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Adélaide of the Franks MP (792 - 846)

Adelaide d'Aquitaine F, #103201 Last Edited=13 Jul 2005 Adelaide d'Aquitaine is the daughter of Louis I, Roi de France and Irmengard of Hesbain. Forrás / Source: -------------------- Ben...

Chilpéric II, King of the Franks MP (c.672 - 721)

He was raised as a monk under the name Daniel, but became King of Neustria (715), and sole King of the Franks (719), succeeding Dagobert III. He was the last Merovingian king to exercise independent au...

Chlotaire IV, King of the Franks MP (b. - c.719)

Chram of the Franks MP (c.513 - 561)

Grotte of the Franks MP (69 - 100)

born 69 or 78

Théodéric of the Franks MP (c.725 - 792)

Adaltrude or Aupais de Paris (of the Franks) (774 - 855)

Aganippus . King of the Franks (deceased)

Althidis of The Franks (of Britain) (c.105 - d.)

Antenor of The Franks, V (c.30 - c.69)

Antenor lV King of the Franks (b. - 69)

<private> (376 - 394)

Ascyla of The Franks (c.30 - d.)

Bartheruss of The Franks (c.200 - c.272)

Charibert King of the Franks (Hesbye (de Haspengau)), I (c.517 - 567)

Childeric of The Franks (c.177 - c.253)

Choldebaud King of the Franks at Cologne (c.430 - 450)

Chram Merovingian (of the Franks) (deceased)

Chusène of the Franks, Concubine 1 (513 - d.)

Claudius III King of the Franks (deceased)

Clodimer of The Franks, IV (c.120 - d.)

Clodius of The Franks (of the East Franks), II (deceased)

Clodius of The Franks, II (c.-35 - c.20)

Clodomir of The Franks, III (c.3 - c.63)

Clothary/Clothaire King of Soissons, Austrasia, & Neustria; King of the Franks (Radegund) (497 - 561)

Clothary/Clothaire I King of Soissons, Austrasia, & Neustria, King of the Franks (497 - 561)

Clovis I "the Great" King of the Franks (466 - 511)

Clovis I, "The Great" King of the Franks (466 - 511)

Clovis II of the Franks, King (Merovingian) (635 - 658)

Daghad of the Franks, II (deceased)

Dagobert II Duke of the Franks (300 - 379)

Ermentrude Of the Franks (Of Orleans) (830 - 869)

Farabert of The Franks (c.135 - c.186)

Franks Frankus of The Franks (c.-57 - -10)

Frotmund Desposynl of The Franks (De Frimutel) (c.-50 - c.11)

Genebald of The Franks (deceased)

Genebald of The Franks (deceased)

Hafilda of The Franks (of the Rugii) (c.116 - c.136)

Herimerus King of the Franks (deceased)

Hildegarde, Princess Queen of the Franks (of Vinzgau) (deceased)

Ingobera King of the Franks (of Paris) (c.519 - c.589)

Ingonde Queen Of The Franks (b. - 590)

King Clodius of the Franks III (c.220 - c.298)

King Clodius I IV Duke of the Franks (324 - 389)

King Genebald I Ist Duke of the Franks (262 - 350)

King Luis I 'The Pious' of the Franks (Other Tree) (deceased)

King Walter Gautier of the Franks (c.245 - c.306)

Marcomir of The Franks, III (deceased)

<private> (deceased)

Marcomir King of the Franks (222 - 281)

Marcomire of The Franks, III (c.-11 - c.50)

Marcomire of The Franks, IV (c.105 - c.149)

Memorana of the Franks (deceased)

Mrs Walter Queen Of The FRANKS (deceased)

NN2 Of the Franks (deceased)

NN2 Of the Franks (deceased)

Odomir of The Franks (c.85 - c.128)

Pharamond of Westphalia (of the Franks) (deceased)

Possibly Hugh the Great Duke of the Franks (Count of Paris) (898 - 956)

Queen Argotta Cimbri of the Franks (376 - d.)

Queen Athildis Des Sicambrian of the Franks (281 - 376)

Ratherius of The Franks, IV (c.50 - c.90)

Siegbert I King of the Franks at Cologne (c.445 - c.509)

St. Clothilda Queen of the Franks (deceased)

Sunno of The Franks (c.157 - c.213)

Theodelinde de Bourgogne Queen of the Franks (c.452 - c.475)

King Theodoric III of the Franks (654 - 691)

Theodosa Princess of Burgundy and the Ostrogoths, QUEEN OF THE FRANKS (Theodosa) (c.520 - d.)

Ymbergide Imberltrude Queen Of The Franks (Franks) (375 - d.)