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Alexander Paris of Troy MP (-1227 - d.)

Paris (mythology) From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation, search This article is about the prince of Troy. For other uses, see Paris (disambiguation). Prince Paris (Greek: ...

Alexandros King of Troy, King of Troy MP (c.-747 - c.-677)

born 747BC or 780BC or 677BC or 700BC or 845BC -------------------- Event(s) Birth: 0765 BC OF SIMMERIA, BLACK SEA REGION, TROYA, ANCIENT TURKEY Death: BC OF SIMMERIA, BLACK SEA REGION,TROYA, A...

Basabelian II King of Troy, King of Troy MP (c.-875 - c.-790)

Born: 620 or 830 BC or 875BC Event(s) Birth: 0780 BC OF SIMMERIA, BLACK SEA REGION, TROYA, ANCIENT TURKEY Death: BC OF SIMMERIA, BLACK SEA REGION, TROYA, ANCIENT TURKEY-------------------- poss. ...

Cambra of Sicambria (of Troy), Queen of the Sicambrii MP (c.-462 - c.-384)

The Sicambri tribe was named after Cambra. B: -400 or -462-------------------- eponym af SICAMBRI stamme Poss. HM George I s 57-oldemor. Poss. HRE Ferdinand I s 55-oldemor. Poss. Agnes Harris '...

Cassandra of Troy MP (deceased)

Eurydice, Queen of Troy MP (c.-1335 - c.-1279)

born: 1320BC or 1335BC Eurídice también era el nombre de la esposa de Ilo y madre de Laomedonte; ambos reyes de Troya. Eurydice of Greek Myth1 Eurydice of Greek Myth||p241.htm#i2733...

Eurymedusa of Troy MP (deceased)

Helen of Troy MP (deceased)

Helen of Troy : In Greek mythology she was the daughter of Zeus and Leda (or Nemesis), step-daughter of King Tyndareus, wife of Menelaus and sister of Castor, Polydeuces and Clytemnestra. Her abduction...

Lachesis - Λάχεσις - Decima MOIRA (Fates / Moirae) (of Troy) MP (deceased)

In Greek mythology, Lachesis (also Lakhesis, Greek: Λάχεσις, English: "disposer of lots", Etymology: λαγχάν&#x...

Marcomir I / II of Troy Van Sicambria, King of the Cimmerians MP (c.-495 - c.-412)

born: 470BC or 495BC Event(s) Birth: 0500 BC, OF SIMMERIA, BLACK SEA REGION, ANCIENT TURKEY, GREEK EMPIRE Death: 0412 BC, CAMBRIA-GALIA, HOLLAND, FRANK TRIBES -------------------- Marcomer I ...

Memnon of Troy MP (c.-1260 - -1183)

B: 1300BC or 1250BC D: 1183BC or 1200BC or 1138BC Memnon (Munon) of TROY King of ETHIOPIA Born: ? Died: abt. 1183 BC -------------------- In Greek mythology, Memnon (Greek: Mέ...

Myrmidon of Troy MP (deceased)

Idaea Queen Nymph MP (c.-1365 - d.)

Dates given are Before Christ (BC) B: -1365 or -1500 Need to be merged with: -------------------- In Greek mythology, Idaea (Idaia) was a nymph, wife of Scamander and mother of King Teucer. I...

Placia (Strymo) Queen of Troy MP (-1285 - d.)

''' poss. aka Placia, også boring Hesione (qv)''' Poss. Jullus i Roms Great-oldemor. --- poss. Ægtemænd / Partnere: Laomedan (King) i TROY , Priamos (qv: Laomedan søn)...

Placia "Water Nymph", Queen of Troy MP (1290 - d.)

born: 1280BC or 1340BC ID: I62077 Name: Placia of Troy Given Name: Placia Surname: of Troy Nickname: Strymo Sex: F _UID: C631AB1F5F8AD64BAD745D9321F64983BFA9 Change Date: 26 Nov 2005 ...

Plesron II King of Troy, King of Troy MP (c.-860 - c.-820)

born: 860BC or 807BC or 640Bc or 905BC -------------------- Event(s) Birth: 0800 BC OF SIMMERIA, BLACK SEA REGION, TROYA, ANCIENT TURKEY Death: BC OF SIMMERIA, BLACK SEA REGION, TROYA, ANCIENT ...

Polydeuces / Pollux Πολυδεύκης of Sparta (of Troy) MP (deceased)

In Greek and Roman mythology, Castor Κάστωρ ("beaver") and Pollux or Polydeuces Πολυδεύκης...

Sarpédon Mythology (of Troy) MP (deceased)

Scamandrius "Astyanax" of Troy MP (b. - -1020)

Semele - Σεμέλη - Thyone of Troy MP (deceased)

Meio-sangue (Semi-deusa) Teve amores com Zeus, a quem pediu para mostrar todo o seu esplendor, quando estava grávida. Morreu fulminada quando Zeus apresentou-se como deus olímpico, envo...

Tithonis / Tithonus / Titonius A Trojan Prince King Of Troy (Assyria) MP (-1260 - -1237)

Gen 88: Tithonis, King of Ethiopia, son of Laomedan and Placia, died in 1183 BC. Laomedan had at least one daughter, Hesione. His son Tithonus was abducted by Eos, goddess of dawn, and taken to E...

Tros, King of Troy MP (c.-1375 - -1328)

born: 1375BC or 1337BC died: 1328BC or 1314BC c.1281BC Tros van Acadia. Namegiver of the city Troje. Troy (Asia Minor), also Ilium (ancient Ilion), famous city of Greek legend, on the northwest...

Scamander of Teucri MP (c.-1360 - d.)

