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Cecily of Mercia MP (c.1080 - d.)

Also known as Cecilia.

Cuthbeorht King of Mercia MP (740 - c.796)

Cuthbeorht (?) (1) M, #150273 Last Edited=2 Aug 2005 Cuthbeorht (?) is the son of Bassa (?). (2) Children of Cuthbeorht (?) -1. Ceonwulf, King of Mercia+ d. 821 (3) -2. Cuthræd, King...

Eadwine, Earl of Mercia MP (c.1028 - 1070)

Edwin, King of the East Saxons, deposed by the Conqueror, and killed in battle with the Normans, 1071. His sister married, 1st, the Welsh King Gruffydd. “Her name was Ealdgyth and her brothers w...

Thorold MP (955 - c.1041)

Thorold, father of Lady Godiva - according to primary sources rather the BROTHER of Godiva - fix after duplicate fixes in area. Lady Godiva - Godgifu Thorold of Bukendale, Sheriff of Lincolnshire...

Wiglaf Of Mercia, King of Mercia MP (770 - c.840)

Wiglaf (Witglaff) MERCIA7,27 died in 840. He was born in . Children were: WIGMUND. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- \King Of Mercia\ Wiglaf Of MERC...

Wigmund of Mercia, King of Mercia MP (c.800 - 851)

Prince Wigmund MERCIA7,139,140,141,299,465,466 was born about 792 in Mercia, England. The information in this GEDCOM has been compiled by David Lovegrove. Contact h im at . Pare...

Álofr of Mercia MP (c.525 - d.)

Elflega of Mercia (deceased)

Godiva of Mercia (deceased)

Godiva of Mercia (deceased)

Wigmund of Mercia (deceased)

Alvarissa Taillebois (Malet (Lady Lucia of Mercia)) (c.1048 - 1148)

Amelie of Mercia (of Arques) (1025 - d.)

Bassa of Mercia (c.680 - d.)

Bassa of Mercia (c.645 - d.)

Basse Cynreowing of Mercia (deceased)

Beorhtwulf, King of Mercia (b. - 852)

Beornred of Mercia (b. - c.769)

Bernoth of Mercia (deceased)

Bernthryth of Mercia (deceased)

Cearl of Mercia (deceased)

Centwine of Mercia (deceased)

Centwine Cundwalhson of Mercia (657 - d.)

Cenwin of Mercia (c.600 - d.)

Ceolwulf of Mercia (deceased)

Clothair of Mercia (Mercia) (c.650 - d.)

Cnobba of Mercia (490 - d.)

Coppa of Mercia (deceased)

Creoda King of Mercia (540 - 593)

Crida King of Mercia (540 - 593)

Cundwalh Coenwalhson of Mercia (deceased)

Cuthbert Bassing of Mercia (deceased)

CWENBURGA Coenburg Ceorlsdatter Princess of Mercia (585 - 633)

Cwenburh of Mercia (deceased)

Cwenburh (?) (1) F, #156902 Last Edited=20 Nov 2005 Cwenburh (?) married Edwin, King of Northumbria, son of Ælle, King of Deira. (1) Children of Cwenburh (?) and Edwin, King of Northumbr...

Cynewald King of Mercia (512 - 566)

Cynreow Centwining of Mercia (deceased)

Ealdgyth (Edgitha) of Mercia (c.940 - d.)

OF ENGLAND Edgitha Or Ealdgytha Date of birth: 960 Place of birth: , , England Father: Aelfthryth Of Tamworth Husband: Morcar Of Northumbria Place of marriage: of Wessex, England No marri...

Earl Alfgar III Of Mercia (c.1000 - 1059)

Edulph Earl of Mercia (c.901 - 946)

Edwin Prince of Tegeingl (of Mercia) (deceased)

Elfwina Countess of Mercia (c.905 - d.)

Elfwynn of Mercia (deceased)

Elgiva Of Mercia (Of England) (1000 - d.)

Emenhilda of Mercia (deceased)

Engengeate of Mercia (415 - d.)

Eomer/Eomaer of the ANGLES, of Mercia of Mercia (443 - 489)

Eomerus of Mercia (440 - d.)

Eowa of Mercia (deceased)

Eowa (or Eawa) was a son of the Mercian king Pybba and a brother of the Mercian king Penda; according to the Historia Brittonum[1] and the Annales Cambriae.[2] These two sources state that Eowa was a k...

Ethelfleda of Mercia (deceased)

Ethelred Countess of Mercia (c.919 - d.)

Hugh "The Great", Earl of Mercia (c.835 - 853)

Icel Eomersson King of Mercia (Mercia) (474 - 535)

Ichel of Mercia (465 - d.)

Kenobald of Mercia (515 - d.)

Kenrow of Mercia (c.620 - d.)

Kenwalk of Mercia (c.580 - d.)

Koneswitha Offasdatter Essex (Peadasdatter of Mercia) (700 - d.)

Koneswitha Offasdatter Essex (Peadasdatter of Mercia) (700 - d.)

Kyneburga of Mercia (b. - 680)

Lady Aelfwyn of Mercia (c.1045 - c.1090)

Lucia Tailboys (Of Mercia) (c.1035 - d.)

Lucy le Meschin (of Mercia) (deceased)

Mrs. Cnobba of Mercia (492 - d.)

Mrs. Crida Queen of Mercia (548 - d.)

Mrs. Engengeate of Mercia (418 - d.)

Mrs. Ichel of Mercia (468 - d.)

Mrs. Kenobald of Mercia (518 - d.)

Mrs. Osher of Mercia (746 - d.)

Mrs. Oswald of Mercia (766 - d.)

Mrs. Webba Queen of Mercia (578 - d.)

Osher of Mercia (c.720 - d.)

Osher of Mercia (742 - d.)

Ostburga Of Mercia England (840 - c.890)

Oswald of Mercia (c.745 - d.)

Oswald of Mercia (766 - d.)

Penda King of Mercia (595 - 655)

Penda Pybbasson king of Mercia (deceased)

Ricthryth of Mercia (c.762 - d.)

Thorlongus Leofwinson of Mercia (1030 - 1110)

Unknown Woman of Mercia (deceased)

Unknown Woman (deceased)

Webba of Mercia (c.555 - d.)

Webba King of Mercia (570 - 614)

Wiglaf of Mercia (b. - c.849)

Wigmund Of Mercia (792 - 880)

Wigmund of Mercia (deceased)

Wigmund of Mercia (deceased)

Wulfric of Mercia (c.1009 - c.1059)

HUSBAND: WOLFRIC. Of Staffordshire, England; son of GODWIN He was Lord of Aldithley, Talk and Balterley in the county of Staffordshire, and of Cedde and Mottram Andrew in the county of Cheshire. He w...

Wulfrun of Mercia (c.908 - d.)

Ælfgifu of Mercia (1050 - d.)

Ælflida of Mercia (deceased)

Ælfthryth of Mercia (c.940 - d.)

Æthelred of Mercia (c.870 - 912)

Earl Æthelred I of Mercia (822 - d.)