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Adriana Susanna Oosthuizen, b1c7d7 MP (1801 - d.)

Albertha Elizabetha Oosthuizen, b1c7d1 MP (1780 - d.)

Anna Cecilia Nortje (Oosthuizen), b5c5d1 MP (c.1775 - d.)

Reference no.: MOOC8/59.12a Anna Cicilia Oosthuijsen 27 May 1811 A:W: Blane Inventaris mitsg:s tauxatie van alle zodanige goederen als er ab intestato metter dood zyn ontruimd ende nagelate...

Anna Elizabeth Oosthuizen MP (1824 - 1880)

Anna Sophia Knoetzen (Oosthuizen) MP (b. - c.1795)

Barbara Petronella Oosthuizen, c7d3 MP (1789 - d.)

Elsie Jacomina Oosthuizen, b1c7d5 MP (1794 - d.)

Gerhardus Oosthuizen, b1 MP (1703 - 1757)

The First Fifty Years Project "De facto* Before November 1724 Gerrit Oosthuysen and Dorothea Bekker were in a de facto relationship at de Caep de Goede Hoop." Reference - C.C. de Villiers & C. Pama, ...

Gerhardus Frederik Oosthuizen MP (1895 - d.)

Gerhardus Frederik Oosthuizen b5c6d2e3f1 MP (1844 - 1898)

Gerhardus Frederik Oosthuizen, b5c5d3 MP (c.1780 - 1780)

Oosthuizen SAG Error Gerhardus Ferederik b5c5d3 is INCORRECTLY listed in SAG Volume 7 page 144 as b1c7d3 - son of Marthinus Gerhardus.

Gerrit Johannes Oosthuizen, b5c5d6 MP (c.1783 - d.)

Heiltje Elisabeth de Ridder (Oosthuizen), SM MP (1836 - 1880)

Hester Cecilia Olivier MP (c.1756 - d.)


Hester Adriana Oosthuizen, b5c5d5 MP (1782 - d.)

Hester Catharina Oosthuizen, b5c1d4 MP (c.1770 - d.)

Hester Hendrina Elisabeth Oosthuizen, b5c5d7 MP (c.1787 - d.)

Johan Hendrik Christoffel Oosthuizen, b7c7d1 MP (1785 - d.)

Johanna Dorothea Oosthuizen, b5c1d7 MP (1778 - d.)

Judi Marais-Meyer register - MARNEWICK - MRIN 192 GR Weesc. K d GH Inventaris van man Jacob v d Merwe gedateer 1818 MOOC8/34.7

Johanna Maria Magdalena Oosthuizen MP (1856 - d.)


Johanna Wilhelmina Oosthuizen, b1c7d4 MP (1793 - d.)

Johannes Oosthuizen, SV/PROG MP (1660 - c.1730)

Johannes Oosthuizen Alternative spelling - Oosthuysen and Oosthuisen • Birth date – c 1660 • Birthplace – Weert, Limburg, Netherlands • Date of Death ȁ...

Johannes Jacobus Oosthuizen b5c1d3 MP (c.1767 - d.)

Louisa Catharina Maria Meyer (Oosthuizen) MP (deceased)

Magdalena Margaretha Oosthuizen, b1c7d2 MP (1784 - d.)

Maria Jacomina Oosthuizen (Vermaak), b2c8d1 MP (1784 - d.)

Marthinus Rudolph Jacobus Oosthuizen, b5c5d4 MP (1781 - 1838)

MOOC8/65.8a (Full documents attached) Marthinus Rudolph Jacobus Oosthuijsen Fredrica Wilhelmina Venter 26 April 1819 Inventaris mitsg:s tauxatie van alle zodanige goederen als ’er ab intes...

Marthinus Oosthuizen, b5c5 MP (c.1743 - 1792)

Needs looking at - this document suggests that Marthinus who married Hester Cecilia Olivier was the son of Jansz MOOC8/50.101a (Full Document attached) Marthinus Oosthuysen 21 September 1792 Rh...

Marthinus Gerhardus Oosthuizen, b1c7 MP (c.1752 - 1840)

KAB MOOC 6-9-23 #4729 apparently is the death notice for this man. - 2 12 1840 The error involving Marthinus Gerhardus Oosthuizen in Volume 7 page 144 b1c7 and his cousin b5c5 was reported in Genesis...

Marthinus Gerhardus Oosthuizen, b1c7d6 MP (1796 - d.)

Nicolaas Jacobus Oosthuizen, b1c7d8 MP (1799 - d.)

Nicolaas Johannes Oosthuizen, b5c5d8 MP (c.1788 - d.)

