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Francio, King of the West Franks MP (c.-49 - c.-7)

born 90BC or 100BC or 57BC or 54BC died 11BC or 11AD Issued an edict according to which the name 'Sicambrians' had to be replaced by 'Franks'. Led a Frankish-Saxonian-Thuringian army against the Ro...

Gisèle of the West Franks MP (819 - 874)

Gisela of the Franks Daughter of Louis I 'le Pieux' & his second wife Judith Spouse: Eberhard di Friulia Children:eleven ! LINKS Emperor Louis I & his second wife, Judith, had [three] childre...

Odo (Eudes), King of France MP (860 - 898)

Odo or Eudes of the West Franks, later King of France Son of Comte Robert "le Fort" & his wife According to the FMG Medieval Lands database on the Capetians : 1. EUDES [Odo] (in Neustria [after 8...


Clodius I King Of The West Franks (c.180 - d.)

UNKNOWN of the West Franks (c.27 - d.)