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Budli of Norway MP (deceased)

Daughter of Orcades of Norway MP (c.-267 - d.)

B: c. -340 or -267-------------------- (I ORCODES) HM George I s 57-oldemor. HRE Ferdinand I s 56-oldemor. Poss. Agnes Harris '56-oldemor. Osawatomie 'Browns 63-oldemor. --- poss. Æg...

Harold (Alreksson) Rogaland (prince of norway roga) MP (640 - d.)

Hrolf 'Nese' Nefja Nefig (of Norway) MP (768 - 807)

GENI NOTE: The cited sources show a daughter (Hild). They do not show parents or other children. These relationships may indicate a merge that shouldn't be made. -------------------------------------...

Isobail Queen of Norway (a Brus), dronning av Norge MP (1272 - 1358)

It appears that Marjorie of Carrick had two daughters named Isabel by two husbands. Isabel Bruce married Erik II of Norway while her elder half sister Isabel du Kilconquhar (often mistakenly labeled as...

Magnus II Haraldsson King of Norway MP (1048 - 1069)

---- Magnus II (1048 – 1069), son of Harald Sigurdsson, was king of Norway from 1066 until 1069. --- Magnus Haraldsson eller Magnus II (født 1048, død 1069) var konge a...

Mrs. Skelfi ektefelle Skelfi Halfdansson QueenOf Norway MP (485 - d.)

Orcades, King of Norway MP (c.-321 - d.)

B: 321 or 360 BC Basanus married the daughter of Orcades, king of Norway. However, it should be noted that during Basanus's lifetime, about 300BC to 241BC, there was no country or kingdom of Norway. ...

Vatnarr Queen of Norway MP (667 - d.)

Vatnarr (Haraldsson) KIng of Norway of Rogaland (King In Vingulmork), King in Norway MP (665 - d.)

Vifil Attilson (Of Norway) MP (565 - d.)

"Hvorledes Norge byggdest" sier om Vifil: "Audi og Budli var sjøkonger og for både sammen med hæren sin. De kom med folkene sine til Saxland og herjet vidt omkring der; la under ...

"The Red" EYRYK (of Norway) (c.950 - c.1001)

Akel [son to Lisa] Hestvik [of Norway] (deceased)

Amlaf (Olaf or Olaus) of Norway (c.800 - 871)

Anne Olavsdtr. Tveit (Naas, Drangedal, Norway) (1691 - 1731)

Anne Virginia (Norway) Lawson (1921 - 2007)

Anton Sorenson immigrated from Norway to New York (deceased)

Asa Eysteinsson of Norway (c.708 - d.)

Asa Eysteinsson of Norway (c.708 - d.)

Asa Eysteinsson of Norway (c.708 - d.)

Ascrida Aseda, Rognavaldsdatter.Nord,... Norway-804-890 (deceased)

Augusta Norway (deceased)

Baldur, Queen of Norway (225 - d.)

Basavegowda Norway (deceased)

Bertha Of Norway (c.830 - d.)

Bertrade de Norway (deceased)

Betsey (Knutsson (Aabe in Norway)) (deceased)

Bjatmar of Norway (c.434 - c.474)

Blanche A Norway (1910 - d.)

Calvin Earl Norway, Sr (b. - c.2000)

Channappagowda Norway Basavegowda (deceased)

Christain [AKA- Christ] Miller Mortenson [of Norway] (deceased)

Of Norway. Arrived in US on June,07-1901. US citizen on September, 26,1967 Information taken from his Certificate of Citizenship No-A-56229, Application No-A-17 825 277. Signed as - Christian Mil...

Christian (or Kristen) Knutsson (Aabe in Norway) (1817 - 1897)

Christian Fredrik King of Denmark & Norway (1786 - 1848)

Dag of Norway (deceased)

Dorothy Ross (Norway) (1913 - d.)

Earle Vincent Norway, Jr (1912 - 1978)

Earle Vincent Norway, Sr. (1889 - 1979)

Efanda - Sfandra - Ingrid of Norway (c.850 - 881)

One of the wives of Rurik Balea Efanda daughter "Urmanskoye" (Norwegian), the prince, who bore Ingorya (Igor Rurikovich). Efandy brother, "Urmanskoye" Prince Oleg began to reign after the death of Ruri...