Ockert Almero Oosthuizen, b7c3d2 MP (1786 - 1859)

Die naam Almero is eie aan die Oosthuizens. Volgens oorlewering het Ockert Oosthuizen, 3de seun van Jacobus, 'n goeie vriend gehad met die van "D'Almero", 'n Portugees. Die D'Almeros was glo welgesteld...

Ockert Johannes Oosthuizen, b5c5d2 MP (1778 - d.)

Stephanus Jacobus Adriaan Oosthuizen, SWASV d5e3 MP (1828 - 1917)

Susanna Magdalena Oosthuizen (Bouwer) MP (deceased)

Brick Wall!! Margaretha Maria Johanna Lamberta Oosthuizen, b5c3d1e5f1; Susanna Magdalena Oosthuizen, b5c3d1e5f2; Hester Magdalena Jacoba Hendrina Oosthuizen, b5c3d1e5f3 Johannes Esaias Oosthu...

Wessel Johannes Oosthuizen, b5c3d2e5f1 MP (1832 - 1920)

Willem Maartens Oosthuizen, b5c5d9 MP (c.1789 - 1840)

Willem Christiaan Jacobus Oosthuizen MP (1827 - 1907)

Boedel/Estate- MHG - O 677 He married twice and both had the same names and surnamee. Might be cousins. He had 9 children with 1st marriage and 3 with 2nd marriage.

Hendrik Daniel Jacobus Oosthuizen (deceased)

Oosthuizen (deceased)

Oosthuizen (deceased)

Potgieter (deceased)

de Beer (Oosthuizen) (deceased)

Oosthuizen (deceased)

Oosthuizen (deceased)

Paul Jacobus David Oosthuizen (1929 - 1988)

"Gert" Oosthuizen (deceased)

(Oorlede) Oosthuizen (deceased)

(Sannie) Oosthuizen (deceased)

(Unknown) Oosthuizen (deceased)

<Private> Oosthuizen (Reinecke) (deceased)

<Private> Oosthuizen (deceased)

<Private> Oosthuizen (Joubert) (deceased)

<Private> Swanepoel (Oosthuizen) (deceased)

<Private> Strauss (Oosthuizen) (deceased)

<Private> Oosthuizen (Botha) (deceased)

<Private> Oosthuizen (Coetzee) (deceased)

<Private> Oosthuizen (Scheepers) (deceased)

<Private> Oosthuizen (Eksteen) (deceased)

<Private> van Dyk (Oosthuizen) (deceased)

<Private> Oosthuizen (deceased)

<Private> Oosthuizen (Wessels) (deceased)

<Private> Oosthuizen (de Jager) (deceased)

<Private> Oosthuizen (Haeter) (deceased)

? Oosthuizen (Burnette) (deceased)

? Oosthuizen (deceased)

? Oosthuizen (deceased)

? Oosthuizen (?) (deceased)

? Oosthuizen (b. - 1930)

? Oosthuizen (deceased)

? Oosthuizen (Kleyn) (deceased)

? Croukamp (Oosthuizen) (deceased)

? Oosthuizen (deceased)

? Oosthuizen (Human) (deceased)

? Miss Houzet (Oosthuizen) (deceased)

?? Oosthuizen (deceased)

?? Oosthuizen (deceased)

?? Oosthuizen (??) (deceased)

??? Oosthuizen (b. - 1938)

A. M. Oosthuizen (Roscherr) (c.1790 - d.)

Aafje Oosthuizen (Snuif) (c.1840 - 1886)

Aafje Oosthuizen (Heinis) (c.1811 - d.)

Aafje Hart (Oosthuizen) (c.1869 - 1937)

Aaltje Oosthuizen (Schilp) (1835 - 1917)

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Abel Albertus Oosthuizen (1849 - d.)

Abel Hermanus Oosthuizen (1855 - d.)

Abel Oosthuizen (deceased)

Abel Albertus Oosthuizen (deceased)

Abel Hermanus Oosthuizen (deceased)

Abel Hermanus Oosthuizen, f5 (1819 - d.)

Aberta Momberg (Oosthuizen) (deceased)

Abigail Jacomina De Villiers (Oosthuizen) (1919 - 1945)

Abraham Oosthuizen (deceased)

Apie Oosthuizen (1910 - 1995)

Abraham Hermanus Oosthuizen (deceased)

Abraham Jacobus Oosthuizen (deceased)

Abraham Hendrik Oosthuizen (1829 - d.)

Abraham Hendrik Oosthuizen (deceased)

Adam Oosthuizen (1851 - d.)