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Joe M Nishimoto, PFC MP (1919 - 1944)

Private First Class Joe M. Nishimoto (February 21, 1919 – November 15, 1944) was a member of the highly decorated 442nd Regimental Combat Team which served in the European theater during World W...

#1 daughter Nishimoto (deceased)

? NISHIMOTO (FUJITA) (deceased)

Denichii Nishimoto (deceased)

Edward Tetsuji Nishimoto (deceased)

Eizaburo榮三郎 Nishimoto西本 (deceased)

Elmer Nishimoto (deceased)

George Nishimoto (deceased)

Hamaichi Nishimoto (deceased)

Harumi Nishimoto (deceased)

Helen Nishimoto (deceased)

Hideo Nishimoto (deceased)

Ito Nishimoto (Nakasone) (deceased)

JoAnn Nishimoto (deceased)

Joanne Nishimoto (deceased)

Kasuke Nishimoto (deceased)

Kenneth Kenji Nishimoto (deceased)

Kisaku Nishimoto (deceased)

Kiyo Nishimoto (deceased)

Kiyoto Nishimoto (deceased)

Masako Nishimoto (deceased)

Masao Nishimoto (deceased)

Masao Nishimoto (1912 - d.)

Milton Nishimoto (deceased)

Minnie Nishimoto (deceased)

Mitoye (Elaine) Ouye (Nishimoto) (deceased)

Mitsuko Nishimoto (1918 - d.)

Mitsuko Oliveira (Nishimoto) (1929 - 2009)

Miyuki Nishimoto (Yamane) (deceased)

Namizo Nishimoto (1863 - 1930)

Riki Matsumoto (Nishimoto) (1893 - 1934)

Seki Nishimoto (deceased)



Hilo, HA. Related to Mrs. NISHIMOTO in CO.

Take Nishimoto (1814 - 1900)

Takeshi Richard Nishimoto (1916 - 1988)

Yukuno Nakamoto (Nishimoto) (deceased)