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Ann Palmes (Humphrey) MP (1643 - 1695)

Anne Palmes (Markenfield) MP (c.1470 - 1532)

Plantagenet ancestry: a study in colonial and medieval families By Douglas Richardson, Kimball G. Everingham Pg. 498 12. JOHN MARKENFIELD, of Markenfield near Ripon, Yorkshire. He married MARGARE...

Elizabeth Coit (Palmes) MP (1751 - 1803)

Lucy Palmes (Winthrop) MP (1640 - 1676)

Mary Hardisty (Palmes) MP (c.1585 - d.)

William Palmes MP (1626 - 1680)

William Palmes of Naburn, Yorkshire MP (c.1435 - 1492)

Agnes Palmes (1493 - d.)

Anastasia Palmes (Heslerton) (deceased)

Andrew PALMES (1685 - d.)

Andrew Palmes (1682 - 1721)

Andrew PALMES (1738 - d.)

Andrew Palmes of Sherborn (b. - c.1666)

Ann Lange (Palmes) (1659 - d.)

Anne Palmes (Stafford) (deceased)

Anne Sutton (Palmes) (c.1613 - 1661)

His second wife was Anne Palmes, widow of Sir Thomas Browne, 2nd Baronet, who also died without issue. Annie Palmer was the daughter of Sir Guy Palmer and Anne Stafford.1 She married, firstly, Si...

Anne Heslarton (Palmes) (c.1441 - 1481)

'Anne Palmes 'F, #71821, b. circa 1448 Father Bryan Palmes b. c 1420 ' Anne Palmes was born circa 1448. She married Thomas (John) Heslarton circa 1473. 'Family Thomas (John) Heslarton b. c 1445...

Anne Lyston (Palmes) (deceased)

Anne Palmes (Constable) (deceased)

Anne Palmes (Williams) (deceased)

Anno Palmes (Mihkelson) (1832 - d.)

Brian Palmes, of Naburn (deceased)

Brian Palmes (deceased)

Brian Palmes (deceased)

Brian Palmes, MP (c.1465 - c.1519)

Family and Education b. by 1467, 1st s. of William Palmes of Naburn by Ellen, da. of Guy Roecliffe of Roecliffe. educ. M. Temple. m. (1) by 1488, Anastasia (?Heslerton); (2) lic. 15 Nov. 1493, Ellen, d...

Bryan Palmes of Ashwell (1501 - 1528)

Bryan Palmes (1714 - 1756)

Bryan Palmes (c.1409 - c.1444)

'Bryan Palmes 'M, #71822, b. circa 1420 ' Bryan Palmes was born circa 1420 at of Elmswell, Yorkshire, England. Family Child Anne Palmes+ b. c 1448 From: ___________________

Catherine Palmes (deceased)

Catherine Palmes (Langdale) (deceased)

Catherine Palmes (Babthorpe) (deceased)

Cecil Muriel Cunard (Palmes) (b. - 1964)

Col. F. Palmes (deceased)

Douglas Vaughan (Palmes) (deceased)

Edith Metham (Palmes) (deceased)

Edward Palmes (deceased)

Edward Palmes (1716 - 1776)

Edward Palmes (deceased)

Edward Palmes (1637 - 1715)

Elinor Heslarton (1438 - d.)

Elizabeth Palmes (Clifford) (1498 - d.)

Elizabeth Coit (Palmes) (1751 - 1803)

(f/g) Elizabeth Palmes Coit Birth: 1751 Death: Aug. 29, 1803 Family links: Spouse: William W. Coit (1735 - 1821) Inscription: AE 52 Note: 2nd Wife of Capt. William Coit: m. 15 Oct 1780 ...

Elizabeth Cosby (Palmes) (1565 - d.)

Elizabeth Palmes Bury (deceased)

Elizabeth (Palmer) Ramsden (c.1630 - 1691)

Source: Elizabeth Palmes1 F, #25370 Elizabeth Palmes||p2537.htm#i25370|George Palmes||p13752.htm#i137519|||||||||||||||| Last Edited=29 Dec 2004 Elizabeth Palmes is the daughter of George Palme...

Elizabeth Palmes (deceased)

Elizabeth Strickland (Palmes) (deceased)

Elizabeth Leak (Palmes) (deceased)

Elizabeth / Isabella Acclom (Palmes) (deceased)

Ellen Palmes (Acclom) (1467 - d.)

Ellen Palmes (Roecliffe) (deceased)

Eugenia Homan (Palmes) (b. - 2004)

Frances Fairfax (Palmes) (deceased)

Francis Palmes (deceased)

Francis Palmes (deceased)

Sir Francis Palmes of Ashwell (b. - c.1567)

Sir Francis Palmes of Ashwell (deceased)

Francis Palmes (deceased)

Francisco Pérez Palmés (deceased)

Francisco Pérez Palmés (b. - 1716)

Francisco Pérez Palmés (deceased)

Francisco Palmés (b. - c.1740)

Rev. George Palmes (deceased)

George Palmes (deceased)

Sir George Palmes (deceased)

Gertrude Estelle Palmes (1846 - 1913)

Guy Palmes, Kt. (deceased)

Guy Palmes, of Lindley (c.1475 - 1516)

Guy Palmes (1782 - 1878)

Guy Palmes (deceased)

Guy Palmes (1712 - 1754)

Hon. Mary Palmes (Eure) (deceased)

Isabelle "Elizabeth" Palmes (Lindley) (deceased)

Jane Palmes (Drew) (c.1477 - 1570)

Jane Palmes (Dawnay) (deceased)

Jane Palmes (Unknown) (deceased)

Jane Fairfax (Palmes) (1501 - 1582)

Jane Palmes (deceased)

Jennet Palmes (deceased)

Joan Palmes (Dawnay) (deceased)

Joan Palmes (Conyers) (1497 - d.)

Joan Badia i Palmés (deceased)

John Palmes, of Naburn (deceased)

John Palmes (1499 - d.)

John Palmes (deceased)

John PALMES (deceased)

Juana Palmes (Ruls de Torres) (deceased)

Leonard Palmes (1494 - d.)

Leonard Palmes (deceased)

Louisa Janet Dundas Walker (Palmes) (deceased)

Lucy Palmes (Christophers) (1711 - 1759)

Lucy PALMES (deceased)

Mana Bonifay (Palmes) (b. - 1858)

Margaret Palmes (Corbet) (deceased)

Margaret Palmes (deceased)

Maria-Engràcia Palmés (deceased)

Mary Palmes (Hadnall) (deceased)

Mary Benson (Palmes) (deceased)

Mary Mallory (Palmes) (deceased)

Mary Palmes (deceased)