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Cecily of Mercia MP (1095 - d.)

Also known as Cecilia.

Ceolwulf I of Mercia, King of Mercia & Kent MP (c.774 - c.823)

King Of Mercia\ Ceowulf I Of Mercia7,139,140,141 died in 823. Acceded 821, deposed by his own people. Parents: CUTHA. Parents: Cuthbert OF MERCIA. Children were: Elfleda MERCIA. -----------------...

Ealdgyth of Mercia MP (1034 - 1086)

Ealdgyth of Mercia, not to be confused with Ealdgyth of Northumbria. Father: Ælfgar, son of Leofric and Godgifu (Lady Godiva) Mother: Ælfgifu, daughter of Morcar & Ealdgyth Married: 1. Gruffydd ap ...

Eadwine, Earl of Mercia MP (c.1028 - 1070)

Edwin, King of the East Saxons, deposed by the Conqueror, and killed in battle with the Normans, 1071. His sister married, 1st, the Welsh King Gruffydd. “Her name was Ealdgyth and her brothers were Ead...

Thorold (Þóróldr) of Mercia, of Lincoln or Bukenhall MP (955 - c.1041)

Thorold, father of Lady Godiva - according to primary sources rather the BROTHER of Godiva - fix after duplicate fixes in area. Lady Godiva - Godgifu Thorold of Bukendale, Sheriff of Lincolnshire...

Wiglaf Of Mercia, King of Mercia MP (770 - c.840)

Wiglaf (Witglaff) MERCIA7,27 died in 840. He was born in . Children were: WIGMUND. ------------------------------ ------------------------------ -------------------- \King Of Mercia\ Wiglaf Of MERC...

Álofr, Princess of Mercia MP (c.525 - d.)

Godiva of Mercia (deceased)

Godiva of Mercia (deceased)

Elflega of Mercia (deceased)

Ædburh MP (830 - 895)

Wigmund of Mercia (deceased)

Unknown Woman of Mercia (deceased)

? (deceased)

? (deceased)

Ælfgar, Earl of Mercia MP (c.1002 - c.1059)

Ælfgar of Mercia, son of Leofric and Godgifu (Lady Godiva) Married Ælfgifu, daughter of Morcar Three children: 1. Edwin 2. Morcar 3. Ealdgyth Married secondly a daughter of Gruffydd ap Llyw...

Aelfgifu (997 - 1092)

Aelfgifu of Mercia (of Wessex) (997 - d.)

Aethelred (deceased)

Æthelred "the Unready", King of the English MP (c.966 - 1016)

Æthelred II the Unready Son of King Edgar 'the Peaceful' and Queen Ælfthryth Links The Peerage Medlands King of England Reign 978 - 1013 + 1014 - 016 Predecessor Edward "the Martyr" (...

Alfgar Earl of Mercia, III (1002 - 1059)

Algar II (c.900 - d.)

Alwara (c.955 - d.)

Alwara and/or Ealdgyth Saxe-Mercia (deceased)

Alware (deceased)

Bassa of Mercia (c.645 - d.)

Bassa of Mercia (c.680 - d.)

Basse Cynreowing of Mercia (deceased)

Beorhtwulf, King of Mercia (b. - 852)

Beornred of Mercia (b. - c.769)

Bernoth of Mercia (deceased)

Bernthryth of Mercia (deceased)

Bernwine of Mercia (deceased)

Cearl of Mercia (deceased)

Centwine Cundwalhson of Mercia (657 - d.)

Centwine MP (c.654 - 711)

Son of Cundwalh Child of Centwine: Cynreou

Centwine of Mercia (deceased)

Cenwin of Mercia (c.600 - d.)

Ceolwulf of Mercia (deceased)

Ceowulf King of Mercia (766 - 823)

Clothair of Mercia (c.650 - d.)

Cnobba of Mercia (c.485 - d.)

Cnobba of Mercia (490 - d.)

Coenwalh MP (c.598 - 657)

Coenwalh (?) (1) M, #150364 Last Edited=3 Feb 2006 Coenwalh (?) is the son of Pybba (?). (2) Child of Coenwalh (?) -1. Cundwalh (?)+ (2) Forrás / Source: -------------------- Eowa (?)...

