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Cynthia Ann Parker (the "White Squaw") MP (c.1827 - c.1870)

Cynthia Ann Parker, or Naduah (also sometimes spelled "Nadua" and "Nauta," meaning "someone found"), (ca 1827–1870) was an Anglo-Texas woman of Scots-Irish descent who was kidnapped at the a...

Quanah Parker, Comanche Chief MP (c.1848 - 1911)

(for consideration) Quanah Parker was the last Chief of the Commanches and never lost a battle to the white man. His tribe roamed over the area where Pampas stands. He was never captured by the Arm...

Pecos "Pecan" Parker (Nocona) (deceased)

Peta Nocona (deceased)

Peta Nocona, Comanche Chief (c.1819 - 1864)

Peta Nocona (b. ? - d. 1864?) was a Native American chief who led the Noconi Comanches in Texas from the 1830s to 1860. He was the son of the infamous Comanche chief Iron Jacket and father of chief Q...

Peta Nocona (deceased)

PETA NOCONA (deceased)

"Iron Jack" Nocona, Comanche Chief (1794 - 1858)

Iron Jacket (born c. late 1780s early 1790s- died 1858) was a Native American War Chief and Chief of the Comanche Indians. Iron Jacket (Po-hebitsquash, Pro-he-bits-quash-a, Po-bish-e-quasho in Coma...

Topsanna "Prairie Flower" Parker (Nocona) (1858 - 1863)

Folk Figure. Sister of Quanah Parker. Her Comanche name was Toh-Tsee-Ah and she was one of three children born to Cynthia Ann Parker and a daring Commanche chief named Peta Nocona. Her mother was a whi...

Wec-Keah or Weakeah Daughter of Yellow Bear (Nocona) (deceased)

n Mescalero by visiting his Apache allies since the 1860s and had got her for five mules. After a year of marriage and a visit of Mescalero Apache in the Quohada camps, Ta-ho-yea asked to return home c...

Wil-Aminia Aha Nocona (1798 - 1892)