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Nicolls (deceased)

Adaline Caldwell (Nicolls) (1851 - d.)

Alexander Nicolls (deceased)

Alice Nicolls (Cavell) (deceased)

Amy Farmer (Nicolls) (1893 - 1976)

Ann Hilder (Nicolls) (c.1794 - d.)

ann nicolls (snook) (c.1845 - d.)

Anne Nicolls (Badcock) (deceased)

Anne Bythia Nicolls (Badcock) (deceased)

Annie Allan Shaw (Nicolls) (deceased)

ardith nicolls (deceased)

Bersey Elizabeth Nicolls (1866 - d.)

Catherine Nicolls (1790 - 1835)

Charity Nicolls (1753 - 1816)

Charles Nicolls (deceased)

Charlotte Nicolls (deceased)

Christiana (deceased)

Clara Valentine Nicolls (Lyon) (deceased)

Mrs. Clara Valentine Lyon Nicolls. DAR ID Number: 34349 Born in Hazelwood, Pennsylvania. Wife of William Jasper Nicolls. Descendant of Capt. Benjamin Lyon, Capt. Richard Miles and Samuel Stewar...

Dave Nicolls (deceased)

David Nicolls (deceased)

Dena Nicolls (deceased)

Don Nicolls (deceased)

Ede Nicolls (deceased)

Edna Betty Nicolls (1918 - 1989)

Edward Nicolls (deceased)

General Sir Edward Nicolls, KCB (1779 - 1865)

General Sir Edward Nicolls, KCB (1779 – 5 February 1865) was an Irish officer of the Royal Marines. Known as "Fighting Nicolls", he had a distinguished career, was involved in numerous actions...

Edward Nicolls (1598 - d.)

Edward H Nicolls (1865 - 1895)

Eliza Nicolls (Harrison) (1853 - d.)

Eliza Milne (Nicolls) (1846 - 1932)

Elizabeth Longhurst (Nicolls) (deceased)

Elizabeth Shepheard (Nicolls) (deceased)

Elizabeth Roberts (Nicolls) (deceased)

Elma Miller Nicolls (deceased)

Emily Florence Nicolls (Cornish) (1876 - 1968)

Emily Nicolls (deceased)

Emma Nicolls (c.1843 - d.)

Emma Nicolls (c.1869 - d.)

Emma Nicoll (Nicolls) (deceased)

Rev. Ferdinando (1598 - d.)

Frances Nicolls (deceased)

Francis Hastings Gustavus Nicolls (deceased)

Garnett Nicolls (deceased)

Gladys Asenath Nicolls (deceased)

Gonnett(Gunnette) Nicolls/Nicholls (Richards) (1673 - 1736)

Gustavus Nicolls (deceased)

Guy Nicoll (Nicolls) (deceased)

harold nicolls (deceased)

Harold Nicolls (deceased)

Henry Nicolls (c.1847 - d.)

Henry Nicolls, of Penryn (deceased)

Isabel Nicolls (Mohun) (deceased)

James Nicolls (1841 - 1897)

Jane Amadis (Nicolls) (deceased)

Jane Mary Nicolls (1819 - 1901)

Jane Boulden (Nicolls) (deceased)

Joan Nicolls (NN) (deceased)

Joanna Nicolls (c.1837 - d.)

John Nicolls (Nicholls), of Guernsey (deceased)

John Nicolls/Nicholls (b. - c.1705)

John Nicolls (b. - 1544)

John Nicolls (1874 - 1971)

John Nicolls (deceased)

John Nicolls (deceased)

Jonathan Nicolls (deceased)

Katherine S. Dickey (1855 - d.)

Kathleen Nicolls (deceased)

Lida Eleanor of Thurn and Taxis (Nicolls) (deceased)

Lida Eleonor Nicolls (b. - 1965)

Lila Bernard (Nicolls) (1924 - 2014)

Lt-Gen Sir Jasper Nicolls (1778 - 1849)

Maj Gen Sir Jasper Nicolls, KCB (deceased)

Margaret Nicolls (c.1834 - d.)

Margaret Stephens (Nicolls) (deceased)

Margaret Chealy/Cheley (Nicolls) (1694 - c.1750)

Nani (deceased)

Mary L Nicolls (1870 - d.)

Mary Isabella Nicolls (1900 - 1972)

Mary Nicolls (deceased)

Mary Nicolls (1842 - d.)

Mary Elizabeth Chamier (Nicolls) (c.1812 - 1894)

Mary Jane Nicolls (Greenway) (1842 - 1911)


Maurice Heriot Nicolls (b. - 1954)

Mr Nicolls (1637 - d.)

Papa (deceased)

NN Prideaux Nicolls (deceased)

Priscilla Rea (Nicolls) (c.1775 - d.)

Ralph Nicolls (1916 - 1993)

Raymond Nicolls (deceased)

Robert Nicolls (c.1865 - d.)

Robert Nicolls (c.1839 - 1902)

Robert Nicolls (1870 - 1872)

Robert Paul (Bob) Nicolls (deceased)

Rose Nicolls (deceased)

ROXEY JENETTE Thompson (NICOLLS) (1885 - 1910)

Sarah Ann Nicolls (Summerfield) (deceased)

Sarah Ann Nicolls (Barham) (1843 - 1926)

Sarah Nicolls (b. - 1892)

Sarah Nichols/Nicolls (Nichols / Nicolls) (c.1737 - 1815)

Lieut. William Nichols married in Hempstead and his 3 children were born there. His daughter Sarah Searing continued to reside at Hempstead. Lieut. William's marriage and the baptisms of his children a...

Shirley Mae Nicolls (deceased)