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Aline de pantulf (de Verdun) MP (c.1178 - 1228)

Elizabeth Pantulf MP (c.1169 - 1227)

Emma Pantulf MP (c.1162 - d.)

Hugo Pantolf, Baron of Wemme MP (c.1130 - 1224)

CHRISTIANA . Her parentage and marriage are confirmed by reading several documents together: firstly, under a charter dated [3 Mar/24 Jun] 1170, Henry II King of England authorised deduction from the...

Iseult Pantulf MP (1199 - c.1222)

Name: Iseult PANTOLPH Given Name: Iseult Surname: Pantolph Sex: F Birth: 1175 in Breedon on the Hill, Leicestershire, England Death: Abt. 1222 Note: Alias: /Isolda/ Father: William PANT...

Iseult de St. Amand (Pantulf) MP (1199 - 1222)

Ivo I Pantolph (Pantulf), Baron of Wem MP (1114 - c.1175)

Son of Robert FitzWilliam Pantulf, Baron of Wem in Shropshire. Succeeded his father before c1137/1138 and died in 1175. Married (1) Unknown (2) Alicia de Verdun Children: --By his first marriage,...

Maud (Matilda) Pantulf MP (1222 - 1289)

Maud Pantulf, Baroness of Wem was the daughter of William Pantulf of Wem and Tyrley and Hawise fitz Warine.2,3 Maud Pantulf Baroness of Wem married firstly Ralph le Botiler of Oversley, son of Mauric...

Robert FitzWilliam Pantolph (Pantulf), Baron of Wem MP (1099 - 1130)

Keats-Rohan, K.S.B. Domesday Descendants: A Prosopography of Persons Occuring in English Documents 1066-1166. II. Pipe Rolls to Cartae Baronum. The Boydell Press, Woodbridge, UK, 2002. p. 1059.

Roesia (Rose) Pantulf MP (c.1228 - 1294)

Roesia (Rose) Pantulf Birth date unknown. Died 1294. Roesia Pantulf married Richard Trussell. Roesia Pantulf was born at Hales Trussell, Sheriff Hales, Cubleston, Staffordshire, England. Location of ...

Roger Pantulf MP (b. - 1253)

William Pantulf MP (c.1151 - 1194)

From Soc.Gen.Medieval Skrevet: 25 Jul 2007 18:43:58 Tittel: Pantulf chronology (or Lesceline: what's in a name?) The recent thread examining Iseult Pantulf's various marriages has shown how litt...

William Pantulf MP (1051 - 1112)

William Pantulf, Lord Of Wemme MP (c.1196 - c.1230)

WILLIAM Pantulf of Wem (-[1232/4 Feb 1233]). "…William, Alan and Hugh, sons of Hugh Pantulf…" witnessed an undated charter under which Robert Corbet donated tithes to Shrewsbury abbey[3...

William Pantulf MP (1020 - 1086)

Sources: Keats-Rohan, K.S.B. Domesday People: A Prosopography of Persons Occuring in English Documents 1066-1166. I. Domesday Book. The Boydell Press, Woodbridge, UK, 1999. pp. 493-494.

Brice Pantulf (c.1149 - d.)

emma corbet (pantulf) (deceased)

Emma Pantulf (c.1162 - d.)

Hamelin Pantulf (c.1147 - d.)

Helwise Pantulf (deceased)

Hugh II Pantulf (1178 - d.)

Hugh Pantulf (1134 - d.)

Iseult Pantulf (c.1199 - c.1222)

Iseult PANTULF (c.1199 - c.1222)

Isuelt Pantulf (1168 - d.)

Ivo Pantulf (1106 - 1175)

Ivo Pantulf (1166 - d.)

Ivo De Pantulf (1136 - 1175)

Ivo Pantulf, of Wem (c.1175 - 1255)

Joan Pantulf (de Goldington) (c.1155 - 1175)

Joan Pantulf (de Goldington) (deceased)

Lesceline I De Pantulf (de Normandy) (1065 - 1112)

m. Iseult de Saint-Amand (Pantulf) (deceased)

Maud Pantulf (b. - 1289)

Mrs. Robert Pantulf (1085 - d.)

Norman Pantulf (deceased)

Robert Pantulf (1078 - d.)

Rose Trussell (Pantulf) (1228 - 1298)

William Pantulf (b. - 1194)

William Pantulf Lord of Wem (deceased)

William Pantulf (deceased)

William Pantulf (deceased)

William Pantulf (1196 - d.)

William Pantulf (1051 - d.)

William Pantulf (deceased)