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Alexander Ogilvy, Laird of Findlater MP (c.1494 - 1554)

Alexander Ogilvy Born 1470 in Deskford, Banffshire, , Scotlandmap Son of James Ogilvy and Margaret Innes Brother of Katherine (Ogilvie) Urquhart, Margaret (Ogilvy) Grant, Jonet Ogilvy and James O...

Sir Alexander Ogilvy of Auchterhouse MP (1366 - 1421)

Sir Alexander Ogilvy, 4th of Boyne MP (c.1530 - 1606)

Alexander Ogilvy of Collard MP (b. - 1562)

Alexander Ogilvy, younger of Clova MP (b. - 1487)

Princess Alexandra, Lady Ogilvy MP (1936 - d.)

The Peerage Geneall Wikipedia: English

Andrew Ogilvy of Inchmartin MP (c.1404 - 1461)

Angus Ogilvy MP (1928 - 2004)

Rt. Hon. Sir Angus James Robert Bruce Ogilvy was educated at Eton College, Eton, Berkshire, England.7 He graduated from Trinity College, Oxford University, Oxford, Oxfordshire, England, with a Master o...

Anne Ogilvy, Countess of Glencairn MP (c.1615 - 1661)

Barbara Ogilvy MP (c.1525 - 1563)


Catherine Lyon (Ogilvy) MP (deceased)

Christian Ogilvy, of Auchterhouse MP (c.1420 - d.)

Christian Ogilvy MP (c.1580 - d.)

David Lyulph Gore Wolseley Ogilvy, 12th/7th Earl of Airlie MP (1893 - 1968)

David George Coke Ogilvy, 13th/8th Earl of Airlie MP

David Ogilvy, 10th Earl of Airlie MP (1826 - 1881)

David Ogilvy, 9th Earl of Airlie MP (1785 - 1849)

"The numbering of the Earls from the 3rd onwards needs revision in the light of current interpretation of the Act of 26 May 1826 reversing the Act of Attainder of 13 Nov 1715 against James, Lord ...

David Ogilvy, 11th Earl of Airlie MP (1856 - 1900)

"Lt.-Col. David Stanley William Ogilvy, 11th Earl of Airlie (20 January 1856 – 11 June 1900) was a Scottish peer. David was born at Florence, Italy. He was the third child and elder son of David...

Egidia Lumsden (Ogilvy) MP (deceased)

From Darryl Lundy's Peerage page on Egidia Ogilvy: Egidia Ogilvy [1] F, #331416 Last Edited=22 Jan 2009 Egidia Ogilvy married Thomas Lumsden, son of Gilbert Lumsden.[1] Her married name b...

Elizabeth Ogilvy MP (1520 - d.)

Elizabeth Maitland (Ogilvy), Countess of Lauderdale MP (1692 - 1778)

Elizabeth Ogilvy (Maitland) MP (1714 - 1804)

Elizabeth Ogilvy (Gordon) MP (deceased)

Elizabeth Ogilvy MP (deceased)

comments   Not sure if she is the mother of all or any of David Rollo's children.   1. Stirnet Genealogy, Peter Barns-Graham, Ogilvy01

Helen Ogilvy, Countess of Airlie MP (1615 - 1664)

Henrietta Blanche Ogilvy (Stanley), Countess of Airlie MP (1830 - 1921)

Isabel Ogilvy MP (c.1470 - d.)

Isabel Ogilvy, of Linthrathen MP (1406 - 1484)

From Darryl Lundy's Peerage page on Isabel Ogilvy: Isabel Ogilvy[1] F, #108229, d. 1484 Last Edited=30 Apr 2008 Isabel Ogilvy married, firstly, Patrick Lyon, 1st Lord Glamis, son of Sir...

James Ogilvy, 4th Lord Ogilvy of Airlie MP (c.1505 - c.1548)

From Darryl Lundy's Peerage page on James Ogilvy: James Ogilvy, 4th Lord Ogilvy of Airlie [1] M, #109232, b. before 1505, d. between 27 November 1547 and 13 July 1548 Last Edited=27 Jan 2...

James Ogilvy, 5th Lord Ogilvy of Airlie MP (c.1541 - 1606)

James Ogilvy, 6th Lord Ogilvy of Airlie MP (1565 - 1606)

Biographical Summary " James, sixth Lord Ogilvy of Airlie , succeeded his father; was made ' Ordinar Gentleman of the King's Chamber ' 15 October 1580. 3 In 1594-95 he was declared traitor for not an...

James Ogilvy, 1st Earl of Airlie MP (1586 - 1664)

Biographical Summary " James, first Earl of Airlie, seventh Lord Ogilvy of Airlie , born 1586, succeeded his father about 1617 as Lord Ogilvy. In 1631 he was one of the commissioners to inquire into ...

