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Josephus of Judea (uncle of Herod the Great) MP (c.-59 - -36)

Josephus was born about 0059 BC. ‘..three men named Joseph, one the brother of Antipatros, and so Herod’s uncle, who became Salome’s husband , the second a son of Antipatros, and...

Julia Berenice Of Judea, Princess of Judaea, Queen of Chalcis MP (28 - c.79)

Princes Berenice (daughter of Herod Agrippa I) Berenice of Cilicia , also known as Julia Berenice and sometimes spelled Bernice (28 AD – ?), was a Jewish client queen of the Roman Empire durin...

Alexandra Salome (of Judea) (deceased)

Alexandria of Judea (deceased)

Alexandria Salome Regent of Judea (deceased)

Antipater III of Judea (-46 - -4)

Antipater (first-born son of Herod I) From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia See Antipater (disambiguation) for other people of this name. Antipater (ca. 46 BC – 4 BC) was Herod the Great's...

Archelaus of Judea (deceased)

Berenicianus Chalcis of Judea (c.45 - d.)

[Berenicianus's mother] "Berenice was probably born in Rome to Agrippa and Cyprus, before her father became king in 36 C.E. Thus she was Herod the Great’s great-granddaughter. After her father&#...

Malthace of Judea (deceased)

Phasael I of Judea (c.-77 - -40)

Phasael (Φασάηλος; Phasáēlos). Eldest son of Antipater [4] and Cyprus Eldest son of Antipater [4] and Cyprus, born in c. 77 BC prob...

Salampio of Judea (deceased)

Simeon of Priestly line Joarib of Judea (deceased)

wife, Phasael I of Judea (deceased)