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Prince Albrecht, Margrave of Meissen MP (1934 - 2012)


Prince Beltrán of Tarnovo MP

Prince Kardam of Tarnovo MP (1962 - d.)

Prince Kyril of Preslav MP (1964 - d.)

Grand Duchess Maria Ferdinanda of Tuscany MP (1796 - 1865)

Maria von Sachsen (1796–1865) aus Wikipedia, der freien Enzyklopädie Wechseln zu: Navigation, Suche Maria von Sachsen, Großherzogin von Toskana, Stich von Raffaello Sanzi...

Princess Olimpia of Preslav MP

Princes Mafalda-Cecilia of Preslav MP

Princess Sofia of Bulgaria MP

Prince Tirso of Bulgaria MP

Prince Umberto of Bulgaria MP

Duchess Agnes of Austria (deceased)

Princess Maria Anna Sophia of Saxony (1728 - 1797)

Arnoald Xxvii Bishop (Of Saxony) (562 - 601)

Arnoldus Of Saxony (562 - 601)

Bernard Duke of Saxony, II (c.995 - d.)

Bernard I of Saxony (deceased)

Bertha von Putelendorf (of Saxony) (c.1137 - 1190)

Brand Brond the Blessed Archdruid King of Saxony (278 - 360)

Count Isanbart of Saxony (deceased)

Emperor Otto II of Saxony, H.R.E. (955 - 983)

Otto II (955 – December 7, 983, Rome), called the Red, was the third ruler of the Saxon or Ottonian dynasty, the son of Otto the Great and Adelaide of Italy. Education, first years of reign ...

Ersa of Saxony (deceased)

Evasna DeNordgau (of Saxony) (810 - d.)

Folkwin Of Saxony (735 - d.)

Frederick I of Saxony (1722 - 1763)

Frederick I of Saxony (1370 - 1428)

Friar Siegfried of Saxony (b. - c.1030)

Friedrun Of Saxony (Von Ringelheim) (von Ringleheim) (880 - 917)

Frigg Verch Wuotan-Cadwaldr (of Saxony) (deceased)

Geirtjov Of Saxland Germany of Saxony (Geirtjov), England (deceased)

Gertrude de Supplinbourg of Saxony (1115 - 1143)

Hedwig of Altorf (of Saxony) (b. - c.833)

Henry Heinrich V (The Lion) of Saxony and Bavaria (Von Zelle Duke of Bavaria & Saxony) (1129 - 1195)

Henry X (The Proud) of Saxony and Bavaria (1129 - 1195)

Herman, Duke of Saxony (c.900 - 973)

Hermann (died 27 March 973, Quedlinburg) was a Saxon nobleman and the oldest well-known member of the House of Billung. Hermann's parents are unknown. Hermann is generally counted as the first Billun...

HM Queen Sidonia (of Saxony) (1834 - 1900)

Ida of Namur (of Saxony) (deceased)

Immed of Saxony (deceased)

Isanbart Count of Saxony (deceased)

Katharina von Sachsen of Saxony (1468 - 1524)

Katharina von Sachsen (1468–1524) aus Wikipedia, der freien Enzyklopädie Wechseln zu: Navigation, Suche Katharina von Sachsen Katharina von Sachsen (* 24. Juli 1468 in Grimma, S...

Lord Otto von Wulfhild, 7th Duke of Saxony (deceased)

Magnus of Saxony (deceased)

Magnus the 1st Duke of Saxony (deceased)

Maria of Saxony (1724 - 1760)

Maria of Saxony (deceased)

Maria Amalia of Saxony (1724 - 1760)

Marie Josèphe of Saxony (nein mrg) (1731 - 1767)

In 1751, Jean-Marc Nattier runs this oval portrait of the dauphine Marie-Josèphe of Saxony. Offered to the duchesse de Brancas, dame d'honneur to the Dauphine until 1762, he resumed exactly the ...

Mathilde of Saxony (deceased)

Matilda Maud Duchess of Saxony (Plantagenet) (1156 - 1189)

Maud of Saxony (deceased)

Oda of Of Saxony (De Savoy) (562 - 611)

Odin (Woden?) Wuotan (of Saxony) (266 - d.)

Otte of Saxony (875 - 951)

Otto the Illustiuos Von Erlauchton Duke of Saxony (Otto) (837 - 912)

Philippa of Saxony (b. - 1608)

Princess Mathilde of Saxony (1937 - d.)

Richenza de Northeim Queen of Saxony (liudolf) (1086 - c.1140)

Richenza of Northeim From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Richenza of Northeim (c. 1087/1089–June 10, 1141) was a member of the dynasty of the Counts of Northeim, and a German Empress. Sh...

Theodoric King of Saxony (660 - d.)

Unknown Unknown (of Saxony) (deceased)

Warnechin King of Saxony & Engem (b. - 768)

Wichmann I Of Saxony (von Sachsen) (876 - 944)

Wigbert Duke of Saxony (deceased)

Wigebart Of Saxony (752 - 825)

Wilhelm Duke of SAXONY (1184 - 1213)

Witte King of Saxony (320 - 400)

Wulfhild Duchess of Bavaria (Princess of Saxony) (b. - 1126)