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Clogoittah Maiden of Tellico (Cherokee) MP (1706 - 1790)

Attended: 1730, Delegation to King George II Blood: Full Blood Cherokee Clan: Ani'-Ga'tâge'wi = Kituah or Wild Potato (Wa-Wli Vann) Clogoittah [1238] ABT 1706 - ____ * BIRTH: ABT 170...

Kallannah of Tellico (Conjuror), Cherokee Emissary to England MP (1724 - d.)

Kitegista Skalilosken of Tellico (Conjuror), Cherokee Emissary to England MP (c.1708 - 1792)

Kitegista, Birth : ABT 1708 Cherokee Nation-East Death : 30 SEP 1792 Buchanan's Station, Cherokee Nation-East Gender: Male Parents: Father: Tellico, Moytoy "the Pigeon" of Chief Mother: Ani...

Ounaconoa of Tellico, Cherokee Emissary to England MP (1716 - d.)

Quatsy "Nancy" of Tellico (of the Ani'-Wa'ya (Wolf Clan)) MP (c.1650 - 1692)

Alternate names: Que-Di-Si, Oo-yo-sti Otiyu, Polly, or Quali of the Ani'-Wa'ya (Ani'-Way'ya =. Wolf Clan). Born c. 1650 Tellico Died 1692 Cherokee Nation East Quatsy married Chief Amatoya Moyto...

Tathtowe (Tittoe II) of Tellico (Conjuror), Cherokee Emissary to England MP (c.1712 - d.)

Willenawah "Great Eagle" MP (1702 - c.1788)

Chief Great Eagle CORNTASSEL (son of Kai-Yah-Tah-Hee (First to Kill) CORNTASSEL)163 was born 1702 in Cherokee Nation East, Toqua163, and died Abt. 1788 in Cherokee Nation East, Toqua163. He married N...

Amamatai II Ama Matai II Moytoy of Tellico/ Emperor of the Cherokee, Carpenter #2 (1635 - 1710)

In any genealogy there are many sources that if listed would produce more data than the tree itself and many would likely be left out. I normally do not list sources. There are a few sources though tha...

Chief Amahetai co MoyToy MA'TAYI' Pigeon of Tellico "Trader Tom" Carpenter (Ani'-Wa'ya = Wolf Clan (Quatsy)) II (Chief Amahetai MoyToy MA'TAYI' Pigeon of Tellico (Wolf Clan (Quatsy)) II) (c.1699 - 1797)

Go-sa-du-isga of Tellico (deceased)

Moltoy of Tellico (1687 - 1741)

Moytoy Pigeon of Tellico, Principal Chief and Emperor of the Cherokee (Moytoy) (1687 - 1741)

Quatsy Of Tellico (deceased)

Su gi of Tellico (deceased)

Supreme Chief Moytoy II (of Tellico) (deceased)

My ancestor that ties me in to Moytoy is Lewis Atkins who married Elizabeth (Monroe) dau of Robert S. Monroe that goes through my Monroe line.