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Amparo Neri MP (deceased)

Amparo Neri competed as Miss Misamis at the 1st National Beauty Contest at the 1926 Manila Carnival. More here: .

?? Neri (deceased)

????? Neri (deceased)

____________ Neri (Coronado) (deceased)

adele neri (deceased)

Adelina Neri (deceased)

Adolfo Paysse Neri (deceased)

Adriani Gaitanidou (Neri) (deceased)

Agostinho Neri Da Silva (deceased)

Agostino Neri (deceased)

Agripino Neri (deceased)

Agripino Neri (deceased)

Agripino Neri, Jr. (deceased)

Agustus Neri (deceased)

Agustín García Neri (deceased)

Alberto Morán Neri (deceased)

Alejandro Neri (deceased)

Alessandra Neri (deceased)

Alfredo Neri (deceased)

Alfredo Neri (deceased)

Alicia Neri (deceased)

Alma Rondario Telan (b. - 1998)

ALMA NERI (deceased)

ALVES NERI (deceased)

Alves Neri (deceased)

Amadeo Neri (deceased)

Ambrosio Neri (deceased)

Ambrosio Neri (deceased)

Amedeo Neri (deceased)

Amelia Mazzetti (Neri) (deceased)

Amos Neri (deceased)

Amália Neri (b. - c.1974)

Ana (deceased)

Ana Luisa de la Concecpción Neri Pulgar (deceased)

Ana Sofia Neri (deceased)

Anastacio "Tatoy" Neri (deceased)

Angel Ventura Neri (deceased)

Angela Neri (deceased)

Angela Faria de Neri (deceased)

Angelarosa Clementina Neri (deceased)

Angeles Neri (deceased)

Angelina Neri (deceased)

Angelina Neri (deceased)

Angelina Gasca (Neri) (deceased)

Angelina neri de lara (deceased)

Angelo Neri (deceased)

ANGELO Neri (1921 - 2010)

Angelo Raffaele Neri (deceased)

Anita Neri Aseniero (deceased)

Anita Elizabeth Marie Neri (Noth) (deceased)

Ann Neri (Baretta) (deceased)

Anna Neri (deceased)


Anna Antwniou (Neri) (deceased)

Anna Neri (deceased)

Anne Marie Giannini (Neri) (1885 - d.)

Annie Neri (deceased)

Annunziata Bellano (Neri) (deceased)

Anthony Neri (deceased)

Antoinette Neri (deceased)

Antoinette Neri (1931 - 2002)

Antonia Presenza (Neri) (1820 - 1889)

Antonia Loiacono Neri (de Nicola) (deceased)

Antonino Neri (deceased)

Antonino Neri (1680 - d.)

Antonio Neri (deceased)

Antonio Neri (deceased)

Antonio Neri (deceased)

Antonio Neri de Souza (deceased)

Antonio "Tony" Neri Neri Pelaez (1922 - 1990)

Anunziata Carlino (Neri) (deceased)

Araceli Neri (deceased)

Arcangela Neri (Di Paolo) (deceased)

Arcangelo Neri (1915 - 1979)

Assunto Neri (deceased)

Atea Neri (deceased)

Atea Neri (deceased)

Attilio Neri (deceased)

Augusto Fernandez Neri, Sr. (b. - 1982)

Aurelio Paysse Neri (deceased)

Aurelio Eduardo Paysse Neri (deceased)

Aureola Neri (deceased)

Basilia Velez Neri (deceased)

Benedetta Neri (deceased)

Bening Basan-Neri (deceased)

BENITO Neri (deceased)

Betty Neri (Koehler) (1926 - 1995)

Braulia Neri (Sabellita) (deceased)

Brunetta Neri (deceased)

Bruno Neri (deceased)

Bruno Neri (deceased)

BRUNO (Sergio Giovanni) Neri (1939 - 2009)

Camilo Neri (deceased)

Camilo Angelo Paysse Neri (deceased)

Cantalicio Neri Suárez (1860 - d.)

Carlos Adolfo de Jesús Neri Pulgar (deceased)

Carmalino Neri (deceased)

Carmella Mistretta (Neri) (deceased)

Carmella Neri (deceased)

Carmen Marfori (Neri) (deceased)