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Wife of Gento MP (405 - d.)

Wife of Gailar MP (deceased)

Wife of Theoderic of the Vandals MP (deceased)

Amalberga,Prinzessin der Vandalen MP (c.490 - 523)

Amalafreda "the Younger", Queen of the Thuringii MP (c.500 - c.540)

The Foundation for Medieval genealogy says, “The name of Hilderic's wife is not known.” ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Amalaberga From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation, search...

Flora, Queen of the Vandals MP (c.365 - c.450)

Gailar, son of Gento MP (c.460 - c.523)

Family GENTO [Geiso] (after 420-before 484). The Victoris Vitensis Historia names "Gentunis" as brother of Huneric[47]. m ---. The name of Gento's wife is not known. Gento & his wife had four child...

Gailamir, King of the Vandals (530-533) MP (c.450 - 534)

Gelimer (original form possibly Geilamir, 480-553), King of the Vandals and Alans (530 - 534), was the last ruler of the North African Kingdom of the Vandals. He became ruler in 530 after deposing his ...

Godagis, exiled son of Gento MP (deceased)

Hilderic, King of the Vandals & Alans MP (c.462 - 534)

Ben M. Angel's summary: Relationships: Parents: Huneric (d. 484), King of the Vandals in Africa (477-484) Eudoxia "the Younger" (d. c 472) Spouse: Unknown Children: Unknown number of so...

Huneric, King of the Vandals & Alans MP (c.454 - c.480)

Huneric or Honeric (died December 23, 484) was King of the Vandals (477 – 484) and the oldest son of Geiseric. He was the first Vandal king to use the title King of the Vandals and Alans. ----...

Radagaisus "the Vandal", Horde military leader MP (c.335 - 406)

Ben M. Angel notes: The picture on this profile, as of 11 December 2010, is actually of Flavius Stilicho, Radagaisus' nemesis. From From the English Wikipedia page on Radagaisus: Radagaisus (...

Sister of Gailamir (deceased)

(Unknown) of the Vandals (deceased)

(Unknown) of the Vandals (deceased)

Brother of Gailamir (deceased)

(Unknown) of the Vandals (deceased)

Amfleda Of The VANDALS (500 - d.)

Amfleda The younger Of The Vandals (482 - d.)

Amfleda The younger Of The Vandals (482 - d.)

Ammatas of the Vandals (deceased)

Eudocia Princess of Rome, Queen of the Vandals (438 - 474)

Gibamund of the Vandals (deceased)

Gosanna of the Vandals (c.485 - 518)

Hilderic KING OF THE VANDALS (489 - d.)

Hildis Of The Vandals (549 - 572)

Hjordis of the Vandals (deceased)

Hoamer Hasdingi dit L'Achille Vandale of the Vandals (c.480 - c.530)

Hunneric Of The VANDALS (449 - 480)

King Hilderich Of The Vandals Sweden (470 - 500)

Tzazo, brother of Gailamir (b. - 533)