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Beorhtnoð æthling of Kent MP (b. - c.880)

Beorhtnoð æthling (?) (1) M, #152561, d. circa 880 Last Edited=3 Aug 2005 Consanguinity Index=0.0% Beorhtnoð æthling (?) was the son of Burgræd, King of Merci...

Bertram III "the Great" de Criol (Sheriff of Kent) MP (1180 - 1256)

Joan, Countess of Kent MP (1328 - 1385)

Joan, Countess of Kent (29 September 1328 – 7 August 1385) is known to history as The Fair Maid of Kent. French chronicler Jean Froissart called her "the most beautiful woman in all the realm of...

N.N. Princess of Kent MP (deceased)

B: Abt 762 Of, , Wessex, England unknown daughter (?) (1) F, #152564 Last Edited=3 Aug 2005 unknown daughter (?) is the daughter of Æðelbeorht II, King of Kent. (1) She married Ea...

Sigeræd, Prince of Kent MP (c.851 - d.)

Red flag: Flag of Kent Sigeræd, Prince of Kent is the son of Sigeric II, King of Essex.1 Sigeræd, Prince of Kent gained the title of Prince of Kent.1 Children of Sigeræd, Pri...

Sigeræd, King of Kent MP (c.764 - c.764)

Sigeræd, King of Kent was the son of Sigeric (?).2 He died in 764.1 Sigeræd, King of Kent succeeded to the title of King Sigeræd of Kent in 762.1 Child of Sigeræd, King ...

Queen of Kent (deceased)

Aethelbert II King of Kent (deceased)

Aethelbert II King of Kent (deceased)

Aethelwulf of Kent (deceased)

Alfred Harnes Harris of Seven Oakes in the County of Kent Gentleman (deceased)

Alys 'Alice' of Kent (deceased)

Anthony Grey Heir to the Earl of Kent (deceased)

Athelstan of Kent (deceased)

Bertha of Kent (deceased)

Bertha Queen of Kent (541 - 634)

Eadbald King of Kent (deceased)

Eadbeorht I, King of Kent (b. - 762)

Eadbeorht I, King of Kent (1) M, #150268, d. 762 Last Edited=20 Nov 2005 Eadbeorht I, King of Kent was the son of Eadric, King of Kent. (2) He died in 762. (1) He was also reported to have di...

Eadbert King of Kent (deceased)

Eadbert Praen Ethelberting of Kent (de KENT) (b. - 784)

Eafa/Eaba of Kent (deceased)

Ealh-Mund of Kent (deceased)

Ealhmund Eafing of Kent (c.758 - d.)

Ealhmund of Kent (deceased)

He is not known to have struck any coins,[1] and the only contemporary evidence of him is an abstract of a charter dated 784, in which Ealhmund granted land to the Abbot of Reculver.[2] By the followin...

Ealhmunt Of Kent (c.745 - c.827)

Ealswyth of Kent (Kent) (c.840 - d.)

Edric of Kent (1044 - d.)

Edward Duke of Kent (deceased)

Egbert King of Kent (deceased)

Egbert I of Kent (Oiscinga) (b. - 673)

Egbert I of Kent, King of Kent (deceased)

Elfrida of Kent (c.876 - d.)

Elfrida deBourden (of Kent) (deceased)

Eoppa of Kent (deceased)

Eoppa Of Kent (500 - 559)

Eorcebert of Kent (b. - 664)

Eorcenbert of Kent (b. - 664)

Eorconbeorht King of Kent (deceased)

Eormenric of Kent (b. - 589)

Erkinbert King of Kent (deceased)

Esa Of Kent (430 - 516)

Godwin of Of Kent (1059 - d.)

GODWINE Earl of Kent, Suffex, and Surry (deceased)

Helen de Montgomery (of Kent) (c.1170 - d.)

Henry Hodson Church of Kent (Church) (deceased)

Henry Grey, 8th Earl of Kent (c.1583 - 1639)

Henry Grey, 8th Earl of Kent Henry Grey, 8th Earl of Kent (c. 1583 – 21 November 1639) was Earl of Kent from 1623 to his death. He was the only son of Charles Grey, 7th Earl of Kent and hi...

Hilda of Kent (deceased)

HRH Prince Henry, The Duke of Kent (1787 - d.)

HRH Princess Jessica, The Duchess of Kent (1788 - d.)

Hubert de Burgh, 1st Earl of Kent (c.1165 - 1243)

Hubert "1st Earl of Kent, Seneschal de Poitou" de Burgh formerly Burgh Hubert de Burgh, son of Walter de Burgh & younger brother of Walter de Burgh, was the Justiciar of England & Ireland & one of the ...

Iminfred of Kent (c.605 - d.)

Joane Fair Maid of Kent (b. - 1385)

John St. Leger (Sir John St. Leger, Sheriff of Kent) (deceased)

Katherine II, Queen of Avanor House of Kent (1188 - 1223)

King Æthelburt II of Kent (c.725 - 762)

Æthelbert II (Old English: Æðelberht; 725 – 762) was king of Kent . Upon the death of his father Wihtred , the kingdom was ruled by his three sons, Æthelbert II, Eadb...

Lord Cobham of Kent (deceased)

Notes: Of Colnbrook. Agnes de Norwood was the 5th wife and widow of Sir Roger de Norwood, and her maiden name was Agnes de Cobham, 3rd daughter of Lord Cobham of Kent. 1359 was charged with transferrin...

Lucia Countess of Kent (Visconti), Countess of Kent (c.1385 - 1424)

Matilda Cromwell of Kent (1387 - 1432)

N.N. of Kent (deceased)

N.N. of Kent (c.620 - d.)

Nn Nn of Kent (deceased)

Octa of Kent (534 - c.590)

Princess Marina of Greece and Denmark Duke of Kent (deceased)

Princess Theudelinda de Verdum (of Kent) (deceased)

Queen Berthe of Kent (541 - 617)

Sigehelm of Kent (871 - d.)

Sihgbert of Kent (1038 - d.)

sir john st leger sheriff of kent (deceased)

Sir John Langley of Kent (deceased)

Thomas Plantagenet, 1st Earl of Kent (1300 - c.1339)

Thomas Holland 2nd Earl of Kent (deceased)

Thomas Holland 1st Earl of Kent (deceased)

Wihtread King of Kent (deceased)

Wihtred of Kent (c.670 - 725)

William Fogge Sheriff of Kent (1388 - d.)

Withred King of Kent (deceased)

Wulfeva of Kent (c.970 - c.1028)

Æthelbrith of Kent (b. - 762)

Æðelbeorht II King of Kent (b. - 762)