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Agnes Norreys, of Bray MP (c.1420 - 1478)

Agnes Norreys was born about 1420 in Bray, Berkshire, England. Parents: William Norreys b. 1390 and Christian Strech Married Thomas Bulstrode Children include Jane BULSTRODE (m. Sir Wal...

Agnes Bunbury (Norreys), of Stanney MP (c.1440 - 1478)

Parents: William Norreys,   b. about 1370, Speke, Prescot, Lancashire & Elizabeth Harington,   b. about 1405, Hayton Hay, Lancashire   Married John de Bunbury,   b. ab...

Alan le Norreys MP (1202 - 1276)

Alice Norreys (Merbrooke) MP (c.1427 - 1465)

English Lady of the Most Notable Order of the Garter.

Ann Tyrrell (Norreys) MP (1475 - 1531)

Catherine le Grosvenor (Norreys) MP (c.1436 - 1477)

No17-2 Catherine Norreys b about 1436 m Robert Grosvenor of Eaton Parents: William Norrys of Speke ( - 1453) & Elizabeth (Perceval) Harrington (1403 - d.) Links

Catherine Paulet (Norreys) MP (c.1553 - 1602)

Catherine Norreys  Born: ABT 1553 Died: 24 Mar 1602  Father Baron Henry Norreys,   b. Abt 1525,   d. 27 Jun 1601, Rycote, Oxfordshire  (Age ~ 76 years) ...

Sir Edward Norreys, MP MP (c.1550 - 1603)

Family and Education b. c.1550, 3rd s. of Sir Henry Norris I, 1st Lord Norris of Rycote, by Margery or Margaret, da. and coh. of John Williams†, Lord Williams of Thame; bro. of Sir Henry II, Sir...

Sir Edward Norreys, Kt., of Yattenden MP (1464 - 1487)

Sir Edward Norreys1 M, #61262 Last Edited=12 Apr 2010 Sir Edward Norreys is the son of Sir William Norreys and Joane de Vere.2 He married Frideswide Lovel, daughter of John Lovel, 8th Lord Lovel ...

Eleanor Norreys (Clitherow) MP (1422 - 1459)

Married in 1450, 2 sons 1 daughter, source unknown.

Elizabeth Fettiplace (Norreys) MP (1455 - 1518)

Elizabeth NORREYS Died: 22 Jan 1518 Father: William NORREYS (Sir) Mother: Jane De VERE Married: Thomas FETTIPLACE of Compton Beauchamp Children: 1. Thomas FETTIPLACE of Compton Beauchamp ...

Elizabeth Norreys (Molyneux-Harrington) MP (c.1398 - c.1428)

SOURCES: LDS FHL Ancestal File # ( AWTP: "Thorns among the roses" Holly Forrest Tamer (who cites: "Complete Peerage of England Scotland Ireland Great Britain ...

Elizabeth Norreys MP (c.1571 - d.)

Elizabeth Norreys MP (c.1463 - d.)

Elizabeth Norreys was born ABT 1463 in Speke, Lancashire, England Father William Norreys Mother Elizabeth (Perceval) Harrington1 married Thomas Gerard, son of William Gerard and Cecily Standish...

Frideswide Norreys (Lovel) MP (1466 - 1507)

Frideswide Lovel1 F, #119896, d. before 1507 Last Edited=13 Apr 2012 Consanguinity Index=0.07% Frideswide Lovel was the daughter of John Lovel, 8th Lord Lovel (of Titchmarsh) and Joan Beaumont....

Geoffrey Le Norreys MP (deceased)

Sir Henry Norreys MP (c.1351 - c.1429)

Henry Norreys was born after 1359 in Speke, Lancashire, England and died about 1431. Parents: Sir John le Norreys of Speke, Lancashire (d. ca. 1372) and Cecelia Massey, the daughter of Hamlet ...

Henry le Norreys, 1310 MP (c.1310 - 1367)

Henry Norreys, 1st Baron Norreys of Rycote MP (c.1525 - 1601)

Henry Norris, 1st Lord (Baron) Norris, so created by writ of summons 6 May 1572 (and restored in blood by Act of Parliament 1575/6, following an earlier Act of Parliament of 1539 restoring him in blood...

Hugh le Norreys MP (1240 - 1285)

Hugh le Norreys MP (1150 - 1221)

Jane Norreys MP (deceased)

No17-8 Jane Norreys m William Worthington of Worthington Links

Joan Fortescue (Norreys) MP (c.1375 - c.1405)

Eleanor NORREYS Born: ABT 1382, Norries, Devonshire, England Father: William NORREYS Mother: ¿? Married: John FORTESCUE (Sir) Children: 1. Joan FORTESCUE 2. Henry FORTESCUE (Sir) ...

Joan de Norreys MP (b. - 1387)

John le Norreys, Lord of Speke MP (c.1330 - 1372)

General Sir John Norreys, MP MP (c.1547 - 1597)

Family and Education b. c.1547, 2nd s. of Sir Henry Norris I and bro. of Edward, Sir Henry II and William. unm. Kntd. 1586. Offices Held MP [I] 1585. Volunteer under Coligny 1571; capt. in Ulster...

John Norreys of Bray MP (c.1434 - 1456)

John Norreys of Bray, also known as John Norris, Esq., Treasurer of the Queen's Chamber, Esquire of the Body, Master of the Royal Wardrobe. of Bray, Berkshire, England. His estate was probated in 1465....

Sir John Norreys MP (c.1426 - 1466)

Sir John Norreys of Bray & Patenden, Sheriff of Devon & Berkshire d 1466 Keeper of the Great Wardrobe of Henry VI. Acquired manor of Yattendon through his first wife and bought up many neighborin...

