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Alfonso Tiburcio Domingo Ongpin (1885 - 1975)

Alfonso Tiburcio Tanbensiang Ongpin was an art connoisseur, gallery owner, Rizalist and Hispanist writer. He owned the famed art supplies store and gallery "Arte". More here: .

Celedonia Domingo Ongpin (deceased)

Constancio Domingo Ongpin (deceased)

Eustaquia Domingo Ongpin (1872 - 1940)

Jaime "Jimmy" Ongpin (1938 - 1987)

Jaime Velayo Ongpin was President of Benguet Mining Corporation and an outspoken opponent of the regime of Ferdinand Marcos. He was one of the earliest supporters of Cory Aquino's presidency by serving...

Leonila Domingo Ongpin (1874 - 1943)

Lorenza Domingo Ongpin (1879 - 1951)

Luis Roa Ongpin (b. - c.1985)

Luisa Ongpin (1900 - d.)

Ramon Domingo Ongpin (deceased)

Roman Tanbensiang Ongpin (1847 - 1912)

Roman Tanbensiang Ongpin was a Chinese-Filipino businessman, philanthropist, nationalist, and civic citizen in the late 19th century. He served as "primer teniente de mestizos" of Binondo from 1883 to ...

Simon Ongpin (b. - 1892)

Simon Onpin sailed from the port of Quanzhou (or Amoy in the Hokkien dialect), China and settled in the Philippines. He established himself as a candle-maker and merchant, growing the business he inher...

Victoriano Domingo Ongpin (deceased)