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Alfonso Palanca (deceased)

Amel PALANCA Galvez (deceased)

Ana Fernandez (Palanca) (deceased)

ANDREA Palanca (ACUNA) (deceased)

Angel Palanca (deceased)

Anita Fernandez Palanca (Palanca) (deceased)

Antonia Miraflores - Palanca (deceased)

Antonio Palanca (deceased)

Apolonio Palanca (deceased)

Apolonio Palanca (deceased)

Asiang Palanca (Toyhacao) (deceased)

Asuncion Palanca (deceased)

Asuncion Acuña Palanca Aqui (Palanca) (deceased)

Augusto Palanca (deceased)

augusto Palanca (deceased)

Aurelio Palanca (deceased)

Aurelio Palanca (deceased)

Benito Palanca (deceased)

Bernardino Palanca (deceased)

Carlos Palanca (deceased)

Carlos Tanguinlay Palanca, Sr. (1869 - 1950)

Carlos Palanca, Sr. was one of the most prominent Filipino-Chinese or Tsinoy businessmen and philanthropists during the American era. Tan Quin Lay (his Chinese name) immigrated to the Philippines in 18...

Carmen de Vallescar (Palanca) (deceased)

Carmen Palanca (Esperat-Marquez) (1909 - 1995)

Carolina (Lina) Palanca Bruschetti (b. - 1911)

Cleofas Palanca (deceased)

Concepcion Palanca (deceased)

Concepcion Neri (Palanca sandoval) (1902 - c.1997)

Concepcion Miraflores Clark (Palanca) (1896 - 1972)

Conching Neri (c.1902 - c.1998)

Concepcion Milaflores Clark (Palanca) (1896 - 1972)

Conchita Neri (Palanca) (deceased)

Consuelo Tan (Palanca) (deceased)

Cristina Caffarena Palanca (1902 - d.)

Daisy Palanca (deceased)

Daniel Palanca (deceased)

Delfin Palanca (deceased)

Eda Christie Palanca (deceased)

Eduardo Palanca Asensi (1834 - 1900)

Edy Carlos Palanca (deceased)


Eleuterio Palanca (deceased)

Elvira Caffarena Palanca (1907 - d.)

Elvira Palanca Quiles (1873 - 1944)

Emilia Palanca Soriano (1853 - d.)

Emiliana Ong-oy (Palanca) (deceased)

Eusebio Palanca (deceased)

Eusebio Palanca (deceased)

Felina Palanca (Parong) (deceased)

Felixberto Palanca (deceased)

Felixberto Jr. Palanca (deceased)

Fortunato Palanca (deceased)

Francisco Palanca (deceased)

Francisco Palanca (deceased)

Francisco Palanca (deceased)

Generosa Roque Palanca (deceased)

Genoveva Palanca (Bucana) (deceased)

Grace Liguid (Palanca) (deceased)

Guillermo Palanca Morales (b. - 1971)

Iñigo Palanca y Ussía (1949 - 1953)

Joaquin Palanca (deceased)

Jose Palanca, Jr. (1936 - 2007)

Jose Palanca Sr. (deceased)

Josefa Caffarena Palanca (1912 - d.)

PE TUAN (Juan Palanca) (1853 - d.)

Juanita Palanca (deceased)

Juanito Palanca (deceased)

Leoncio Palanca (deceased)

Lilia Mosqueda (Palanca) (deceased)

Loida Palanca (deceased)

Lourdes Palanca (deceased)

Lourdes Palanca (deceased)

Lucas Palanca (deceased)

Lucia Palanca (Capapas) (deceased)

Lucia Palanca (Capapas) (deceased)

LUCIO Palanca (deceased)

Luisa Palanca (deceased)

Mamerta Palanca (Sandoval Rodrigues) (b. - 1930)

Marcelino Palanca (1933 - 2008)

SOSE (1932 - 2008)

Maria Palanca (deceased)

Maria Palanca (deceased)

Maria Luisa Parmelee (Palanca) (deceased)

María Guzmán Palanca (deceased)

María Teresa Caffarena Palanca (1900 - 1960)

Maximino Palanca (deceased)

Meona Donaire (Palanca) (deceased)

miguel palanca (deceased)

Milagros Palanca Sison (Palanca) (deceased)


Nicolasa Barracoso Palanca (Palanca) (deceased)

Noemi Ong-oy (Palanca) (deceased)

Pe Tuan Palanca (1853 - d.)

Pedro Palanca Pe (deceased)

Pedro Palanca (deceased)

Rafael Caffarena Palanca (1898 - 1900)

Raje Palanca (deceased)

Ricardo Palanca Pe (deceased)

Roberto Reyes Palanca (deceased)

rosa palanca (deceased)

Sara Palanca (deceased)