Coenwulf (or Cenwulf) King of Mercia (b. - 821)

Coenwulf (or Cenwulf) (died 821) was King of Mercia from December 796 to 821. He was a descendant of a brother of King Penda, who had ruled Mercia in the middle of the 7th century. He succeeded Ecgfr...

Coppa of Mercia (deceased)

Crida of Mercia (c.530 - d.)

Crida King of Mercia (540 - 593)

Cundwalh Coenwalhson of Mercia (deceased)

Cuthbert King of Mercia (b. - 789)

Cuthbert (deceased)

Cuthbert (deceased)

Cuthbert (deceased)

Cuthbert (b. - c.738)

Cuthbert Bassing of Mercia (deceased)

Cwenburh of Mercia (deceased)

Cwenburh (?) (1) F, #156902 Last Edited=20 Nov 2005 Cwenburh (?) married Edwin, King of Northumbria, son of Ælle, King of Deira. (1) Children of Cwenburh (?) and Edwin, King of Northumbria -1...

Cynreow MP (c.681 - 727)

Cynreou (?) (1) M, #150361 Last Edited=3 Feb 2006 Cynreou (?) is the son of Centwine (?). (2) Child of Cynreou (?) -1. Bassa (?)+ (2) Forrás / Source:

Cynreow Centwining of Mercia (deceased)

Eadwine of Mercia (deceased)

Ealdgyth (Edgitha) of Mercia (c.940 - d.)

OF ENGLAND Edgitha Or Ealdgytha Date of birth: 960 Place of birth: , , England Father: Aelfthryth Of Tamworth Husband: Morcar Of Northumbria Place of marriage: of Wessex, England No marri...

Ealgyth Thegn of the Seven Boroughs (of Mercia) (deceased)



Ealhswith of the Gaini, Queen of the Anglo-Saxons MP (c.852 - c.905)

Ealhswith, or Ealswitha, (born c. 852 in Mercia) of the Gaini was the daughter of Æthelred Mucil, Ealdorman of the Gaini. She was married in 868, to Alfred the Great, king of Wessex. The children of Al...

Edburga Of Mercia (829 - 895)

Edburga Of Mercia (829 - 895)

Lady Edith de Malet, Godiva's mother MP (c.960 - 1000)

Mother of Lady Godiva - Godgifu Thorold of Bukendale, Sheriff of Lincolnshire The relations here are unclear and not verified, but there is a connection to the Malet family: Relatives of the ...

Edwin ( Earl of Earl of Mercia (Northampton)) (1028 - 1039)

Æflæd MP (c.799 - 880)

Æflæd (?) (1) M, #152555 Last Edited=2 Aug 2005 Æflæd (?) is the son of Ceolwulf I, King of Mercia. (1) He married Wigmund (?), daughter of Wiglaf, King of Mercia and Cyneðryð (?). (1) Children...

Elfwina Countess of Mercia (c.905 - d.)

Elfwynn of Mercia (deceased)

Elgiva (887 - d.)

Emenhilda of Mercia (deceased)

Engengeate of Mercia (c.400 - d.)

Engengeate of Mercia (415 - d.)

Eomerus of Mercia (c.430 - d.)

Eomerus of Mercia (440 - d.)

Eowa of Mercia (deceased)

Eowa (or Eawa) was a son of the Mercian king Pybba and a brother of the Mercian king Penda; according to the Historia Brittonum[1] and the Annales Cambriae.[2] These two sources state that Eowa was a k...

Ethelred Countess of Mercia (c.919 - d.)

F39 of Mercia (deceased)

Goda of Mercia (Unknown) (deceased)

(b. - 1087)

Hugh of Mercia (deceased)

Hugh "The Great" Earl of Mercia, [Earl of] (c.835 - 853)

Hugh (The Great) Duke of Mercia (deceased)

Hugh (the Great) Earl of Mercia (deceased)

Ichel of Mercia (c.460 - d.)

Ichel of Mercia (465 - d.)