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Gediminas of Lithuania, Lietuvos didysis kunigaikštis MP (c.1275 - c.1341)

============== (The first 1.wife Wida (Gvidona), second 2.wife Olga, third 3.wife Jauné/ Jaune/ Jewna, according genealogy Jagiellon). - - - Gediminas (ca. 1275 – winter 1341) was the monarch of me...


Sophia of Lithuania From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Sophia (1371–1453) was the only daughter of Vytautas the Great of Lithuania and his first wife Anna. On January 21, 1391, while her father ...


Agrafenija Princess of Lithuania (c.1326 - c.1370)

Agrippinna Olgierdovna Princess of Lithuania (c.1330 - 1394)

Father: Grand Duke of Lithuania, Olgierd. Agrippinna Olgierdovna Olgierdsdotter, died ca. 1393. Married with Boris Konstantinov, Prince of Gorodetzk-Suzdal, died 12th May 1393 or 12th May 1394 Suzdal. ...

Algirdas / Olgierd Koriat Michał Grand Duke of Lithuania (c.1296 - 1377)

------------------------------ ------------- Father is Gedymin / Gediminas and Mother is Jewna / Jauné / Jaune (Iewa). Olgierd / Algirdas : (The first 1.wife, Maria Yaroslavna Witebskaja/ Vitebsk, s...

Anna Sviatoslavna Grand Duchess of Lithuania (Smolenskaya) (c.1350 - 1418)

En el cuadro, Kestutis y su hijo Vitautas son tomados prisioneros por Jogaila en 1382; el primero muere en prisión en diciembre de ese año, mientras que Vitautas logra escapar gracias a su esposa Anna....

Daughter of Dausprungas of Lithuania (c.1210 - d.)

Niece of Mindaugas She was 2nd wife of Daniel_of_Galicia ∞ bef. 1252 See: ; Family Mother - Anna, allegedly a Byzantine noblewoman († after 1219), Princess of Galicia–Vo...

Daumantas of Lithuania (c.1210 - 1285)

Daumantas or Dovmont was the Grand Duke of Lithuania in 1282/1283-1285.[6] As a Grand Duke of Lithuania, Daumantas is mentioned in chronicles only once, and in absence of any other evidence, he is pres...

Dausprungas Довшпрунг of Lithuania (c.1190 - c.1238)

DAUSPRUNGAS (-[1238]). He succeeded Živinbudas [after 1219] as DAUSPRUNGAS Grand Duke of Lithuania. The name of Dausprungas's wife is not known. Dausprungas & his wife had one child, a daughter. Li...

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Giliginas Prince of Lithuania (c.1229 - 1278)

Helena Yevpraxia Olgierdovna Lithuania (Princess of Lithuania), Princess of Lithuania (c.1352 - 1438)

Jadwiga of Lithuania (b. - 1431)

Maria Princess of Tver (of Lithuania) (1305 - 1348)

Wife of Dmitry of Tver. She retired to a convent at Tver after her husband was killed by the Mongols in 1325.

Milussa / Miluša Zodeykowa (of Lithuania) (c.1350 - d.)

Mindaugas - Mindovg I King of Lithuania (1200 - 1263)

=========================== wikipedia - Mindaugas (ca. 1203 – fall 1263) was the first known Grand Duke of Lithuania and the only King of Lithuania . Little is known of his origins, early life, or ...

Miss Princess of Lithuania (1324 - c.1371)

N Vismantienė (of Lithuania) (c.1209 - c.1240)

N Alšėnienė (of Lithuania) (1279 - d.)

Patirg of Lithuania (1348 - 1365)

Ringaudas 1st Grand Duke of Lithuania (Рюрикович) (c.1170 - c.1219)

Ryngold or Rimgaudas was a mythological Grand Duke of Lithuania from the Palemonids legends and father of Mindaugas, the first King of Lithuania. НОВОГРУДСКОЕ КНЯЖЕСТВО 1230 - .01.1507 г. Новогрудок ...

Sofija (1372 - 1453)

Sophia Euphrosyne of Lithuania (Vytautaitė) (1371 - 1453)

El cuadro representa el casamiento de su hijo Vasili II en 1433 Sophia (1371–1453) was the only daughter of Vytautas the Great of Lithuania and his first wife Anna. On January 21, 1391, while her fat...

Teodora Princess of Lithuania (Algirdaitė) (c.1322 - 1377)

Treniota of Lithuania (deceased)

Unknown Queen of Lithuania (deceased)

Vaišvilas Prince of Lithuania (deceased)

Vytautas Aleksandras (deceased)

Yevfrosinia Olgierd dotter Smolenska (Princess of Lithuania) (b. - c.1405)

(informations from genealogy Golitsyn - Galitsine) : Yevfrosinia , died ca. 1405. Daughter of Gr. Duke Olgier of Lithuania. Married; Great Prince of Riazanj, Oleg (d. 5th July 1402).

Yury Patrikeyevich Starodubski, Prince (c.1384 - c.1447)

Prince, Jurgis (Jurij) Patrikeev. Patrikeev of Lithuania. Born ca. 1384, died ca. 1437. Boyar in Moscow. (died after 1437, ca. 1447). (informations genealogy Galitsyn, Pentti Aleksi Roeppaenen).-------...

Zojevitas Jonas Prince of Lithuania (1333 - 1358)