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Josephus of Judea (uncle of Herod the Great) MP (b. - -36)

‘..three men named Joseph, one the brother of Antipatros, and so Herod’s uncle, who became Salome’s husband , the second a son of Antipatros, and so Herod’s brother, and the...

Julia Berenice Of Judea, Princess of Judaea, Queen of Chalcis MP (28 - c.79)

Princes Berenice (daughter of Herod Agrippa I) Berenice of Cilicia , also known as Julia Berenice and sometimes spelled Bernice (28 AD – ?), was a Jewish client queen of the Roman Empire durin...

Phasael I of Judea MP (c.-77 - -40)

Phasael (Φασάηλος; Phasáēlos). Eldest son of Antipater [4] and Cyprus Eldest son of Antipater [4] and Cyprus, born in c. 77 BC prob...

wife Yehoshafat Queen of Judea MP (deceased)

Alexander Maccabeus of Judea (deceased)

Alexandra Salome (of Judea) (deceased)

Alexandria Salome Regent of Judea (deceased)

Alexandria of Judea (deceased)

Antipater III of Judea (-46 - -4)

Antipater (first-born son of Herod I) From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia See Antipater (disambiguation) for other people of this name. Antipater (ca. 46 BC – 4 BC) was Herod the Great's...

Archelaus of Judea (deceased)

Berenicianus Chalcis of Judea (c.45 - d.)

[Berenicianus's mother] "Berenice was probably born in Rome to Agrippa and Cyprus, before her father became king in 36 C.E. Thus she was Herod the Great’s great-granddaughter. After her father&#...

Iotape of Judea bint Felix of Judea (deceased)

Malthace of Judea (deceased)

Salampio of Judea (deceased)

Simeon of Priestly line Joarib of Judea (deceased)

wife, Phasael I of Judea (deceased)