Born 1375BC or 1417BC Dates given are B.C. (Before Christ) -------------------- For other uses, see Scamander (disambiguation). In Greek mythology, Scamander (Skamandros, Xanthus) was a river g...

Achaeus of Troy (deceased)

Aegina of Troy (deceased)

Aethlius of Troy (deceased)

Aglaia - Ἀγλαΐα Graatsia / Charites (of Troy) (deceased)

The youngest of the Charites, Aglaea or Aglaia ("splendor, brilliant, shining one") was Hephaestus' wife and Asclepius' daughter in Greek mythology. Other sources cite her and her sisters as the daught...

Aigesta of Troy (deceased)

Aigipan Of Troy (deceased)

Aix Of Troy (deceased)

Akheilos of Troy (deceased)

Alagonia of Troy (deceased)

Alatheia of Troy (deceased)

Alexandre King of Troy (c.780 - d.)

Altheus (Altheo) King of the Janigenae King of Italy of Troy of Janigenae (Janigenorum), King of the Janigenae (b. - -1667)

Name: Altheus OF THE JANIGENAE Prefix: King Given Name: Altheus Surname: of the Janigenae Sex: M 1 Death: 1667 BC Father: Thuscus OF THE JANIGENAE Marriage 1 Spouse Unknown Married: C...

Amphion (Twin) of Troy (deceased)

Anaxithea of Troy (deceased)

Antenor i King of Troy/Cimmerians (deceased)

Antenor The Cimmerian King of Troy (b. - 440)

Antiope of Troy (deceased)

Aoide (Orig 3) of Troy (deceased)

Arcesius of Troy (deceased)

Astraia Titanson (of Troy) (deceased)

Astvocho Ilium "astyoche" Queen of Troy (deceased)

Ate of Troy (deceased)

Athra Queen of Troy (deceased)

Atropos - Άτροπος - Morta (Fates / Moirae) (of Troy) (deceased)

In Greek mythology, Atropos (pronounced /ˈætrəpɒs/) (from Greek Άτροπος, "without turn") was one of the three Moirae, goddes...

Atymnius of Troy (deceased)

Balius of Troy (deceased)

Basabeliam ii Basabiliano King of Troy (c.815 - d.)

Basabiliano i King of Troy (c.1130 - d.)

Basia Trojons Asia Ilium (Princess of Troy) (deceased)

Bedweg Queen of Troy (deceased)

Bladud 1st King of Siluria of Troy (deceased)

Britomartis of Troy (deceased)

Callirhoe of Troy (deceased)

Callirhoe of Troy (deceased)

Cambra of Troy (deceased)

Event(s) Birth: abt 0445 BC Sangarius River, OF SIMMERIA-CAMBRIA, Asia Minor Turkey Death: Sangarius River, OF SIMMERIA-CAMBRIA, Asia Minor Turkey Parents Father: Unknown Marriage(s) Sp...

Caomedon King of Troy (1285 - d.)

Carmé of Troy (deceased)

Carnus of Troy (deceased)

Chaldene of Troy (deceased)

Clotho of Troy (deceased)

Clytemnestra (Twin to Helen) of Troy (deceased)

Corinthus of Troy (deceased)

Crinacus of Troy (deceased)

Darda Dardanus of Troy King of Troy (1710 - d.)

Eileithyia Goddess of Birth (of Troy) (deceased)

Elara of Troy (deceased)

Eliacor King of Troy (c.1040 - d.)

Emathion of Troy (deceased)

Emathion was king of Ethiopia, the son of Tithonus and Eos, and brother of Memnon. Heracles killed him. [source: ]

Epaphus of Troy (deceased)

Eriopis of Troy (-1257 - d.)

Eriopis is supposed to be the human wife or Anchises, King of Dardania.

Eris Goddess of Discord (of Troy) (deceased)

Ersa of Troy (deceased)

Erustus of Troy, Twin (deceased)

Esdron King of Troy and Cimmerians (deceased)

Euphrosyne - Εὐφροσύνη Graatsia / Charites (of Troy) (deceased)

In Greek mythology, Euphrosyne (Εὐφροσύνη; (English pronunciation: /juːˈfrɒzɨniː/) was one of the Chari...

Eurynome - Εὐρυνόμη of Troy (deceased)

Eurynomê (Εὐρυνόμη, ευρύς -eurys "broad" + νόμος -nomos "pasture") w...

Francus Franco King of Troy and Cimmerians (c.1220 - d.)

Gaberiano (Zaberian ?) of Cimmerians Bageriano, King of Troy (deceased)

Ganymedes of Troy (da Dardania) (deceased)

Graecus of Troy (deceased)

Harmonia Of Troy (deceased)

Hecuba Phrygia Queen of Troy (deceased)

Hecuba Andromache King of Troy (deceased)

Helenus i King of Troy and Epirus (king of Cimmerians) (deceased)

Helenus ii King of Troy (c.885 - d.)

Helenus IV (Greek Royalty) King of Troy (deceased)

Helenus IV The Cimmerian King of Troy (b. - 500)

Helenus of Epirus of Troy (-1185 - d.)

Helenus of Troy King of Troy (b. - 1184)

Heremond Queen of Troy (deceased)

Herophile of Troy (deceased)

Hildeburh Queen of Troy (122 - d.)

Hildeburh, introduced in l. 1071 of the poem, Beowulf, is the daughter of the Danish King Hoc and the wife of the Finn, King of the Frisians. Her story is sung by a scop during festivities in lines 107...

Himalia of Troy (deceased)

Hippodameia of Troy (-1232 - d.)

Iarbas of Troy (King of Troy) (deceased)

Iasion (Jasius) Of Troy (deceased)

Ilus Illo of Troy King of Troy (1260 - d.)