Eisten (Glumar) Hogansson (King of Norway) (deceased)

Eleanor Norway (Pritchard) (1913 - 2001)

Elizabeth Ardell Norway (Skinner) (deceased)

Eric I "Bloodaxe" Halfdansson, King of Norway (c.885 - d.)

Eric I "Bloodaxe" Halfdansson, King of Norway (c.885 - d.)

Erling Eiriksson of Norway (c.925 - c.963)

Erling Eiriksson (Erlingur Eiriksson) ca ?-963, PAM

Estelle Canine (Norway) (1776 - 1819)

Euphemia of Norway (c.530 - c.550)

Eystein of Norway (deceased)

Finnvid "Fundni" of Norway (c.857 - d.)

Finnvid "Fundni" of Norway (c.857 - d.)

Florence Norway/ Stall (deceased)

Floyd E Norway (1907 - d.)

Forgertha of Norway (23 - d.)

Freda Norway (deceased)

Fredrik King Of DENMARK & NORWAY, VI (deceased)

Frejya of Norway (960 - 1031)

Gandolf Alfgeirsson Norway (710 - 735)

Gandolf Alfgeirsson Norway (710 - 735)

Gandolf Alfgeirsson Norway (deceased)

Gandolf Alfgeirsson Norway (710 - 735)

Gewar King of Norway, in] (c.217 - 250)

Gjermund in Sigdal,Buskerud,Norway-Hagavoll (c.1600 - d.)

Gotho of Norway (deceased)

Gro Jonsdotter Gaustad (Saheim, Norway) (deceased)

Gudraud of Norway (deceased)

Guthfrith the Proud King of Denmark & Norway (775 - c.840)

Guthfrith the Proud King of Denmark & Norway (775 - c.840)

Guttorm Baardsson (Bårdson of Norway) (c.1188 - d.)

Haakon Prince Of Norway (deceased)

Haakon of Norway, VII (1872 - 1957)

Hakonsdotter Princess of Norway (deceased)

Halvor Olsen (Berje, Telemark Norway) (1823 - 1908)

Harald Iii Of Norway (1015 - 1066)

Harald king of Reidgotaland (Norway) (c.490 - 553)

Harald III "Blue Tooth" Blaatand "Blue Tooth", King of Denmark & Norway (of Sweden) (911 - 986)

Harald III Sigurdsson Hardråde of Norway (deceased)

Harald IV "Gille" Magnusson of Norway (deceased)

Harald Johannesson Kversøy 5977 Ånneland Norway (1916 - d.)

Harek Guthormsson of NORWAY (b. - c.940)

Harold I Of Norway (858 - 934)

Harold I Of Norway (858 - 934)

Harold I Of Norway (858 - 934)

Harold I Of Norway (858 - 934)

Harold NORWAY (750 - d.)

Harold Iii of Norway (1015 - 1066)

Hatfdan Norway (c.774 - c.786)

Hilda Norway (deceased)

Hilda Hrofsdatter of Norway (deceased)

HM The Queen Louise of Norway (1755 - d.)

HRH Prince Arthur of Norway (1783 - d.)

HRH Prince Haakon of Norway (1811 - d.)

HRH Prince Olav of Norway (1814 - d.)

HRH Princess Maud of Norway (1786 - d.)

HRH Princess Sonja of Norway (1818 - d.)

HRH The Crown Princess Martha of Norway (1784 - d.)

HRH The Prince Consort Marcus of Norway (1756 - d.)

Hrolf "Nefja" Norway (deceased)

Håkon III Sverresson King of Norway Sverresson (1173 - 1203)

Håkon III Sverresson, King of Norway Sverresson Blev højst 25 år. Far: Sverre Sigurdsson (Unaasson) (1150 - 1202) Mor: Margareta Eriksdotter (erika Atten) (~1155 - 1209) ...

Håkon IV "den Gamle the Old" Håkonsson, King of Norway (1204 - 1263)

Ingebjørg Princess of Norway (deceased)