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George Samuel O'Hanlon MP (1912 - 1989)

George O'Hanlon, a famous actor and radio personality, known to the older generation as Joe McDoakes and to the younger generation as the voice of George Jetson on the Jetsons TV series. George Samue...

Virginia O'Hanlon MP (1889 - 1971)

In 1897, 8-year-old Virginia of 115 West 95th Street, bothered by friends who kept telling her there was no such thing as Santa, wrote a letter to The New York Sun. “Papa says ‘If you see...

Dr. Philip F. O'Hanlon MP (1863 - 1930)

From The Virginia O'Hanlon House -- No. 115 W. 95th Street Dr. Philip F. O’Hanlon was making a name for himself in the medical community.  O’Hanlon’s family had a medical ...

Redmond O'Hanlon MP (c.1640 - 1681)

Redmond O'Hanlon Count Redmond O'Hanlon (c. 1640 – 25 April 1681) was a 17th-century Irish tóraidhe or rapparee (guerrilla-outlaw). Born around 1640 in Poyntzpass, O'Hanlon's Country,...

? O'Hanlon (deceased)

?? O'Hanlon (deceased)

Agnes Mullan (O'Hanlon) (c.1915 - c.1986)

Alexander O'Hanlon (deceased)

Alice O'Hanlon (Darby) (deceased)

Alice McEntee (O'Hanlon) (b. - 1993)

Alice Cromie ("O 'Hanlon) (1865 - 1942)

Alice May O'Hanlon (Lenhart) (1924 - 2010)

Alice O'Hanlon (deceased)

Amedia O'Hanlon (deceased)

Angela O'Hanlon (nee Pritchard) (deceased)

Ann Margaret O'Hanlon (deceased)

Anna Bouchard (O'Hanlon) (1874 - 1923)

Anne O'Hanlon (deceased)

Anne O'Hanlon (1913 - d.)

anne williams nee(o'hanlon) (deceased)

Anne O'Hanlon (deceased)

Anne O'Hanlon-Deninniger (deceased)

Anne O'Hanlon (Hanley) (1883 - d.)

Anni Irene O´Hanlon (Hakuni) (deceased)

Annie E. O'Hanlon (Demasch) (1884 - 1931)

Annie Concannon (O'Hanlon) (1890 - c.1923)

Annie O'Hanlon (Long) (deceased)

Annie O'Mahony (O'Hanlon) (c.1854 - c.1931)

Annie B. O'Hanlon (Brenn) (1872 - 1949)

annie o'hanlon (deceased)

Antonette O'Hanlon (deceased)

Arthur O'Hanlon (b. - 1957)

Arthur O'Hanlon (deceased)

Avis O’HANLON (1896 - d.)

Barbara O'Hanlon (Strong) (deceased)

For many years Bobbie Strong edited a magazine called About Town, which chronicled the doings of Vancouver society. Despite being confined to a wheelchair she did get around, was an acute observer from...

Benny Bernard Edward O'Hanlon (b. - 1969)

Berard O'Hanlon (deceased)

Bernard O'Hanlon (deceased)

Bernard O'Hanlon (1916 - 1992)

Bernard O'Hanlon (deceased)

Bernard O'Hanlon (1900 - 1959)

Bernard O'Hanlon (deceased)

Bessie O'Hanlon (deceased)

Betty Bagley (O'Hanlon) (deceased)

Betty Ann O'Hanlon (deceased)

Betty/Margaret? Mac Ruairí (Rodgers) (O'Hanlon) (deceased)

Brendan O'Hanlon (deceased)

Brendan O'Hanlon (deceased)

Brendan O'Hanlon (deceased)

Bridget O'Hanlon (1846 - d.)

Bridget O'Hanlon (Quinn) (deceased)

Bridget O'Hanlon (deceased)

Bridget Ann O'Hanlon (c.1901 - d.)

Bridget O'Farrell (O'Hanlon) (deceased)

Bridget O'Hanlon (Quinn) (deceased)

Bridget O'Hanlon (1815 - d.)

Bridget O'Hanlon (Cronin) (1900 - d.)

Bridget Lappin (O'Hanlon ) (c.1869 - d.)

Briget Toner (O Hanlon) (deceased)

Brigid O Hanlon (deceased)

Brigid Mc Ardle (O'Hanlon) (deceased)

brigid Mulholland (O'Hanlon) (deceased)

carol o'hanlon jr. (forney) (deceased)

Catherine O'Hanlon (O'Donovan) (1901 - d.)

Catherine O'Hanlon (b. - c.1892)

Catherine O'Hanlon (b. - 1775)

Catherine O'Hanlon (Farmer) (b. - 1901)

Catherine O'Hanlon (1839 - 1840)

Catherine O'Hanlon (deceased)

Catherine O'Hanlon (c.1909 - d.)

Catherine O'Hanlon (deceased)

Catherine O'Hanlon (1830 - d.)

Cathrine O'hanlon Burch (1887 - 1945)

Charles O'Hanlon (1890 - d.)

Charles O'Hanlon (1837 - d.)

Sources 1850; Arrival: New York, New York; Microfilm Serial: M237; Microfilm Roll: 90; Line: 40; List Number: 672.

Charles O'Hanlin, MD (deceased)

Charles O'Hanlon (deceased)

Christopher O'Hanlon (deceased)

Christy O'Hanlon (deceased)

Ciss O'Hanlon (deceased)

Colette O Hanlon (deceased)

Corneilus (Connie) O'Hanlon (1930 - 2011)

Cynthia O'Hanlon (Meredith) (1930 - 1997)

Dan O'Hanlon (deceased)

Dan O'Hanlon (deceased)

Daniel O'Hanlon (deceased)

Daniel O'Hanlon (c.1850 - c.1923)

Daniel O'Hanlon (deceased)

Danny O'Hanlon (deceased)

David O'Hanlon (deceased)

David O'Hanlon (deceased)

Denis o hanlon (deceased)

Dick O'Hanlon (1913 - 1950)

Doris O'Hanlon (deceased)

Dulcie O'Hanlon (deceased)

Eamon O'Hanlon (deceased)

Edward o hanlon (deceased)

Edward James O'Hanlon (deceased)

Edward O'Hanlon (deceased)

Edward o hanlon (deceased)