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Mariano Duterte Pañares MP (deceased)

Mariano Duterte Pañares was a Filipino businessman who amassed his wealth from trading copra and tobacco. In 1878, he built Casa Pañares -- now a protected heritage site. More here:

Rita Villaflor Pañares MP (deceased)

Rita Villaflor Pañares-Alvarez was a candidate at the 5th National Beauty Contest at the 1931 Manila Carnival. More here:

Adriana Pañares (Tolentino) (deceased)

Agustin de Gracia Pañares (deceased)

Alejandro Pañares (deceased)

Alejandro Manguera Pañares (deceased)

Aurora Pañares (Paiso) (deceased)

Bartolome Paras Pañares (deceased)

Bartolome Pañares was the capitan municipal of Cebu. His business holdings included massive coconut plantations.

Carlos Panares (deceased)

Guillermo Panares (deceased)

Jose de Gracia Pañares (deceased)

Juliana Panares (deceased)

Leonardo Pañares (deceased)

Manuela Villaflor (Panares) (deceased)

Maria Panares (Crisostiono) (deceased)

Maria Panares (deceased)

Marietta Pañares (deceased)

Pablito Pañares (deceased)

Paz Pañares (Aguilar) (deceased)