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Berhtric, King of Wessex MP (b. - 802)

Berhtric, King of Wessex (1) M, #150376, d. 802 Last Edited=27 Nov 2005 Berhtric, King of Wessex married Eadburh (?), daughter of Offa, King of Mercia and Cynethryth (?), in 789. (2) He died in...

Cenwealh, King of Wessex MP (c.622 - 672)

Cenwalh of Wessex From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (Redirected from Cenwalh) Jump to: navigation, search Cenwalh King of Wessex Reign 643–645; 648–674 Died 674 Pr...

Cwenburh or Cwenberga (not Cwengyth) Princess of Wessex, Abbess of Wimbourne (Cwenburh), Lady Of Somerset MP (c.670 - 690)

Cuthburga and Cwenburh, sisters of King Ine of Wessex, founded a convent in Wimborne in 718. Encyclopedia Brittanica: Wimborne Minster (source of photo): town (“parish”), East Dorset ...

Eadburgha Edburga of Wessex, Nun at Nunnaminster MP (c.897 - 960)

Saint Eadburh or Edburga (died June 15, 960) was the daughter of King Edward the Elder of England and his third wife, Eadgifu of Kent. There is little contemporary information for her life, but in a Wi...

Eadgyth Edith of Dublin and York (of Wessex) MP (c.900 - 927)

Eadgyth, daughter of Edward 'the Elder' and his first wife Ecgwynn. She married widower Sithric (Sigtrygg) of York who had three children from a previous marriage. No children. EADGYTH ([895/90...

Eadwin Edwin Æthling of Wessex MP (c.902 - 933)

Edwin (died 933) was the younger son of King Edward the Elder and Ælfflæd, his second wife. He drowned at sea in circumstances which are unclear. EADWINE (-drowned English Channel 9...

Ædflæd Edfleda of Wessex, Nun at Winchester MP (903 - 927)

Ædflæd or Edfleda, daughter of Edward 'the Elder' and his second wife Ælfflæd. A nun at Wiltshire, no children. EDFLEDA (-bur Wilton Abbey, Wiltshire[1654]). William o...

Ælfred of Wessex MP (c.900 - c.924)

Ælfred or Alfred, first son of Edward 'the Elder' and his first wife Ecgwynn. No children. King Edward "the Elder" & his first wife Ecgwynn had [three] children: 1. ÆLFRED ([893/94]...

Æthelflæda of Wessex, Nun at Romsey MP (c.903 - 963)

Æthelfleda might be a daughter of Edward 'the Elder' and his second wife Ælfflæd. She might also be the same person as her sister Ædflæd/Edfleda. [ÆTHELFLE...

Æthelweard "The Historian" Ealdorman of Wessex, Ealdorman of Wessex MP (c.920 - c.998)

Æthelwerd I "the Historian" Theign of Surrey Earldorman in Wessex died 0998 father: Eadric Earldorman of Wessex died about 0949 mother: Æthelgifu of Wessex (end of...

Ēadgifu Ogive of Wessex, Queen of France MP (904 - 951)

Eadgifu or Edgifu (Old English: Ēadgifu; 902 – after 955) was a daughter[1] of Edward the Elder, King of Wessex and England, and his second wife Ælfflæd (Æthelhelmsdo...

******** of Wessex (deceased)

Aelfgifu Of Northumbria (Of Wessex) (997 - 1098)

Aelfgifu of Mercia (of Wessex) (997 - d.)

Aelfgyva of Wessex (c.978 - 1017)

Aelfred of Wessex (c.871 - d.)


Aethelwulf King of Wessex (795 - c.858)

Albert of of Wessex (Wessex) (655 - d.)

Alfred the Great (House of Wessex) (849 - 899)

Alfred the Great was King of Wessex from 871 to 899. Alfred successfully defended his kingdom against the Viking attempt at conquest, and by the time of his death had become the dominant ruler in Eng...

Athelstan 'Gewissa' of Wessex (c.895 - 939)

Caedwalla King of Wessex (c.547 - 593)

Cedric King of Wessex (467 - 534)

Cen-Red (Cune Red; Conrad) of Wessex (deceased)

Centwine Cynegilsson of Wessex (deceased)

Cenwealh King Of Wessex (615 - 672)

Ceola of Wessex (b. - 597)

Ceolric, King of Wessex (570 - 597)

Ceolric, King of Wessex (1) M, #102664, d. circa 597 Last Edited=3 Dec 2005 Ceolric, King of Wessex was the son of Cutha, King of Wessex. (1) He died circa 597. (1) Ceolric, King of Wessex su...

Ceolric Cuthasson, King of Wessex (deceased)

Cerdic 'Gewissa' of Wessex (b. - 534)

Cerdic of Wessex (b. - 534)

Creoda of Wessex (deceased)

Creolwulf Prince of Wessex (593 - d.)

Crioda King of Wessex (467 - 534)

Cuth-bur(g)h (Kith of Burgh) of Wessex (deceased)

Cuthrin King of Wessex (c.564 - 584)

Cuthwine of Wessex (deceased)

Cynegils of Wessex (deceased)

Cynegils Ceolricsson of Wessex (deceased)

Cynric King of Wessex (525 - 560)

Cynric of Wessex (b. - 748)

Eadgyth De Neustria (Of Wessex) (c.908 - 946)

Eadra of Wessex (1123 - 1167)

Ealhmund of Kent (House of Wessex) (deceased)

Ealhmund was King of Kent in 784. There is a general consensus that he is identical to the Ealhmund found in two pedigrees in the Winchester (Parker) Chronicle, compiled during the reign of Alfred th...