Margaret le Norreys (De Burtonhead) MP (1220 - 1292)

Roger Norreys MP (c.1389 - c.1422)

Thomas Norris (Norreys) MP (c.1420 - 1487)

William Norreys, esq. of Speke, who wedded Perceval, daughter and heiress of John Harrington, esq. of Westby, and had with several other sons Thomas, his heir. Catherine, m. to Robert Grosvenor, ...

William Norrys of Speke MP (1386 - c.1453)

 B111.137.111.13. William Norreys of Speke, Lancashire, died after 1453. Parents: son of Sir Henry Norreys of Speke and his 2nd wife. Married around 1416 to Elizabeth [Perceva...

Sir William Norreys of Ockholt MP (c.1390 - 1461)

The Norreys were an aristocratic English family who were close to the English throne, in particular the Tudor dynasty. This family entered my ancestry when Elizabeth Norreys, god-daughter of Elizabet...

1st wife of Henry Norreys, Of Speke (deceased)

In 1421 Henry le Norreys and Alice his wife, daughter and heir of Roger Erneys, are named in a grant. Henry Norreys and his first wife had two sons, Henry and John. Henry and his second wife had Wi...

Adam le Norreys (1206 - d.)

Alan le Norreys (deceased)

Alan le Norreys (1229 - 1302)

Alan de Norreys (1298 - d.)

Alan le Norreys (1247 - c.1312)

Alan de Norreys (c.1298 - d.)

Alan Le Norreys (1282 - c.1349)

Alane "Dominus Alanus" Norreys (1228 - d.)

Alane Norreys (c.1188 - d.)

Alane Norreys (c.1168 - d.)

Alianore de Norreys (c.1145 - d.)

Alice Norreys / Norris (Ernies) (1297 - d.)

Alice Molineaux (NORREYS) (c.1380 - d.)

Alice Norreys (Mountford) (deceased)

Alice Norreys (deceased)

Alice le Norreys (deceased)

Alice Norreys / Norris (De Emys) (1349 - 1406)

Ann Norreys (Massey) (deceased)

Ann Tyrrell (Norreys) (c.1482 - 1531)

Ann Norreys (deceased)

Anne Sulyard (Norreys Or Norris) (c.1475 - 1531)

Magna Carta Ancestry: A Study in Coloncial And Medieval Families Pg.20 13. JOHN CORNWALLIS, Knt., of Brome, Suffolk, son and heir, Steward of the Household to Edward Tudor, Prince of Wales (later...

Anne Norreys (c.1482 - d.)

Anne Norreys (c.1569 - d.)

Anne Tyrell (Norreys) (c.1482 - d.)

Anne de Harcourt (Norris /Norreys) (c.1450 - d.)

NORREYS1 Anne NORREYS Born: ABT 1450, Bray, Berkshire, England Father: John NORREYS (Esq.) Mother: Alice MERBROOKE Married: John HARCOURT (Sir Knight) ABT 1471, Bray, Berkshire, England Chi...

Beatrice Norreys (deceased)

Bridget Norreys (Kingsmill) (deceased)

Catherine Norreys (deceased)

Catherine Bruen (Norreys) (1365 - d.)

Clementia De Norreys (1322 - d.)

Edmund Norreys (deceased)

Rev Edward Norris II (1580 - 1659)

Edward Norreys (c.1572 - d.)

Edward Norreys (1598 - 1660)

Edward Norreys (1524 - 1529)

Eleanor Norreys (deceased)

Eleanor Fortescue (Norreys) (1382 - d.)

<private> (Norreys) (deceased)

Elizabeth Norreys (De Bray) (c.1494 - d.)

'Elizabeth BRAY 'Born: ABT 1490 Father: John BRAY Mother: ¿? 'Married: John NORREYS of Yattendon (Sir) BRAY2 ___________________ 'unknown daughter Bray1 F, #149996 Last Edited=...

Elizabeth Jephson (Norreys) (b. - 1624)

Elizabeth Jephson (Norreys) (c.1593 - c.1623)

Elizabeth Fermor (Norreys) (c.1484 - 1539)

Elizabeth NORREYS Died: AFT 1552 Father: William NORREYS (Sir) Mother: Isabel INGOLDESTHORPE (M. Montagu) Married: William FERMOR (Sir Knight) (See his Biography) BEF 1539 From: NORREYS1 ...

Elizabeth Norreys (deceased)

Emma le Norreys (1253 - d.)

Emma Norreys (deceased)

Frances Norreys (deceased)

Sir Francis Norreys, MP (1609 - 1669)

DNB: he Earl of Berkshire also left an illegitimate son, Sir Francis Norris (1609–1669). His mother was Sarah Rose, afterwards wife of Samuel Haywarde, who was also known as Francis Rose, alia...

Geoffrey le Norreys (c.1110 - 1170)

Geoffrey norreys (1408 - d.)

Geoffrey norreys (c.1320 - d.)

Geoffrey norreys (c.1370 - d.)

Geoffrey norreys (c.1340 - d.)

Geoffrey Norreys (c.1490 - d.)

Geoffrey le Norreys (1198 - d.)

George Norreys (deceased)

Henry Norreys, Sir (c.1314 - d.)

Henry le Norreys (deceased)

Henry Norreys (1554 - 1599)

Henry le Norreys (1260 - d.)

Henry Norreys (deceased)

Henry Norreys (deceased)

Henry Norreys (deceased)

Henry Norreys (c.1208 - d.)

Henry de Norreys (c.1248 - 1320)

Col.-Gen Sir Henry Norreys, KG, MP (c.1554 - 1599)

was an English soldier and politician during the Tudor period. )

Henry Norreys (deceased)