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NN of Scots, of Leinster MP (901 - c.935)

Malcolm I of Scotland Malcolm I (Máel Coluim mac Domnaill), the son of Donald I of Scotland, became the King of Scotland in 942 or 943 after his cousin King Constantine II of Scotland abdicate...

Étgar King Of Scots, King of Scots MP (c.1074 - 1107)

Edgar or Étgar mac Maíl Choluim of Scotland. Modern Gaelic: Eagar mac Mhaoil Chaluim; Mediaeval English: Eadgar Margotsson), nicknamed Probus, "the Valiant"[1] (c. 1074–8 January...

Aidan King of Scots in Argyll (532 - 606)

Alexander I "The Fierce: King of Scots (Canamore) (1077 - 1124)

Alexander II, King of Scots (1198 - 1249)

Donald II "The Madman" King of Scots (deceased)

Dongart "King of Scots" (600 - 673)

Dongart (Eugene VI) "King of Scots" (630 - 692)

Duncan "The Gracious" King of Scotland (King of Scots) (1006 - 1040)

Duncan I Donnchad King of Scots (b. - 1040)

Eochaid III "King of Scots" (685 - 721)

Ethach II King of Of Scots (c.640 - 696)

Findon "King of Scots" (660 - 677)

James IV Stewart, King of Scots (1473 - 1513)

James V, King of Scots (1512 - 1542)

Joan Beaufort, Queen Consort of Scots (c.1404 - 1445)

Kenneth II King of Scots (deceased)

King Donald VI of Scots (862 - 903)

King Erth (Erec) of Scots (360 - d.)

King Ethod of Scots (330 - d.)

Malcolm I King of Scots (deceased)

Malcom III King of Scots (1031 - 1093)

Margaret Tudor, Queen of Scots (deceased)

Margaret Tudor, Queen Consort of Scots (1489 - 1541)

Mary Queen of scots (deceased)

Mary Queen of Scots (deceased)

Mary Stuart (Queen of Scots) (deceased)

Mary Stewart Queen Of Scots (deceased)

Robert I the Bruce King of Scots (deceased)

See Mary Queen of Scots (deceased)

Sibyl Elizabeth of Scots (Beauclerc) (1099 - 1122)

William I CANMOREMacCRINAN (26th King) of SCOTS (deceased)