James Ogilvy, 3rd Lord Ogilvy of Airlie MP (c.1479 - c.1524)

From Darryl Lundy's Peerage page on James Ogilvy: James Ogilvy, 3rd Lord Ogilvy of Airlie1 M, #13361, d. between 1513 and 29 November 1524 Last Edited=27 Jan 2011 Consanguinity Index=0.0%...

James Ogilvy, Master Ogilvy of Arlie MP (1516 - 1547)

James Ogilvy, 1st Lord Ogilvy of Airlie MP (c.1430 - 1504)

Sir James Ogilvy of Airlie, 1st Lord Ogilvy of Airlie was born circa 1430.2 He was the son of Sir John Ogilvy of Lintrathen and Margaret Seton.2,3 He died before 25 September 1504.2 He married, f...

James Ogilvy, of Deskford and Findlater, II MP (c.1463 - 1505)

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James Ogilvie, 2nd Earl of Airlie MP (1615 - 1704)

Biographical Summary " James, second Earl of Airlie , was born about 1611, and, in 1630, was still being educated with his brothers under a tutor at St. Andrews. Like his father and all his family, h...

James Robert Bruce Ogilvy MP

Janet Forbes (Ogilvy) MP (c.1575 - d.)

Janet Ogilvy MP (1456 - 1529)


Janet Gordon (Ogilvy) MP (1521 - 1580)

Janet Ogilvy, of Boyne MP (c.1469 - d.)

Father: Walter V Ogilvie, of Auchlevyn, 1st Laird of Boyne (1450 - 1508) Mother: Margaret Edmonstone (1448 - ? Husband:William Gordon, of Gight (1466 - 1513) Children: Catherine Gordon (15...

John Ogilvy, Younger of Inverquharity MP (deceased)

James Ogilvy, 2nd Lord Ogilvy of Airlie MP (1451 - c.1505)

Sir John Ogilvy, Laird of Lintrathen & Airlie MP (c.1427 - 1489)

Sir John Ogilvy [son of 1st wife], of Lintrathen; had a charter of the lands and castle of Eroly (Airlie) 1459 and had his lands erected into the Barony of Lintrathen 1483; married 1st Marian, daughter...

John Ogilvy of Inverquharity MP (deceased)

John Ogilvy of Newbigging MP (b. - 1625)

Jonet Ogilvy (Abernathy) MP (c.1489 - 1507)

Janet Abernethy Adds: child(ren) Gender: Female Birth: 1480 Scotland Death: 1540 Father: Alexander Abernethy Mother: Alison Keith Husband: Alexander Ogilvy Child: Marjorie Ogilvy Source: View...

Julia Caroline Ogilvy (Rawlinson) MP

Mabell Ogilvy, Countess of Airlie MP (1866 - 1956)

"Mabell Frances Elizabeth Ogilvy, Countess of Airlie,GCVO, GBE, DStJ (née Gore; 10 March 1866, Mayfair, London – 7 April 1956, Paddington, London) was a British courtier and author." ==...

Mararet Ogilvy MP (c.1560 - d.)

Alexander Strachan was 1st husband and child was also named Alexander.

Margaret Ogilvy of Findlater MP (c.1500 - 1550)

Lady Margaret Ogilvy (Lindsay) MP (c.1477 - 1553)

From Darryl Lundy's Peerage page on Margaret Lindsay: Margaret Lindsay F, #21643 Last Edited=19 Feb 2011 Margaret Lindsay was the daughter of Alexander Lindsay of Auchtermonzie, 7th Earl ...

Margaret Ogilvy of Deskford MP (1463 - 1585)

John Grant died on 1 May 1528, having married (contract 16 September 1484), Margaret , 4th daughter of Sir James Ogilvy of Deskford. He left issue two legitimate sons and five daughters:- Links

Margaret Stewart (Ogilvy), Countess of Buchan MP (c.1446 - 1486)

Links: The Peerage Geneall

Margaret Dunbar (Ogilvy) MP (1372 - 1422)

Margaret Ogilvy MP (c.1583 - c.1614)

Margaret Ogilvy MP (c.1416 - c.1471)

Margaret Ogilvy is the daughter of Sir Patrick Ogilvy of Auchterhouse and Christian Keith.1,2 From She married Sir John Oliphant of Aberdalgie, son of Sir William Oliphant of Aberdalgie and Marian ...

Margaret Ogilvy MP (1490 - 1544)

Margaret Ogilvy MP (c.1359 - d.)

Margaret Ogilvy, Baroness of Foulis MP (c.1522 - c.1550)

Munro Chief, Robert Mor Munro, of Foulis' 1st wife was Margaret Ogilvy, of Findlater. Margaret's father was a courtier and was the initmate friend of Queen Regent (Mary of Guise) and of her daughter Ma...

Marie Tereze Josefa Kounicova (Ogilvy) MP (1718 - 1775)

Marion Ogilvy, of Banff MP (c.1594 - d.)

