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. Pandit (deceased)

. Pandit (deceased)

........ Pandit (deceased)

? Pandit (deceased)

? Pandit (Hukku) (deceased)

? Pandit (deceased)

? Munshi (Pandit) (deceased)

? Pandit (Raina) (deceased)

? Pandit (deceased)


Aavantika Pandit (deceased)

ABC Pandit (deceased)

Acharat Pandit (1886 - d.)

Aditram Pandit (deceased)

Aftab Pandit ( Of Nuner ) (1880 - 1930)

Aftab Kishen Pandit (deceased)

Aftab Ram Pandit (1901 - c.1991)

Akka Tambe (Pandit) (deceased)

Akka Adhyapak (Pandit) (deceased)


Ambakuvar Vitthalrai Bhatt Pandit (deceased)

Ambamma Pandit (deceased)

Ambaram Ratanji Pandit (deceased)

Amritma Pandit (deceased)

Amrut Pandit (deceased)

Amrutben Virjee Pandit (deceased)

Anam Pandit (deceased)

Anand Pandit ( Of Nuner ) (deceased)

Anand (babi) Pandit (deceased)


Anandi Pandit (Bhat) (deceased)

Anandi Pandit (Wagle) (deceased)

Anandjee Ghelabhai Pandit (deceased)

anandpriya Pandit (deceased)

Anant Pandit (deceased)

Anant Pandit (deceased)

Anant Pandit (deceased)

Anant Pandit (deceased)

Anant Pandit (deceased)

Ananthapadmanabha Pandit (deceased)

Anil Pandit (deceased)

Annadana Pandit (deceased)

Anoop Pandit (Shivpuri) (deceased)

Ansabai Pandit (deceased)

Anuradha Govind Parande (Shashi Pandit) (1928 - 1995)

Anuradha Govind Parande (Pandit) (1928 - 1995)

Anuradha Pandit (deceased)

Anusuya Pandit (deceased)

Appa Pandit (deceased)

Appa Pandit (deceased)

Appajirao Kalthod-Pandit (c.1905 - c.1967)

arun pandit (deceased)

Arundati Pandit (deceased)

arvind kanhyalal Pandit (deceased)

Arvind Pandit (deceased)

Family man,Loved to travel,Thinker,Writer,Played the flute.Left us too early in his prime at 52 years of age.

Ashok Pandit (deceased)

Ashok Pandit (deceased)

Ashok Pandit (deceased)

Atebai Pandit (Ghotge) (deceased)

Atilakshmi Pandit (deceased)

Atmaram Pandit (deceased)

Atmaramji Amritsari Pandit (deceased)

Atyabai Bapat (Pandit) (deceased)

Avantika Pandit (deceased)

Avantika Ramesh Pandit (deceased)

B V Pandit (1887 - 1975)

I found this write up online from an unknown author. BHISHAGRATNA B.V. PANDIT The old Hindu system of medicine is a divine revelation, and its principles are embodied in Ayurveda which is a very ol...

B.M @ Bhausahib Pandit (deceased)

Baa Pandya-Pandit (deceased)

Babu Behari Lal Pandit (c.1850 - 1911)

Babulal Liladhar Pandit (deceased)

Baburai Pandit (deceased)

Baburao Damodar Pandit (deceased)

Badhra Pandit (deceased)

Bahadurshah Pandit (deceased)

Bahadurshah Pandit (deceased)

Bahinabai Tole(Pandit) (deceased)

Bakul Pandit (Talwalkar) (deceased)

bala Pandit (deceased)

Balaji Pandit (deceased)

Balakak Shastri Pandit (deceased)

Balappa Pandit (deceased)

Bali Pandit (deceased)

Baliram Pandit (deceased)

Balkrishna Pandit (deceased)

Balraj Pandit (deceased)

Balu Pandit (deceased)

balwant pandit (deceased)

Bapulal Pandit (deceased)

Bawa Pandit (deceased)

Bayabai Pandit (Kudatarkar) (deceased)

Bechardas Pandit (deceased)

Beno Rani Gurtu (Pandit) (deceased)

Bhagabai Pandit (deceased)


Bhagesh PANDIT (deceased)

Bhageshwari (Munni ) Kak (Pandit) (deceased)

Bhagirathi Pandit (deceased)

Bhagoji Pandit (deceased)

Bhagvanji Pandit (deceased)

Bhaishankar Harishankar Pandit (deceased)

Bhalchandra Pandurang Pandit, Tataya (1930 - 2001)