Ealhmund King of Wessex (c.750 - 786)

Edgar I (House of Wessex) (b. - 975)

Edgar was the son of Edmund I and Elfgiva, thus making him the grandson of Edward the Elder, great-grandson of Alfred the Great, great-great grandson of Æthelwulf of Wessex, great-great-great gr...

Edgina of Wessex (c.878 - d.)

Editha Princess of Princess Of Wessex (Wessex), PELLESWORT (808 - 871)

De Heilige Edith van Polesworth ( - 15 maart 871) was een Engelse geestelijke. Edith was de dochter van koning Egbert van Wessex, een zuster van koning Aethelwulf en de tante van Alfred de Grote. Pol...

Edmund I (House of Wessex) (921 - 946)

Edmund I, called the Elder, the Deed-doer, the Just, or the Magnificent, was King of England from 939 until his death. He was a son of Edward the Elder and half-brother of Æthelstan. Athelstan d...

Edulph Wessex of Wessex (c.921 - d.)

Edward the Elder (House of Wessex) (c.874 - 924)

Edward the Elder was an English king. He became king in 899 upon the death of his father, Alfred the Great. His court was at Winchester, previously the capital of Wessex. He captured the eastern Midlan...

Edward the Exile (House of Wessex) (c.1016 - c.1057)

Also called Edward Ætheling, was the son of King Edmund Ironside and of Ealdgyth. He spent most of his life in exile following the defeat of his father by Canute the Great. Edward's wife was n...

Edward "The Elder" of Wessex (c.871 - 924)

Edwyna of Wessex (710 - 780)

B: Abt 710 Of, , Wessex, England

Egbert House of Wessex (769 - 839)

Egbert was King of Wessex from 802 until his death in 839. His father was Ealhmund of Kent. In the 780s Egbert was forced into exile by Offa of Mercia and Beorhtric of Wessex, but on Beorhtric's death ...

Egbert of Wessex (770 - 839)

Egbert King of Wessex (c.769 - d.)

Elesa King of Wessex (c.403 - d.)

Elgifu (Aelfgifu Elgiva) of Wessex (c.997 - d.)

Elgiva Princess Of Wessex (c.850 - d.)

Elgiva Lady Of Wessex (945 - d.)

Elgiva Of Wessex (deceased)

Esla King of Wessex (400 - d.)

Ethelbirth of Wessex (of England) (c.852 - d.)

Ethelhelm of Wessex (deceased)

Ethelhelm Earl of Wessex (c.848 - d.)

Ethelhelm of Wessex (deceased)

Ethelhelm Earl of Wessex (c.848 - d.)

Ethelred, King of Wessex (840 - 871)

Gewis King of Wessex (deceased)

Godwin Lord of Wessex (deceased)

Godwin Earl of Wessex (1001 - d.)

Godwin Earl Of Wessex (deceased)

Gytha Thorgilsdatter Earl of Wessex (c.997 - d.)

Gōdwine Saxon, Earl of Wessex (deceased)

Godwin of Wessex (Old English: Gōdwine) (990 – 15 April 1053), was one of the most powerful lords in England under the Danish king Cnut the Great and his successors. Cnut made him the fir...

Ine of Wessex (Wessex), King Of Wessex (c.670 - c.726)

-------------------- Ine was King of Wessex from 688 to 726. He was unable to retain the territorial gains of his predecessor, Cædwalla, who had brought much of southern England under his ...

Ine of Gewisse (West Saxons) (deceased)

Judith Queen of Wessex (deceased)

King Harold II of Wessex (c.1022 - 1066)

King Ceawlin of Wessex (535 - 593)

King Cerdic of Wessex (467 - 534)

King Cuthred of Wessex (b. - 756)

King Cynric of Wessex (495 - 560)

King Edmund II (House of Wessex) (c.989 - 1016)

Edmund Ironside or Edmund II, was King of England from 23 April to 18 October 1016 and of Wessex from 23 April to 30 November 1016. His cognomen "Ironside" is not recorded until 1057, but may have be...

Margaret Of Wessex (deceased)

Mrs Cenfus Queen of Wessex (639 - 645)

Mrs Ceolic of Wessex (577 - d.)

Mrs Cuthwine Princess Of WESSEX (deceased)

Mrs Cwichelm Princess of Wessex (619 - d.)

Mrs. Wulfnoth Saxon, Countess of Wessex (deceased)

N.N Queen of Wessex (c.471 - d.)

Pionas Prince of Wessex (647 - d.)

Sigebeorht, King of Wessex (b. - c.757)

Sighere Sigebertsson of Wessex (deceased)

St. Margaret of Wessex (1045 - 1093)

Under Ruler Ceolwold of Wessex (deceased)

Under Ruler Cuthwine of Wessex (b. - 584)

Under Ruler Cuthwulf of Wessex (deceased)

Unknown of Wessex (736 - 800)

Unknown, wife of Eoppa, King of Wessex (c.710 - 780)