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Amparo Neri MP (deceased)

Amparo Neri competed as Miss Misamis at the 1st National Beauty Contest at the 1926 Manila Carnival. More here: .

????? Neri (deceased)

____________ Neri (Coronado) (deceased)

Adolfo Paysse Neri (deceased)

Adriani Gaitanidou (Neri) (deceased)

Agostinho Neri Da Silva (deceased)

Agostino Neri (deceased)

Agripino Neri, Jr. (deceased)

Agripino Neri (deceased)

Agustín García Neri (deceased)

Alfredo Neri (deceased)

Alma Rondario Telan (b. - 1998)

ALMA NERI (deceased)

Alves Neri (deceased)

ALVES NERI (deceased)

Amedeo Neri (deceased)

Amelia Mazzetti (Neri) (deceased)

Ana (deceased)

Ana Luisa de la Concecpción Neri Pulgar (deceased)

Angela Faria de Neri (deceased)

Angela Neri (deceased)

Angelina Neri (deceased)

ANGELO Neri (1921 - 2010)

Anita Elizabeth Marie Neri (Noth) (deceased)

Ann Neri (Baretta) (deceased)

Anna Neri (deceased)

Anna Antwniou (Neri) (deceased)

Annunziata Bellano (Neri) (deceased)

Antoinette Neri (1931 - 2002)

Antonia Loiacono Neri (de Nicola) (deceased)

Antonino Neri (1680 - d.)

Antonio Neri de Souza (deceased)

Antonio Neri (deceased)

Antonio "Tony" Neri Neri Pelaez (1922 - 1990)

Anunziata Carlino (Neri) (deceased)

Araceli Neri (deceased)

Arcangelo Neri (1915 - 1979)

Assunto Neri (deceased)

Attilio Neri (deceased)

Aurelio Eduardo Paysse Neri (deceased)

Benedetta Neri (deceased)

BENITO Neri (deceased)

Betty Neri (Koehler) (1926 - 1995)

Brunetta Neri (deceased)

Bruno Neri (deceased)

BRUNO (Sergio Giovanni) Neri (1939 - 2009)

Camilo Neri (deceased)

Camilo Angelo Paysse Neri (deceased)

Cantalicio Neri Suárez (1860 - d.)

Carlos Adolfo de Jesús Neri Pulgar (deceased)

Carmella Mistretta (Neri) (deceased)

CATERINA Neri (1858 - d.)

Caterina Guido Neri (di Domenico) (deceased)

Catherine Warren (Neri) (deceased)

CECILIA Neri (deceased)

cesare neri (deceased)

Cezar Neri (deceased)

Charlotte Néri (deceased)

Conching Neri (c.1902 - c.1998)

Concepcion Neri (Palanca sandoval) (1902 - c.1997)

Concepcion "Conching" Tan (Pelaez) (1911 - 2000)

Corazon Obsines-Neri (deceased)

Cornelio Neri (deceased)

Cornelius Neri (deceased)

Cristina Neri (Sabatucci) (deceased)

Daniel Paysse Neri (deceased)

Demetrio Neri (deceased)

Dino Neri (deceased)

Dionesia Gaabucayan Neri (deceased)

DOMENICO Neri (deceased)

Domenico Bruno Neri (1705 - d.)

Domenico Luigi Neri (c.1800 - d.)

Dominic Neri (c.1911 - d.)

Dominic Neri (1921 - 1999)

Dr. Lionel Neri (deceased)

Dr. Percival Edward Neri (1875 - 1928)

Worked as doctor in British Indian Army. Was posted in Belgaum (where his son Philip was born), and later in Bombay. Apparently died relatively young, probably around age 53. Was known to be an invento...

Eduardo Paysse Neri (1869 - 1940)

Pasó la niñez en Francia, donde realizó los estudios previos a Facultad. Era médico, discípulo y colaborador de Pouey. Murió durante la Segunda Guerra Mundial,...

Eduvejes Neri (deceased)

Eduviges Neri (deceased)

Edward Neri (1921 - d.)

Eirini Neri (deceased)

Elena Neri (1926 - 2013)

Elizabeth Mette (Neri) (1813 - 1886)

Buried in St. John Cem. and moved to St. Mary Cem. in 1886 Emigrated to USA in 1840.

Elodia Neri (deceased)

Emiliano Neri (deceased)

Emiliano Neri (deceased)

Emilio Paysse Neri (deceased)

Eminiano Neri Roa (c.1893 - 1973)

ENRICHETTA Neri (NERI) (1881 - d.)

ENRICO Neri (1865 - d.)

ESTER Neri (1867 - d.)

Eva Cecilia Néri (Lindhoff) (1941 - 1998)

Facunda Neri Bañuelos (Bañuelos Ruiz) (1922 - 1976)

Fausta Neri-Pabico (deceased)

Fausta Neri-Pabico (deceased)

Felino Fernandez Neri, Sr. (b. - 1972)

felipa neri (deceased)

Felipa Neri Pelaez (deceased)

Felipe Neri Portinho (deceased)

Felipe Neri Ferreira Martins, I (1846 - 1886)