Ninian Dunbar married first (Marion) Ogilvy, daughter of Lord Banff, by whom he had two sons. 1. Sir Robert, Kt., his heir for whose desendents see Dunbar Pedigree. 2. Mr David Dunbar of Kirkhill...

Marion Gray (Ogilvy) MP (1514 - 1569)

Marion Mariota Ogilvy MP (c.1508 - 1573)

Mariota Ogilvy MP (c.1452 - d.)

Daughter of OGILVIE, John of Lintrathen [& Marion Seton] Married William FORBES, son of Alexander FORBES 2nd Laird of Pitsligo and Maria HAY, in 1466.1 Children Alexander, 3rd of Pitsligo, he...

Marjorie Lyon (Ogilvy) MP (deceased)

Marjory Ogilvy (Ossory) MP (1227 - 1289)

Marjory Ogilvy (Ramsay) MP (c.1292 - 1357)

Marjory Ogilvy of Auchterhouse MP (c.1400 - c.1476)

Sir Knight Patrick Ogilvy MP (1225 - 1305)

Sir Knight Patrick Ogilvy MP (1252 - 1331)

1296 - Swore allegiance to Edward I of England.

Sir Knight Patrick Ogilvy, II, of Wester Powrie MP (1281 - 1329)

THIS PATRICK OGILVY IS ACTUALLY THE (III) Patrick Ogilvy of Wester Powrie; obtained from his nephew Sir Patrick Ogilvy of Ogilvy, the lands of Wester Powrie; married Marjory, daughter and eventual he...

Sir Patrick Ogilvy of Auchterhouse MP (c.1349 - c.1429)

From Darryl Lundy's Peerage page on Sir Patrick Ogilvy of Auchterhouse: Sir Patrick Ogilvy of Auchterhouse [1] M, #30417, d. 1429 Last Edited=26 Jan 2011 Sir Patrick Ogilvy of Auchterho...

Sir Thomas Ogilvy, Kt. MP (1616 - 1645)

Sir Thomas died at the Battle of Iverlochy while commanding a Royalist Reserve of Calvery. It is said that he was "shot by a stray bullet."

Virginia Fortune Ogilvy (Ryan), Countess of Airlie MP

Walter Ogilvy of Wester Powry and Auchterhouse MP (c.1330 - c.1365)

Walter Ogilvy, of Wester Powrie and Auchterhouse; Hereditary Sheriff of Forfar; inherited both Auchterhouse and the office of Sheriff on the death of his uncle Sir Malcolm Ramsay c 1365. [Burke's Peera...

Sir Walter Ogilvy of Lintrathen, 1st Lord High Treasurer of Scotland MP (c.1380 - 1440)

From Darryl Lundy's Peerage page on Walther Ogilvy of Lintrathen: Sir Walter Ogilvy of Lintrathen1 M, #108230, d. 1440 Last Edited=22 Feb 2011 Consanguinity Index=1.56% Sir Walter Ogi...

Sir Walter Ogilvy of Auchterhouse MP (1360 - 1392)

Sir Walter Ogilvy, of Auchterhouse; married Isabel, daughter and heir of Sir Malcolm Ramsay; and was killed in a skirmish with robbers 1391. [Burke's Peerage] From Darryl Lundy's Peerage page on Sir ...

Walter Ogilvy, 1st Lord Ogilvy MP (c.1560 - 1626)

Sir Walter Ogilvy, 3rd of Boyne MP (c.1504 - 1561)

Ogilvy of Banff (deceased)

(Sir) John Ogilvy, 7th of Inverquharity (deceased)

(wife of John) Ogilvy (.) (deceased)

3 Helen of Airlie, Angus Ogilvy (1647 - d.)

Source of information is Patrick's People.

3 Katherine Ogilvy (1650 - d.)

Source is British Isles Peerage, Baronetage and Landed Gentry families with extended lineage. Family ID F82774

4 Helen Ogilvy (c.1660 - d.)

Family ID F82771 British Isles Peerage, Baronetage and Landed Gentry families with extended lineage. Patrick's People Copyright 2014

? Ogilvy of that Ilk (deceased)

?? Ogilvy (deceased)

Ada Ogilvy (Horlock) (1843 - d.)

Adam Loftus Ogilvy (deceased)

Adeline Elizabeth Peckham (Ogilvy) (1878 - 1959)

Agnes Ogilvy (deceased)

Apparently there is some contention here with regards to Agnes vs. Anne, and Sir Thomas vs. his son Thomas. Agnes and Anne may not be the same person, and/or there may be an extra generation of Thomas ...

Agnes Erskine (Ogilvy) (deceased)

Agnes Ogilvy (1688 - d.)

Agnes Gordon (Ogilvy) (deceased)

Agnes Mary Ogilvy (Grierson) (deceased)

Agnes Ogilvy (1690 - d.)

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Agnes Ogilvy (1796 - d.)

Aldie Ogilvy (deceased)