)

Emilia Nepomuceno (deceased)

Emiliano Nepomuceno (deceased)

Enrico Nepomuceno (deceased)

Ercy Nepomuceno Costa (deceased)

Erivelton Nepomuceno de Lima (1976 - 2006)

Erlinda Nepomuceno Pineda (Nepomuceno) (deceased)

Ernesto Nepomuceno (deceased)

Estella Maiquez (Nepomuceno) (deceased)

ethel nepomuceno (deceased)

Ethel Nepomuceno (deceased)

ethelena nepomuceno (deceased)

Eva Alves Nepomuceno (deceased)

Fausta Nepomoceno Villaflor (Nepomuceno) (deceased)

Feliza Nepomuceno (deceased)

Fidélis Nepomuceno de Carvalho (b. - 1865)

Filomena Nepomuceno (deceased)

Lola Minang is known for her long wavy hair.

Flaviano Nepomuceno (deceased)

Francisca Crescini (Nepomuceno) (1892 - 1966)

Francisco Pires Nepomuceno, Sr. (1902 - 1977)

Francisco Nepomuceno (deceased)

Gertrudes Maria da Silva Nepomuceno (Maria Gertrudes Barrenta) (c.1848 - d.)

Godofredo Nepomuceno (deceased)

Graciano T. Nepomuceno (1881 - 1974)

Gregoria Nepomuceno (Jambalos) (deceased)

Guadalupe Nepomuceno (deceased)

Guilherme NEPOMUCENO (deceased)

Guria Nepomuceno (deceased)

Herminia Nepomuceno (deceased)

Herminia Nepomuceno (deceased)

Higino Nepomuceno (deceased)

Honorata Caritan Nepomuceno (Caritan) (deceased)

Ines Nepomuceno (Trinidad) (deceased)

inocencio filipe Nepomuceno (deceased)

Isabel Coimbra Nepomuceno (b. - 1961)

Islo Nepomuceno (deceased)

Jesus Nepomuceno (deceased)

joana clotilde Nepomuceno (deceased)

Joaquin Nepomuceno (1908 - c.1976)

Jose Alves Nepomuceno (deceased)

Jose Alves Nepomuceno, Jr. (deceased)

Jose M. Nepomuceno (deceased)

Jose Nepomuceno (deceased)

Jose Bernal Nepomuceno (1920 - 1996)

Jose Nepomuceno (deceased)

Jose Nepomuceno (deceased)