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Rory Caech O'Moore MP (1588 - 1648)

Anne Sophia O'Moore (Lambert) (1818 - 1908)

Anne O'Moore (deceased)

Anne O'Moore (deceased)

Annie Sarah Lambert (O'Moore) (1837 - d.)

Annie Sophie O'Moore (Lambert) (1818 - d.)

Annie Sarah Lambert (O'Moore) (1838 - d.)

Annie Rodney Lyon (O'Moore) (1877 - 1955)

Anthony O'Moore (deceased)

Cacht O'Toole (O'Moore) (1085 - 1149)

Cathal Mulcahy (or O'Moore or Maollocha) (deceased)

Cathleen O'Moore (deceased)

Connall Mulcahy (or O'Moore or Maollocha) (deceased)

Dearvorgala O'Moore (c.1114 - 1193)

Denis O'Moore (deceased)

Denis O'Moore (deceased)

Dirmuid O'Moore (deceased)

Eamon O'Moore (deceased)

Eileen O'Moore (deceased)

Elizabeth O'Moore Creagh (Reade) (deceased)

Elizabeth Hockley (O'Moore), SM/PROG (1791 - 1862)

1820 British Settler Elizabeth O'Moore 29, together with her husband and 4 children, were members of Bailie's Party of 256 Settlers on the Chapman . Party originated from London. Departed Londo...

Garrett O'Moore (deceased)

Grace Creagh (o' Moore) (1807 - d.)

Grace Mary Milne (O'Moore) (c.1858 - 1929)

Jane Flint (O'Moore) (deceased)

John Edmund O'Moore (deceased)

John Edmund O'Moore (deceased)

John Mulcahy (or O'Moore or Maollocha) (deceased)

Julia O'Moore (deceased)

Kathleen Drysdale Ninnes (O'Moore) (1873 - d.)

Maeve O'Moore (deceased)

Major General Michael O'Moore Creagh (1892 - 1970)

Nickname: Dickie Major-General Sir Michael O'Moore Creagh KBE MC, (16 May 1892–1970) was a British soldier who served in both the First and Second World Wars. He commanded the 7th Armoured Div...

Margaret Drysdale O'Moore (Mackay) (deceased)

Margaret O'Moore (deceased)

Mary O'MOORE (b. - 1871)

Patrick O'Moore (1898 - 1958)

Paula Prowler Marcus (O'Moore) (1949 - 1974)

Roisin O'Moore (deceased)

Rory O'Moore (deceased)

Sir Roger Moore (c.1600 - 1655)

Rory O'Moore (Irish noble) Rory O'Moore (Irish: Ruairí Ó Mórdha) (c, 1600 – 16 February 1655), also spelt as or Roger O'Moore or O'More or Sir Roger Moore , was an Irish l...

Sir Garrett O'Moore Creagh (1848 - 1923)

Una O'Moore (deceased)